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Six Prominent Bespoke Software Development Trends Dominating 2021 & Beyond

  • By Aniket Kumar
  • 31-08-2021
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The global pandemic situation has reshaped IT sector dramatically. It's impact is here to stay and is expected to influence the industry for little longer because of the increased adoption of digital technologies during the post-pandemic era. As a result, the bespoke software development London has now become an essential necessity rather than just being a buzzword for many niche industries.

The constant demand of integrating the top-notch technologies and agile software development approaches at the enterprise level, dictating new bespoke software development trends. It's high time for businesses to embrace these trending technological inventions to drive business continuity while accelerating their digital transformation journey.

Here is what’s in store for the future:

Cloud Computing:

The Cloud Computing solutions like SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS have gained momentum among enterprises navigating the uncertainties accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Cloud technology is the new normal because it push forward the scalability, better disaster recovery, greater speed, agility, availability, increased uptime, and security of bespoke business applications to new horizons without relying on traditional physical on-premise IT infrastructures. Cloud Computing plays a significant role in making an organization the real game changer.

The PWAs:

The Progressive Web Applications are the major digital transformation enablers as they offer fast and engaging mobile web experiences. Yes, the adoption of this trend will result in 2-3 times faster than responsive and mobile web pages. What's more? PWAs are wonderful alternatives to native applications and help in minimizing bespoke software development cost and time significantly.

Containers and Microservice:

Digital transformation is driving enterprises for faster speed and this new bespoke software development trend offers the same. It allows bespoke software developers in UK, to switch the application development process with small and agile building blocks in the form of containers and microservices. The result - quick development of viable, lightweight, and secured applications. For many forward-thinking companies, this trend is expected to serve as the key necessity to develop and roll out new digital offerings faster over the next 10 years.

Voice Commerce:

As per the reports, the e-Commerce market is expected to grow up to 22 percent by 2023, if compared to the growth rate in 2019 i.e. 14.1 percent. With a continuous increase in e-commerce stores during the lockdown, the e-commerce applications are on the rise and so, the necessity of seamless user experience across the entire shopping journey. Today, customers are mature, and prefer advanced capabilities. This brings voice commerce into the picture. This emerging trend has revolutionized the e-commerce search experience by bringing in-store personalization online to the shoppers.

Human Augmentation:

It’s no surprise that this technology is gaining soaring popularity among forward-thinking organizations struggling to eliminate human limitations from their business process. Because of it's revolutionary potential benefits, human augmentation (referred to as Human 2.0) is already influencing industries such as transportation, construction, manufacturing, and utilities. Enterprises are leveraging this extremely futuristic technology to replicate mundane pre-existing functions of bespoke software developers in UK, translate sign language into speech, streamline workflows, and enhance human senses.

Internet of Things:

With the rise in digital and remote software development cycles intensified by COVID-19 outbreak, companies are relying on the Internet of Things to achieve better interconnectivity of legacy systems. The technology ensures a seamless UX for IoT applications while making connected solutions intelligent by integrating AI-ML capabilities. Experts predict that the global IoT market will grow at an unprecedented pace and will continue to remain an integral part of Internet of Things software development process.

Bespoke Software Development Trends - The Wrap-Up

Respond to the new uncertainties, change and opportunities confidently with a born-digital bespoke software development company. The new level of responsiveness, enhanced adaptability, ultra-competitiveness, project visibility, accelerated product delivery, improved engineering discipline, product quality, reduced risks, quick software maintainability, and better delivery predictability are some key benefits why companies concentration driving towards bespoke software development London. So what are you waiting for? Be a game-changer and unlock new growth possibilities for your businesses.

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