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Develop an Advanced SEO Strategy That Works

  • By Naman Modi
  • 03-10-2020
  • SEO

To use or not to choose SEO for your business is no longer a debate. It is a necessity if you want to see a successful business. But if you're going to accomplish stellar results, then advanced SEO is your best bet. When the running gets tough, you can hire the SEO expert Los Angeles, help you stay on top of Google's algorithm. If you are ready for this, let's go and share those great techniques below:

Mobile-first indexing
From the time Google migrated to mobile-first indexing in March 2019, it was prudent for businesses to build responsive sites. But does that mean if you only have a desktop site, you won't get crawled? No. As the name reads, the indexing priority is the mobile site. While a website optimized for mobile will have a better potential of ranking well, including its desktop searches.

Speed optimization
Is mobile page speed one of Google's ranking factors? Yes, it is, as of 2018. Although it might not influence your site ranking that much, your optimization level will. So, you need to:

First, check your loading speed with a tool like PageSpeed Insights. And then, you can follow Google's recommendations.

• Regularly check your site for any errors by running technical audits. And this is something you might want to do with professionals like the SEO expert Los Angeles.

• Always ensure to have an optimized website for your better ranking and excellent user-experience.

Optimize for Google RankBrain
RankBrain is Google's component that uses machine learning. And it also uses artificial intelligence to see how users are interacting with the search engine. Then it determines the most relevant results that it will show for a specific query. First, you need to use keywords with intent in your content. And that helps the machine to sort out those phrases and relate them to your previous searches.

It is a system that helps to find out patterns of the keywords to serve the users with what they want. If you are looking for organic traffic, you need RankBrain. It is a very crucial advanced SEO that you should implement if you haven't. It is also Google's top three ranking factors.

Below is how RankBrain tries to connect the relevance of queries.

Optimize your landing pages with SEO
Well-optimized landing pages are your gateways to lead generation and better sales. If you want to achieve high-quality landing pages with SEO value, you will need professionals like the SEO expert Los Angeles. Some of the key ideas to include are:
• A conspicuous call to action
• Short and enticing useful information
• No navigation (keep them on the page)
• High-quality images and videos that show the context of use.

Encourage internal linking
The more internal links you get in your blog, the better for you. They keep your readers longer on your page, which is a good thing. They will eventually convert or increase dwell time, which sends a good signal to Google. If people spend more time on your site, it shows you have quality and useful content. It's advisable to interlink your articles to the useful blogs you have on your website. And remember to add a Dofollow so that they can get the link juice from the search bots. You can and mobile application development company for a software solutions

In conclusion, as you implement the above-advanced SEO techniques, it's time to say goodbye to dismay ranking and low traffic in your business.

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