Can Software With Pre-made Animation Templates Beat After Effects?

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  • 20-08-2020
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In the last decade making animation videos was a tough & time-consuming task. But fast forward to today a lot of new software released in the market. Where you have pre-made templates, Characters come with pre-made actions.

Few examples of these types of software are powtoon, Animaker, vyond, etc. On the other hand, After effects is an adobe solution released in 1994.

Making animation videos with after effects meaning building from scratch at own terms. The main advantage of using after-effects is you can customize everything, from eyebrows size to finger colors.

But the downside is difficult to use and time-consuming while making videos. Waving Hand action can easily take 5 minutes.

Using software with pre-made templates is a piece of cake. Select a template, change the text & images. Insert new character and select actions to make videos engaging.

Now the answer to the question Can these new solutions beat after-effects is YES.

But Yes Doesn’t make after effects ineffective. In some areas, powtoon and similar software are better but still in some special scenarios After effects is a King.

When Use Pre-Made Templates Software?

It is the best choice for small YouTubers who want to produce videos easily and quickly. Character’s pre-made actions can make the job easy, and you can produce results at a rapid speed.

Except for YouTubers, I have seen freelancers making videos for their clients by powtoon. These Days, these solutions provide some advanced customization controls as well. For example, Changing clothes or adjust colors, Mood while on laptop or mobile, etc.

premade templates software

So For small business owners Either you want to create a video for youtube or an ad for social media when your budget is limited these software are the best choice.

You can find templates that are proven to convert or grab attention. But the downside is still you can’t control a lot of things. Can’t create a custom action, and some other micro-level details.

Creating the same video in after effects by hiring an expert will take more time and most importantly money.

When Choose After Effect

Even though there many cheap and easy to use alternatives but still after-effects is widely popular among animation video creators.

But It isn’t helpful for any random video but it specializes in somethings which are almost impossible without after-effects. After effect is the best choice when you want micro-level editing or you created your own character inside illustration now you want to use it for the animation videos.

choose after effect

In short, For Big cooperation After effects is the best choice. Because with after effects the sky is limit. There is no such thing that you can imagine but can’t bring into reality.

I have already mentioned the downsides of the after-effects.

If you try to make videos by yourself then spend time on

Learning After effects
You need a powerful computer

One more important thought to keep in mind is advanced technology can back hire. It can also responsible for making the worst video if you don’t know how to use it properly.

So answer to question new software with pre-made templates are betting after effects. But when you need micro-level editing then After effects is the ultimate solution.

For small business owners, this software are a much better choice. They can even make videos on their own instead of hiring someone.

For the freelancers, I will suggest you use both of them. Because software with pre-made templates will save your time and after effect will help you to get expensive projects.

For Big cooperation/you want micro-level editing Then Hire an aftereffect expert/Learn by yourself.

I hope this article helped you. If you have any doubts or questions then let me know by the comment section. There are various mobile app development companies are available which has experienced app development team.

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