best food delivery apps in the united states

What Are The Best Food Delivery Apps In The United States?

  • By Silvi Willemson
  • 14-02-2022
  • Mobile Apps

The time is not far when the food industry will become a million-dollar. People have now adopted a lifestyle of ordering their daily essentials online. Because of the Pandemic, the demand for food delivery apps has boosted the online world. There are so many popular examples that can prove this, and the leading one is UberEats. If you are one of the entrepreneurs wishing to enter the on-demand market, building an on-demand food delivery app will surely be a worthwhile investment. So is it the right time to build an online food delivery app similar to UberEats? Undoubtedly, owning an app for a food delivery business helps you build a strong online presence.

Insights To Global Food Market

The online food delivery industry has acquired a larger market share. It has provided countless benefits to restaurants with no established delivery system.

- The revenue in the food delivery segment is predicted to grow by 56% year on year.
- Over 80% of the food orders placed in the restaurants are either takeout or delivery.
- More than 70% of the users find online ordering is more convenient than dining out with the family.
- The number of users in the online food delivery market is expected to grow by 3m by 2027.
- The average revenue calculated per user is projected to amount to US$189 in 2023.

So Thinking About How UberEats Work? - Understanding The Business Model

UberEats Clone is a three-way marketplace that connects restaurants, customers, and delivery agents. Since its arrival, the business model of UberEats has inspired many entrepreneurs to kick-start their own food delivery businesses. The platform allows multiple restaurants to list their brands so that customers can search for them and order their favorite foods.

UberEats operates on an aggregator model that enables partner restaurants to get listed on the app. The model enables customers to place their food delivery requests which restaurants further view to complete the specific orders. The restaurants complete the delivery of food orders on their own.

On the other hand, customers can join the platform, search nearby restaurants, see the menus, add favorite items in their cart, and place orders in a few tabs. Once the order is placed, the delivery request is assigned as per the delivery agent's availability and orders are finally delivered to the customers’ doorstep within time.

The Demand For Food Delivery App Development Is High Because of The Following Reasons

A Quick Lift In Business Sales: Restaurants find that building online food delivery apps for them is a more straightforward and convenient way to get delivery orders. Over 70% of the restaurant operators predicted that their food delivery sales had lifted greatly.

Enhanced Customer Relationships: Food delivery apps help in building a direct connection between restaurants and customers. With seamless online food ordering solutions, you can actually build modern customer relationships by offering them all the required services.

Expanded Customer Base: Customers can place online orders via an app more frequently than dine-in. This means restaurants have a great opportunity to capture the customers in a good range.

Getting Food Delivery App Much Similar To UberEats Up Considering Following Points

Building a food delivery app similar to UberEats is tough as it involves a lot of components together inside the solution. Therefore, coming up with a clear roadmap is necessary to make a mark in the flourishing food sector. With the leading example UberEats in mind, we have explained some of the necessary steps that restaurant entrepreneurs must follow to start a similar online venture.

Research Research Research

The first step to building a food delivery app is to research competitors, target audience, and the latest industry trends. And the best way to get a solid knowledge of the current market is to find out the relevant answers for the questions like who are your competitors? What are they offering to their customers? What features do they have in their app helping them steal the spotlight? By gathering all the relevant information for these, you can better plan for your future food delivery app.

Picking The Food Delivery Model

Once you are done with conducting the market research, your next step is to make the selection of a food delivery model suiting your business. There are basically two types of food delivery models. You can make a choice of either order-only or order/delivery model.

Order Only Model

The order only model is only responsible for managing the orders. Inside the model, there is also no logistics support as all the restaurants are handled all by the restaurant itself. The platform generates revenue by charging commission fees from partnered restaurants.

Order & Delivery Model

The order & delivery model is all responsible for managing both ordering and delivery of orders. Equipped with logistics support, all the deliveries are well handled by the delivery platform. The platform generates revenue by charging fees from both restaurants and customers.

Choosing All In One Features

Restaurant App

- Order Management
- Menu Update
- Push notifications/Alerts
- Payment Tracking
- Feedback Management

Customer App

- User Onboarding
- Order Tracking
- Multiple Payment Methods
- Discount & Offers
- Reviews/Ratings

Delivery Agent App

- Easy Login
- Push Notifications
- Delivery Management
- Tracking In Real-time
- In-app Support

Admin Dashboard

- Restaurant Management
- Delivery Management
- Multilingual Capabilities
- Statistical Reporting
- Notifications Handling

Leveraging The Powerful Technology Stack

In the process of building an app like UberEats, another important step is to pick the right technology stack. It is something that provides seamless user experiences. There is a need of adding different technologies you have to pick depending upon the business model. Below listed are some of the essential technologies you can leverage in building a food delivery app similar to UberEats:

Mobile App Development (Back-end/Front-end Technologies): Kotlin, Swift, PHP
Databases: MySQL
Third-party Services: Braintree PayPal (Payment Gateway), Google Maps For Location, AWS Cloud Services

Picking The Suitable Development Option

After getting final with the features and technologies, your next step is to go with the reliable development option, i.e. custom and ready-made solutions. If you want your app developed in the shortest time, choosing the ready-made solution is ideal. Whereas if your requirement is to get a solution from scratch, you can build a custom app.

Food Delivery App Cost Deciding Factors

The actual cost of building a food delivery app like UberEats depends upon certain factors.

- The size of the app
- The design of the app
- The type of platform
- The app development team type


The demand for building UberEats like food delivery apps has skyrocketed in the online space. All that means that now is right for restaurant entrepreneurs to make their mark in the food sector with their app. Developing a food delivery app requires a lot of understanding right from the business model, selecting the tech stack, to cost factors. Hope! This blog gives you a perfect start in the online food space.

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