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7 Technical SEO Phases Everyone Should Know About

  • By Naman Modi
  • 29-07-2020
  • SEO

Our first step is to comprehend the meaning of technical SEO. As you may have guessed, this has nothing to do with the campaigns that you carry on your site. Therefore, technical work may involve professionals like SEO expert Los Angeles. Their work will include website optimization, to enable the two phases of crawling and indexing the search engines. And that’s the definition of the technical SEO.

Now, let’s look at seven aspects that you should know:

1. How to check your indexing
For you to do this, you can use Google Search Console or a Website Auditor, by first creating a project. Then you will jump straight to Domain Strength, which is closer to the number of pages in your site. All these are under Site Structure-pages.

2. Check if your site speed is fulfilling
Apart from speed being a top-ranking factor, you will lose visitors if you don’t work on it and attract a high bounce rate. To check on that, use several tools such as GTMetrix, Google Page Speed Insight, WebPage Test, and other free or paid versions. Alternatively, the SEO experts Los Angeles, can check and fix your page speed.

3. You may have blocked pages
You might be having some pages that you have blocked from crawling. Maybe you can revisit them and see if you need to include them as well. The Website Auditor can show you all of your blocked pages. After you open it, follow the Site Structure, then Site Audit, and get to the Resources restricted from indexing, where you will find the blocked pages or resources. To reinstate them, see the Robots instruction column, and you can find where Disallow instruction occurred.

4. How is your HTTPS content?
Carry a site audit to see if you are facing any problem with the above. Things you should be checking include mixed content, which may happen when a secure page starts to load its content, such as video or images, over an insecure HTTPS connection. That affects the security of your page. To ensure you don’t have this problem, you will go to the Website Editor and head to the site Audit. From there, under Encoding and technical factors, you will find all the pages that have a mixed content problem.

5. Check whether your site is mobile-friendly
As Google will prioritize mobile versions before they proceed to the desktop, that gives you more reason for optimizing your website to mobile-friendliness. There are some measures you can use to check if your site is mobile responsive such as hiring the SEO expert Los Angeles, viewpoint configuration, or use plugins like WPtouch.

6. Do an internal link audit
Internal links are essential because they enhance your ranking. First, start by checking if you have any broken links because they can waste your crawl budget and confuse your users. The links may hide in the sitemaps, or HTTP headers. Through the Website Auditor, get to the All Resources, proceed to the internal resources on the dashboard, then start sorting the list through the HTTP Status Code. Here you will find any broken support, and click to see where it’s hiding.

7. Check your sitemap
You will be checking if your sitemap has any errors, or blocked URLs that may prevent indexing. That means you should keep updating your sitemap each time new content adds up on your site. Also, specify the URLs that you need to get crawled first. To help Google know that your sitemap exists, you can either send it to Google Search Engine, manually, or specify their location.

In conclusion, train yourself to follow the above, and remember, it’s crucial to get your technical foundation right. The SEO experts Los Angeles will ensure to maximize the blots crawlability and indexing, which will ultimately raise your ranks high. Hire a mobile app company for the best solution.

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