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Will Parking Software Ever Rule the World?

  • By Shirley C. Stewart
  • 24-05-2021
  • Software

Industries are becoming smart and are in constant pursuit of evolving and reinventing themselves based on the changing requirements of the market. The parking industry is also in the process of becoming smart with the integration of technology in the form of parking management software. It has been quite some time since the integration of software for parking management, but how effective is it?

While the parking management software is highly efficient in certain clusters of various cities and countries, it does not seem to have created a global impact. Despite the evolution of the parking industry, an increasing number of cities across the globe continue to struggle with inadequate parking availability and traffic congestion. So, in relation to the present context of the parking industry, the question “will parking software ever rule the world?” remains unanswered.

Where's the Parking Industry Headed To?

The parking industry, just like all other industries, undoubtedly is moving toward the future by incorporating smart systems with technological prowess. As a matter of fact, it is moving toward automation, since the automation system is disrupting most if not all industrial markets.

Various cities across the world are trying several automation initiatives such as self-parking vehicles, robotic parking valets, and specialized AV parking lots. ParkPlus, a high-density parking systems company is working on deploying a completely automated parking garage, in Boulder, Colorado. The automated parking system of ParkPlus uses lasers to scan the cars and park them with robotic valets.

Contrary to the conventional parking systems, ParkPlus uses storage racks and a robotic dolly that lifts and transfers the cars onto the storage racks. The company’s decision to use storage racks is the result of its initiative to reduce parking footprint, justifying the company’s motto “park more cars in less space”

Recent Developments in Parking Industry:
Apart from software for parking management, there are several other developments the parking industry is consistently going through.

Piloted Parking Technology – this is one of the recent technological developments that is set to revolutionize the parking industry.

Piloted parking technology will help deploy parking garages with self-parking capabilities. The emergence of self-driving cars has allowed for self-parking cars. This will help reduce the traffic congestion significantly since the drivers can be dropped at designated drop points and the cars can park themselves.

Electronic Payments – if finding a parking spot is a difficulty in itself, getting the cars out from the parking lots is another worrisome aspect. The whole process of each car going through the fee collection booth is extremely time-consuming. In addition, there are certain other problems that exist in transacting with physical cash such as the unavailability of exact change. Electronic payments are quick, safe, and efficient, and you can also pay by the minute.

Charging Docks – Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future of mobility and an increasing number of people are transitioning to EVs. Numerous parking management companies are integrating charging docks for EVs. Parking time can be efficiently utilized by EV owners to charge their vehicles and parking management companies can also earn more money since it is a value-added service.

Vehicle Display Tower – car manufacturers are in need of efficient parking management systems as much as if not more than the public. Car manufacturer’s parking needs are slightly different from the public’s since they not only have to safely store their cars but display them for marketing and business purposes. For this reason, vehicle display towers have been deployed as part of the parking management system. ParkPlus has deployed its vehicle display tower at Ertle Subaru, a leading new and used Subaru car dealer in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Northern New Jersey. The tower will be 8 stories high and can house 29 vehicles enabling more than 100,000 people to view their cars every day.

Multi-level Stacked Parking Systems – people are familiar with double stack parking garages that allow for two cars to be parked in a single car park space. To further reduce the parking footprint, a multilevel stacked parking system has been introduced that allows for more than three or four cars to be parked in a single car park space, by simply stacking them above each other.

Role of Parking Software:
Parking management software such as Airbnb for parking plays an all-important role in the modern-day parking management system. The software for parking management provides ease of accessibility to the customers by integrating the abovementioned developments and deployments in the parking industry. There are several other developments in addition to the abovementioned list and the Airbnb for parking software can ably accommodate all these and the future developments in the parking industry.

The parking management software is the pillar of parking management systems since all their features are easily accessible to the users along with the ease of payments, which is a crucial aspect of a parking management company. RentCubo, a leading on-demand rental business software and mobile app development company can be your perfect technology partner. RentPark a readily deployable software for parking management of RentCubo can also be used to manage your parking management business efficiently.

Parking software most certainly has what it takes to rule the world by revolutionizing the parking industry. It is only a matter of time for parking software to disrupt the parking industry.

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