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WordPress Vs. HubSpot CMS: Choosing the Right CMS in 2020

  • By Danish Wadhwa
  • 13-01-2020
  • Web Development

Have you just landed into the business world, and are planning to design or redesign a website that suits their business requirements? If yes, then one of the biggest questions that might arise in your mind is, “which CMS is right?".

Indeed, various content management systems allows organizations to build robust and engaging websites like Drupal, Wordpress, HubSpot, Magento, etc. But, when it comes to inbound marketing and website development, two main platforms that are in trend are WordPress and HubSpot.

If you are reading this article, you might be pondering over the same. No worries! Here you will get an in-depth understanding of both the emerging CMS on the internet. At first glance, both these CMS might seem similar, but actually, they play a different role in many aspects.

Before we take a rundown to get familiar with both the CMS that are in the spotlight, let's first know some essential factors that an individual must look for choosing the right CMS.

Factors to Consider while choosing the Right CMS

User-friendly interface
Search Engine Optimization
Blog Management
Email and Marketing Automation
Website Management

Now, let's compare both the commonly used CMS platforms on the above-listed factors and decide which CMS fits you the best and allows you to improve your website performance and business productivity without any hassle.

Which CMS is the Best? Difference Between HubSpot and WordPress
Let's begin...

WordPress Vs. HubSpot: User-friendly Interface

When it comes to easy usage of a platform, both WordPress and HubSpot stand equally. You do not need to spend extra time and bucks for using both the platforms.

HubSpot helps its users to design and launch personalized, attractive, and optimized websites quickly. No matter whether you belong to a technical background or not, Hubspot pre-built templates allow the users to develop the site from scratch without any hassle.

Similar to HubSpot, WordPress also allows you to develop professional and alluring websites quickly as one need not learn much about coding. Due to its popularity, one can easily learn the functionality or other features from other online sources.

WordPress Vs. HubSpot: Search Engine Optimization

Well, right CMS is the one that provides SEO features and allows you to build your website according to the Google trends.

HubSpot helps individuals to focus on SEO and allows them to keep their website updated and optimized. With the HubSpot CMS tool, one can scan all the website pages and make the updates as per the multiple suggestions listed.

In HubSpot, you will get in-build SEO features like inbound link tracking, competitor tracking, google search console integration, page performance tracking, etc. that helps you grow your website traffic.

But WordPress doesn't offer any native SEO functionality but allows the users to use multiple plugins both for free and paid. To manage the SEO services, you need to be added to your site . But always remember that more are the plugins, more is the maintenance and cost.

WordPress Vs. HubSpot: Blog Management

Most of the marketers use blogs to catch the eyes of potential customers. If your CMS offers the feature of blog management, then it will not only help you to build better relationships with the customers but also ensures that the content added to the website is optimized and great.

HubSpot helps you craft and upload engaging content quickly through its clean and user-friendly blogging interface. Whenever you write the content, HubSpot will optimize your blog right away and will help you to publish like a distraction-free blog editor.

Moreover, you will also get analytics, content collaboration, content calendar, CTA creator, mobile optimization, etc. features that help you manage the blogs efficiently.

No doubt, WordPress is also known as a blogging platform that helps to make optimized content, but for this, you might require a technical developer or an IT manager. Say, if you want to optimize the content for the entire website in WordPress, then you might need extra plugins for search engine optimization.

WordPress Vs. HubSpot: Cost

Cost is one of the factors on which a comparison between HubSpot and WordPress can become a little murky. So, it's essential to have a look at the pricing for both the platforms.

HubSpot is an all in one business automation tool that helps the users to make the website engaging. It provides excellent features that allow you to manage all the website-related tasks from one central place.

To get the fruitful results, you might have to spend some bucks. If you want to build an optimized and compelling website that converts, you have to pay $300 per month.

As we know that WordPress is an open-source platform; therefore, it allows users to build an essential website for free. But, for hosting, security, integrations, plugins, and other things, you might have to pay accordingly. Moreover, you also have to pay extra to the developers for advanced custom design and need to invest a couple of hours for connecting.

WordPress Vs. HubSpot: Email and Marketing Automation

Most of the CMS does not provide the feature of email automation. But it is another essential tool that helps organizations to streamline their business processes and nurture email campaigns.

If you are using HubSpot, you need not worry about sending emails and managing marketing activities time and again. HubSpot allows you to add personalization tokens, run simple A/B tests, integrate with emails, automate newsletters, etc.

Besides all, HubSpot also provides workflow features that help you to personalize the emails to each content and improves your leads.

But, WordPress does not offer email or marketing automation features. To take such advantages, you might have to look for other secondary tools like Mailchimp, AWeber integrations, etc. It might need your extra attention and money.

WordPress Vs. HubSpot: Website Management

Building websites is not a cakewalk. One needs to consider various things like website speed, design, simplicity, etc. If you want to make a website but do not have the technical knowledge, then make sure whenever you choose a CMS, it provides the feature of website management.

Hubspot is a professional marketers CMS that allows you to design useful websites without coding. You will have different types of templates by installing which you can make the website as per your requirements.

It offers drag and drops feature that helps the users to edit and redesign the website without needing tech help. They also provide free and 24*7 customer support that allows you to get rid of all the technical issues right away.

There are no two opinions that Wordpress is well known for making customized websites that stand out from the rest. Through this platform, one can easily make text-based site pages that allow you to build a better user experience. But for that, you require additional subscriptions and specialized site-building software.

The Final Verdict

From the above comparison, it is clear that Wordpress can be the user's choice due to cost and flexibility. Still, HubSpot is a clear winner from most of the aspects like Analytics, user-friendly interface, SEO, website management, etc.

Don't just go with what I say, evaluate both the platforms yourself, and you will know how and why HubSpot is better than Wordpress.

Furthermore, if you still have any queries? Feel free to ask the same a web developer or mobile app developer.

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