cost to build a web application in 2023

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Web Application in 2023?

  • By Leonor Noah
  • 25-08-2023
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The developing app cost is the amount needed to build or design and then launch an application frm the website design company in NJ that must solve business problems. The cost of developing an app is dependent on many variables as below:

  • The complex nature of the app
  • a platform on which it is currently being created
  • The location where the developer's team is located and
  • Features and functions needed.

The costs involved in creating an application could be broken down into several categories: design, development testing, deployment, and deployment.

Why is it vital to know the costs of creating the application?

You can make a perfect choice when you know the various costs of developing apps and the elements influencing the final price. For instance, testers and app developers get paid differently in different nations, so your area will also affect the price.

How can you estimate the development costs for apps?

It's not easy to know accurately the amount it will take because many factors go into every app. While functionality and sophistication certainly are expensive, the main factor to consider is the method used to build an app. Incorporating the following information will assist you in making an accurate estimate

Features that require to be constructed

  • The importance of features
  • The database's complexity
  • Integrations from third-party providers are required

What should be the cost of creating an app?

As we've mentioned, various aspects influence the development of apps. App development can be complicated, and knowing the expenses involved will help you determine the amount it will cost you.

On average, the price to build an enterprise application differs so that the primary application may cost between $40,000 and $60,000. The typical app ranges between $60,000 and $150,000, and the cost for a more complex application could begin at $150,000.

It takes developers about 2-4 months to create a basic application, 4-6 months to develop a moderately complex application, and 9 months to create a complicated one. These are approximate estimates, and the actual cost and timeframe for development will also depend on the developer's efficiency and the method they choose to use.

The cost breakdown for app development is based on the components

  • Design: $3,000 to $30,000. (This is contingent on the application's complexity level, the team that developed it, and the team's location).
  • Development: $40,000 - $300,000
  • Testing: $5,000 or less.
  • Maintainance: $300 - $500 monthly (you can allocate 20 percent of your development costs to cover maintenance).

Cost comparison of different kinds of apps on the market

  • Native app: $40,000 to $300,000. It usually depends on the platform, the level of complexity the application has, and the UX/UI.
  • Web App $5,000 (for an easy web application) and the possibility of $500,000 (for an elaborate project).
  • Low-code/no-code app between $20 and $50. No-code and low-code platforms permit experts on the subject to develop innovative solutions and streamline processes without the need for coding or extensive research.

Important Factors to be Considered about the Cost of Developing an Application

Design Complexity

The complexity of design is a crucial element for the Phoenix web design agency. It usually determines the amount and length of time the app will cost.

Development process

The duration of the development process greatly depends on the strategy that app developers adopt. Traditional app development is an extended process that costs more than other strategies.


Functionality is the most important aspect. The more functions an application has to meet, the more time it will take. The rollout of features happens in small increments, which can delay the normal development time.

Modeling of databases

The management of large-scale databases as well as the migration of data from a previous system, could take a considerable amount of time. Developers must ensure the data transfer is smooth and particular formats are followed.


Developers have to create connectors and work on API integrations. They significantly impact costs and time as they require a high level of collaboration.

Quality assurance specifications

Regular quality control will reduce the chance of bugs and increase the application's usability. It's not likely to directly affect costs, but it does mean that the activities consume the bandwidth.

Certifications for security

Security protocols and certifications guarantee that the app complies with all applicable standards and laws. Obtaining these certifications requires some energy and time.

How people can reduce the cost of creating an application?

If you're planning to modernize your business, creating software that will streamline your processes is essential. But developing apps is expensive if you take a strategy that accelerates the process and lowers costs.

In conjunction with citizen development methods, ensure that the responsibility for developing apps is shifted from the IT department to the business. They have several advantages. Low-code platforms, for instance, will speed up application development by as much as 10x.

Below are amazing ways to reduce the expense of building an application:

Make an operational prototype first. Prototypes help you save time and money in creating a fully functional application.

Utilize templates already created. Building your own from scratch is fantastic; however, it could be more cost-effective. Many low-code/no-code platforms have a variety of free templates, and it is easy to discover the perfect template for your app.

Concentrate on the most important features: To cut down on the development costs of your app, be sure to focus on aspects that will drive your business process and help save time and money.

Simple UI: Make sure you have a simple but appealing interface for a more pleasant user experience. Complex designs can confuse new users, who might want to avoid using the application. Many businesses use apps with accessible user interfaces that cut development costs.

Hidden cost

The hidden costs you'll discover when developing an application include,

  • Server and hosting fees
  • Storage costs for data
  • Marketing expenses

Tips for managing the hidden costs of app development

  • Select the right platform. This is the most crucial step to cut down on hidden costs associated with the development of apps. A platform that does not require code can dramatically reduce the development cost since in-house staff develops apps, not external developers. Create a cross-platform application to ensure your enterprise app can run on the Internet and mobile. A cross-platform application is much easier to develop and is more cost-effective.
  • Only add the necessary features: Don't include numerous features that aren't necessary to enhance the user experience. Engaging. Features that are complicated increase the cost of developing apps. Additionally, these additional features may be of little value to users.

Be proactive with maintenance for your application:

  • Proactively maintaining minimizes the chance of unplanned downtime.
  • App malfunction.
  • The dangers of using applications that aren't working correctly.

Choose between outsourcing in-house and citizen development

Outsourcing your app can guarantee it develops faster, but it's expensive. On average, app developers in the US cost between $60 and $100 per hour. The team you put together could quickly increase app development costs. App development in-house is cost-effective.

If you're in the position of having an in-house group of developers, you can save money for app development, but the process could take a while if your team is overwhelmed with other tasks that are crucial to the business. Making it easier for non-developers to develop customized apps is much less expensive than outsourcing. Citizen development is effective and cost-effective.

Suppose you select the best low-code or no-code platform that allows the best phoenix web design companies, developers and non-developers to create applications on demand. Low-code development platforms permit IT to develop applications quickly without researching and writing codes.


Creating applications from scratch is an excellent idea, but it's costly. It could significantly impact budgets, especially for those in the initial stage of growing and expanding. A robust platform for app development has an intuitive interface that allows citizens to create functional, low-code enterprise applications from beginning to finish. The comprehensive platform helps companies bridge gaps between IT and business customers regardless of size.


1. What does it cost to create an application for a company?

The price of creating an app for business ranges between $40,000 and $300,000. The primary factors that affect the cost include design, UI/UX, development costs, features, maintenance, and much more. However, you can cut costs by using low-code or no-code development tools.

2. Can I make an application at no cost?

You can make apps for free using low-code/no-code development tools. Many platforms offer a free trial to test before committing.

3. Are there tools that can calculate the development costs for apps?

Yes, there are numerous app cost calculators that you can utilize to calculate the costs of developing apps before you get started.

4. Do you have any maintenance costs in the development of apps?

Yes, there is a cost for maintaining your app. The price can be substantially higher in the initial year and up to 50% of the total development costs. If you're using platforms that do not require code or low code, there is no cost to maintain your app as you can manage it on the platform itself.

5. What should be the cost to engage an app designer?

A simple application could cost you between $16,000 and $32,000. A more complex application could cost more than $70,000. The cost to hire a US app developer can be as high as 105,000 per year.

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