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What is Virtual Marketing? A Guide For Your Business

  • By Nirajan Panthee
  • 31-08-2021
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Virtual marketing is one of the most sought-after marketing today used by all types of businesses. You can go where your potential customers are, see what they are looking for, what they prefer, and how they interact with your brand. All of these data will help you improve your product/service and build positive reviews.

What is virtual marketing?

Virtual marketing is just another name for digital marketing or viral marketing. With virtual marketing, you can present your business to a vast audience, increase brand awareness, and boost sales.

Importance of virtual marketing

Virtual marketing plays a significant role in the growth and success of any business.

Increase visibility

The best thing about virtual marketing is no geographical constraints. You can reach any part of the world and interact with potential customers.

Share your expertise

For instance, you have a fantastic product or service that will ease the lives of millions of people, but how do you convey it to your customers without being physical?

Virtual marketing lets you easily demonstrate your business's expertise through interactive social media posts, blogs, and videos.

Engagement with audiences

You can engage with your audience anytime with virtual marketing. Social media platforms let you create quizzes, polls, and many other interactive sessions. You can listen to the customers' feedback, refine the brand, and build a strong connection with them.

Examples of virtual marketing

Content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, etc., are some examples of virtual marketing.

Types of Virtual Marketing

There are different types of virtual marketing you can deploy in your business to get impressive results.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing will help you build awareness and increase conversions through social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Influencer marketing and ads are also great ways to improve exposure and boost sales.


SEO will help you rank your site. The closer you will be to the first page, the higher chances of visibility and new customers.

PPC (pay per click)

PPC is cost-effective virtual marketing. You pay for every click on the advertisement. The campaign is outlined with CTA (call to action) in mind. It means every single person who lands on the page either converts into a lead, signup for an email newsletter, or other action.

Content Marketing

Content marketing helps to connect with the audience. It focuses on engaging and informative strategies via videos, infographics, and blogs.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing involves virtual marketing strategies that target mobile users via email, SMS, social media, websites, and mobile applications. You have to make campaigns mobile-friendly to offer the best experience.

Features of Virtual Marketing

Lower Advertising Costs

With virtual marketing campaigns, you can test different advertising strategies at a low cost, see which is performing better, and then roll out the most result-driven one. Likewise, the amount you will be paying to reach the people is far better than traditional marketing.


As your brand's reach increases, it will show on everyone's feed. If it goes viral, the company can become the talk of the town. You can build trust, acceptance and let your customer know how much your product/service cares about them.

Fast Growth

Digital marketing has made it possible, to some extent, the fast growth of businesses. You can get consistent growth at a relatively low cost. For instance, there are many cases with viral marketing that have shown overnight success too.

Mainstream Media Exposure

The power of mainstream media still holds a great place. And coverage by them will not only offer massive credibility to your company but also expose your business to the people who are not active on social media. Provide a reason to them to cover your brand without you petitioning or paying.

Rapid Lead Generation

If everything is done right, you can get leads from the very first day of your business. Similarly, incorporating virtual marketing in your business will increase your brand exposure and attract new customers.

Virtual Marketing Techniques

There are many different techniques of virtual marketing that are used in multiple stages in a new business or existing one.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO means increasing the visibility of your company's sites by ranking for keywords. Through SEO, your site can be found by your potential customers for relevant searches. By outranking your business site, you will be improving site traffic, hence more sales.


Making a site for your company and posting one-time content is not fruitful in the long run. You have to publish new blogs weekly/monthly to keep staying in the eyes of your customers and Google's search index. You can make blogs out of the services/products your businesses provide.

Likewise, guest authorship is also a great way of using blog posts. You can publish blogs on other sites and get a backlink to your website. It boosts the site's ability to be found and increases ROI.

Virtual Email Marketing

Virtual Email Marketing allows businesses to directly talk with their potential customers and stay updated with existing customers. You can create a newsletter and send curated emails about the new products, events, or any updates related to the company directly in your customers’ inbox.

Online Ads

As millions of people are using some kind of digital media platform every single second, online ads or virtual advertising has become the best way to reach enormous numbers of people at a time. You can do digital advertising in many ways by putting ads on Facebook or Instagram to Google adv or PPC (pay per click).

Social Media

We have mentioned enough how millions of people are on social media scrolling and searching for almost everything. Content marketing helps you create a loyal community around your brand, raise brand awareness, and boost sales.

A well-structured social media strategy can bring excellent results to the table. You can talk about your business values, ethics, and purpose with the audience.

Advantages of Virtual Marketing

There are some astounding benefits of virtual marketing.

The rapid growth of the business
Exposure to a large number of people
Can target potential customers
Quick return on investment spend in ads
Know the customer behavior and refine your brand
Global reach
Build trust and loyal community around your brand

Disadvantages of Virtual Marketing

Virtual marketing has its cons too. While virtual marketing can deliver transcendent results for your business, it can also become threatful. If not handled properly, it can dilute your brand, or worst, build negative buzz.

We mean security and privacy issues, high competition, time-consuming, and complaints/feedback. Still, the advantages of digital marketing outweigh the disadvantages.


With Wolfmatrix, you can freely do virtual advertising and digital marketing. We exercise high-security channels and well-researched words in our campaigns to ensure our client's business doesn't get harmed during the process. You can get in touch with us here for further queries.

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