what is an animation in maya

What Is An Animation In Maya?

  • By Ricky Brad
  • 20-05-2021
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Introduction to Animation

Animation attracts everyone. There are hundreds of artists out there creating that magic. But, how do they do it? Do they draw? Do they use any software? Well, Yes, they do. Autodesk Maya is a 3D graphics software that designers use to create realistic 3D models, animated movies, 3D video games, 3D applications, and visual effects. It is advanced software, able to perform complex simulations with ease. It is versatile and has multiple features to help efficiently compute various visual effects and environments.

Let us have a look at What is Animation?

The animation is the process of editing and creating the properties of objects that change over time. It finds application in various sectors from films, games, architecture, and engineering to medical sciences.

There are multiple ways and techniques for using different types of animations in Maya 3D software. Let us find out the types and how to preview, playback, and save in the following section.

Keyframe Animation: Keyframe animation lets the user define the time and position for the object or skeleton to be animated. It allows for the thing to be transformed over time by setting keyframes. Keys are markers to specify the properties of the object.

Driven Key Animation: Driven key animation helps one attribute to drive another object or feature's animation. This feature creates dependent links between pairs of details, i.e., it associates operated characteristics with the driver. Thus, a change in the driver attributes would alter the values in the driven fact. Therefore, we can use it to make certain animation types more efficient.

Nonlinear Animation: When an object or character is under animation with keyframes or motion capture, the animation data can be collected into an editable sequence, called an animation clip. Moving, rearranging, manipulating, and blending these clips to produce a new motion series is called nonlinear animation.

Path Animation: Animating an object to move along a defined three-dimensional path in a scene is called path animation. We can refine the motion path in several ways by reshaping, changing the object's orientation, deforming the item, or changing the object speed along the trail.

Motion Capture Animation: Motion Capture can generate large and complex motion data that one can use to animate characters. The motion capture helps apply a realistic motion for the characters in the scene. Due to its complexity, these should be well planned and set up carefully.

Layered Animation: Layered animation can create and blend animation in different layers without permanently altering the original sequence. Animation layers contain the animation curves assigned to the attributes. One can also use it to organize the keyframe animation into layers.

Dynamic Animation: Dynamic animation lets one create an animation using physics laws and rules, simulating natural forces. One can use Maya 3D software to create complex animation effects like sparks from a welding torch to rain from the sky.

Expressions: Expressions are instructions given to control objects over the time of animation. We can type these instructions to animate attributes. These provide an alternative for complex keyframing effects. With Expressions, the formulas are interpreted and implemented as the animation plays.

Combining these methods can be used in the same animation project, as per each scene's complexity. Apart, from this Autodesk Maya 3D software provides scores of tools and plugins to help ease the animation process and complexity, improving the user's efficiency and creativity.


Looking at all the features Maya 3D software offers, we can say that it is an advanced and reliable software for the designers to give their imagination wings and blow life into the ideas. It is a leading 3D software with a feature-rich toolset. One can buy Maya 3D software from Wroffy technologies. The company is an authorized partner with Autodesk. The company specializes in providing original licenses and installation services.

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