5 reasons why you should choose kotlin in 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Kotlin In 2022

  • By Maulik Shah
  • 11-02-2022
  • Technology

Kotlin is an open-source, free programming language introduced by a Russian software product development organization named JetBrains. Kotlin was initially designed as a platform used on Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Android that combines object-oriented and functional programming features. It is flexible and supports many features, making it easy for developers and easy to use for users.

Kotlin has come into the limelight for the past three years. And in 2022, it will be one of the most preferred programming languages for Android application development. This is not all, there are many reasons to choose Kotlin as a developing platform in 2022 that will surely encourage you to hire Kotlin developer to develop your apps in this language.

Reasons to Choose Kotlin in 2022


As said, Kotlin is open-source, and this makes it easy for the developers to get a core product development. Also, the Kotlin team provides excellent support to the developers for any issue. This way, customers can get a high-quality application with desired features.

Easy to Set Up

With the introduction of the Android Studio 3.0, developers get support for Kotlin development so that they do not have to use a plug-in for adding the Kotlin programming support. This way, they can easily set up the application and save time for both themselves and customers.

Interoperability With Java

Kotlin is completely interoperable with the Java programming language so that the developers can use Kotlin and Java code in a single project side by side. Also, developers do not need to worry about disturbing the flow of the application. All they need to do is add some additional tools and frameworks without disturbing the ongoing development process.

Reduced Code

One of the best benefits of choosing Kotlin for Android Application Development is that it reduces the boilerplate code. Because of this, the programmer does not have to write any lengthy or repetitive codes while developing with Kotlin. There are numerous methods that can reduce the length and time to code the entire development.

Safer than Java

Kotlin is often compared with the Java language. But when we compare both programming languages, the prime reason to choose Kotlin is the security it provides to the application. It prevents the common errors that often result in system failures. Additionally, Kotlin lets the developers write robust code to smoothen the development process and make the security stronger to lessen the system failures.

If these reasons still need a validation tag, then let me give you examples of some of your favourite companies that have used Kotlin for their app development.

Applications Built Using Kotlin Language


Trello is an application for a project management tool that is useful for collaborating platforms for various businesses or even personal tasks. Kotlin helped Trello to make it more efficient and interactive.


This application is useful for sharing informational, motivational, and creative images. Kotlin has helped Pinterest to write clear and accurate code to provide an overall great performance of the app.


Tinder is an online dating platform having a unique approach for matching people. The company used Kotlin in its app development because of its clear code architecture. This way, they were able to add features in less time.


Netflix is the most popular content streaming service with over 214 million subscribers worldwide. When the owners decided to rebuild the application’s UI player, they chose Kotlin language because of its efficient and easy-to-use functionalities.


Airbnb is an application that allows you to rent a home, hotel, etc., online. And to ensure that its users can use the application seamlessly, the owners used Kotlin to provide an excellent user experience.

I hope now you know why developing an app in Kotlin can be beneficial to both developer and business. If you own a business then you can hire a dedicated Kotlin developer to develop the desired app in this language.


If you are planning to develop an Android application, then let me tell you why you should choose Kotlin in 2022? Read to know the reasons for the same.

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