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Top 8 Mobile App Development Trends for 2022

  • By Himanshu Mehra
  • 16-08-2022
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No one can deny that the mobile app development market is continuously growing and has a great future. In fact, till 2022 we have witnessed many amazing technologies that transformed the entire working process of the world.

From business modules to performing everyday tasks, mobile app development changed it completely. According to statistics, the global mobile application development market is supposed to reach $44.3 Trillion by 2027. As we have already seen plenty of buzz around metaverse and blockchain integration for mobile applications.

So, it’s high time to hire dedicated developers to keep businesses up-to-date with the latest mobile app development trends to survive in this competitive world.

Through this blog, we’ll learn about some amazing trends and how they might impact mobile app development. Let’s dive into this and look closely at 8 mobile app development trends in 2022.

1. Blockchain

Blockchain technology is impacting mobile app development positively. Blockchain is a decentralized database shared across a peer-to-peer network. Each participant owns his own copy of the blockchain, which means no single entity controls access to the information stored on the network.

When it comes to security then blockchain plays a vital role in mobile app development. If a mobile app is developed with blockchain, it reduced the risk of data breach and increases data privacy.

As many industries like Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, and Banking already included this technology to increase transparency and enhance control over data. For insurance and financial sectors, it makes data access safe and gives a secure payment transaction.

In fact, blockchain technology gives great benefits to both mobile application developers and users.

2. AR & VR Technology

Augmented reality is a technology that overlays digital information over real-world objects. AR applications are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to enhance user experience. Virtual reality is a computer-generated simulation of a 3D environment. VR headsets allow users to immerse themselves in virtual worlds while interacting with these worlds via controllers. VR headsets are often used for gaming purposes, but they are also being adopted by many industries including healthcare, education, and training.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are both forms of technology that have been around since the early 1990s. However, they were not widely adopted until recently due to high costs and technological limitations. Nowadays, these technologies are being adopted at a rapid rate.

There are many applications for augmented reality and virtual reality. These range from gaming to education to healthcare. One of the most popular uses of AR/VR is in games. Many companies are developing AR/VR games for smartphones and tablets. Other industries are also adopting AR/VR technology. Companies like Disney and NASA are experimenting with AR/VR technology to create educational experiences for children. In addition, some hospitals are using AR/VR technology to help doctors perform surgeries. As AR/VR continues to evolve, we expect to see many more innovative and exciting applications emerge.

3. Wearable Technology

Wearable devices are in demand nowadays and ruling the world. Wearable tech refers to devices worn on the body. These devices range from fitness trackers to smartwatches. Wearables are able to collect data about our physical activity and provide us with feedback. They can help people live healthier lifestyles and make our daily routines easier.

According to a Statista report, the number of wearable devices is forecast to reach more than one billion by 2022. And today we can see, that many brands are focusing on wearable device technologies and have already introduced some amazing devices. These wearable devices are helping people to keep their lifestyles easy.

So, it shows that wearable technology is rising day by day and is one of the best mobile app development trends. Without a doubt, app developers and companies should start focusing on this technology and develop mobile apps that enhance the digital experience of users.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity to enable these objects to collect and exchange data. IoT devices may communicate using wired or wireless technologies. These devices can measure and monitor environmental conditions, control temperature, and turn lights on and off.

IoT was introduced in recent years but it has already given many benefits to various sectors like healthcare, retail, agriculture, etc. As per the prediction of Statista, it's expected that there will be 29 billion IoT-connected devices in 2030. This is really a huge number. Why not? because IoT increased the use of smart gadgets among people.

It makes life easier for both developers and users. With the help of IoT, people can control everything from one device. From ordering food to checking security cameras from a mobile device, you can do everything. Also, it reduces the efforts of developers to build an app. Now developers can create multiple apps easily using the Internet of Things.

5. Super apps

Super apps are one such platform that provides various activities under one roof. In other words, through super apps, you can do various things like shopping, online ticket booking, social interaction, and many other things from one mobile app.

One app, one purpose is the oldest approach when you have to download multiple applications for multi-purposes. Now supers apps make it easy for everyone, where you can do many things without switching apps. In recent times, social media apps like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and WeChat are starting to involve the concept of the super app in their mobile applications. They are converting their platforms according to users' needs and providing them all-in-one app experience.

So, we can say that the super app is an exciting mobile app development trend in 2022.

6. P2P Mobile Apps

When it comes to sending and receiving payments online then P2P mobile apps are the best solutions. P2P also known as peer-to-peer payments allow buyers to quickly pay and sellers to receive payments directly in their accounts. Using P2P mobile apps, people can do many things like online shopping, buying services, paying rent, transferring money, and many more.

P2P mobile app is one such mobile application trend that transforming industries. PayPal and Venmo are some good examples of P2P mobile apps. Even, now you can see many mobile OS systems with in-built P2P systems - Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay.

7. Mobile Commerce

Gone are the days, when people visited stores physically to buy any product. Now, mCommerce or Mobile commerce changed the pattern of shopping. Now people can easily shop online through smartphones. During Covid-19, we have seen significant growth in mobile commerce. It completely transformed the shopping experience of users.

In today's time, people like to spend the most time on smartphones and love to shop through mobiles. Because mobile devices give a smooth experience and keep it convenient for them. Through mobile commerce, people can buy anything online from anywhere. That's why from large-scale businesses to small-scale businesses, everyone is focusing on the mobile version of their online stores.

8. Voice Technology

Voice technology is one of the most popular mobile app development trends in the coming days. According to Statista, the global voice recognition market size was forecast to grow from $10.7 billion U.S. in 2020 to $27.16 billion U.S. by 2026.

Voice technology is a type of computer software that uses voice recognition to perform tasks, commonly used in smartphones and computers. Basically, voice technology empowers people to control and operate mobile devices through voice commands. There are many different types of voice technology including speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), text-to-speech conversion, and machine learning.

Apple Siri and Amazon's Alexa are the two most used voice recognization apps. These applications are in demand because they help people to perform tasks through their voice commands without touching the keyboard or device. Many mobile app development companies are working on this AI technology. Implanting voice recognization technology in mobile apps can help or assist visually impaired and illiterate people easily.

Final words

Now it's quite clear to say that mobile application development is the new era of this digital world. In the recent couple of years, we have seen much progress in the world of mobile app development. Hats off to our iOS and Android app developers, who developed such great technologies to make our life easier. So hire android developers to develop unique mobile apps.

If you are running a mobile app development company, then your developers should keep themselves updated with the latest mobile app trends. There are many opportunities in the future with these technologies. You can deliver outstanding products by implementing these trending mobile app technologies.

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