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Are Cloud-Based "Subscription" Gaming Apps The Next Big Thing?

  • By Alexa James
  • 02-10-2020
  • Technology

There was a time when gaming was considered an expensive fad, more or less, it was just a thing to relax and have fun. Well, gaming is not just a matter of relaxing and chilling anymore as it has evolved to become a massive global market. Around 75% of the entertainment niche today is made from mobile gaming and other online gaming platforms.

In this article, we'll discuss how innovative and disruptive technologies have led to the advent of cloud-based gaming apps which are on the verge of revolutionizing the gaming industry. But first, we'll talk about what cloud-based gaming is, so let's dive straight into it.

What is Cloud-Based "Subscription" Gaming
Back in the day, the situation was something like this. If you are a hardcore gaming lover, or maybe you want to chill and relax after a long day of work, you'd go for your console or gaming PC. But the problem here was that it would cost a lot. Renowned consoles like the Xbox and PS4 would cost no less than $499 and $399, respectively. Price is one thing, but you can't forget the hassle which deploying gaming files into your PC or console would cause.On top of this, keeping your CDs protected in a pristine manner was also a major issue.

So, how would you avoid these minor but troublesome issues? We've got the answer, 'Cloud-Based gaming!' Cloud-based gaming app development is one of the upcoming giants of the tech and gaming industry. How it works is simple. With cloud-gaming, you do not have to depend upon the internal hardware of your devices like laptops, consoles, and PCs to run the game. Instead, it depends totally upon internet streaming to provide you the ultimate gaming experience right on your smartphone. In simpler words, cloud-based gaming provides gaming on-demand without purchasing video games or higher-end dedicated devices.

Let us give you a comparative example. Back in the day, DVDs were a hit, until Netflix arrived. Watching movies with DVDs was all fun, but you had a purchase or rent a DVD every time you had to watch a movie. Netflix, on the other hand, resolved that issue by letting you purchase a monthly subscription. You can enjoy movies all you want without worrying about paying every single time. It has truly transformed the way we watch movies. Similarly, Cloud-based gaming apps will transform the way we play games. With cloud-based gaming, you don't have to worry about purchasing and installing games on your device; you can buy a subscription to enjoy gaming on demand all you want.

In today’s time, every digital service needs to be as user friendly as possible and one of the most important aspects in this regard is to optimize services for smartphones since users primarily interact with online platforms through them. While this started with the onset of things like responsive web design services, web apps, browser compatible apps, “amp” pages and more, it then transformed with the popularity of apps, where the focus shifted from the browser right to the user device itself.

The next logical step in this regard was to solve the inherent issues that standalone mobile apps have like not being able to support more than one game simultaneously. Playing PubG or Fortnite on mobile is great but to do that, you will need to download two different apps. So the best way to solve this issue was to offer cloud based gaming apps, streaming apps and other such internalized, digital solutions that power maximum user ease.

Now, let's briefly talk about some hyped up, upcoming cloud based gaming apps.
Google Stadia
Gone are the days when you had to buy a pesky disc and go through the hassle of deploying files into your device to enjoy your favorite games. Google Stadia is here, offering dozens of playable games on multiple screens. To enjoy this cloud-based gaming experience, all you need is a dedicated Stadia app for Android, Chrome cast for TV, or Google Chrome for your PC. The premiere Edition subscription of Google Stadia is starting from as cheap as $99. The gaming line-up of Stadia is increasing every minute, with games like FIFA, Star Wars, and Madden already coming up.

Microsoft xCloud
xCloud is Microsoft's video game streaming service set to launch on September 15th. Just like Google Stadia, Microsoft xCloud will enable you to play your favorite games on your devices without the need for purchasing consoles or downloading game files. You can play your favorite PC and Xbox games on your device of choice anytime using a decent internet connection. The purpose of Microsoft behind the xCloud is to enable users who lack the necessary hardware needed to play Xbox and PC games,to enjoy their desired games on smartphones.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Gaming
When it comes to Cloud-based gaming, the gaming community and Game development companies have a lot to be thankful for. Here are some potential benefits of Cloud-based gaming apps for both the gaming community and developers.

The Data is Securer than Ever
Gaming data stored in physical devices were prone to security threats like hacking. That's not the case anymore; Cloud-based gaming protocols are different. The information and data are technically stored in a virtual space, where hacking them is nearly impossible.

Lower-End Devices? No Problem!
In the past, you wouldn't have been able to enjoy your favorite games unless you met the system requirements like Storage, processing, and graphics ability. Well, those are gone for good.Cloud-based gaming is meant to more scalable than ever;gamers can enjoy their favorite high-end games on lower-end devices without the need to purchase the entire system.

Consistent Revenue
The scalability, apart from being beneficial for the users,will also greatly benefit the game developers because with restrictions of system requirements removed, and a wide array of games available, the users are more likely to pay subscriptions for cloud-based gaming than to purchase games and consoles.

Cost-Friendly for Gaming Companies
Earlier, the gaming companies had to pay more for higher bandwidth for heavy traffic in the system. They had to pay for bandwidth and server space, almost only 10% of which was used. With the cloud-based systems, the mobile app agency only have to pay for the resources thatthey utilize, making it a far more cost-friendlier option than the traditional platforms.

Access to Multiple Games on Multiple Devices
Unlike the traditional platforms, you are not limited to the games present in your hard drive or shelves. With cloud-based gaming comes access to the hundreds of games that you can play on the go. That's not all; with Cloud-based gaming, you can enjoy your favorite PC or Console games on your desired devices, be it a tablet or a smartphone.

With all these innovations and benefits, it is safe to say that the Cloud-Based 'Subscription' gaming is the next big thing!

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