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Top Shopify Apps To Successfully Grow Your Ecommerce Store in 2021

  • By Shardul Bhatt
  • 20-07-2021
  • E-commerce

eCommerce store revenues are expected to touch $6 billion by the year 2022, statista estimates. With people focusing on convenient purchase decisions, eCommerce is becoming a game changer. More people are moving towards online shopping due to the ease and reduction in the purchase price.

Shopify platform is a popular choice for building an eCommerce site. It offers complete flexibility and scalability to stores for delivering an engaging online experience. The platform claims to have over 300,000 million active online stores. Shopify app development is now highly demanded by web development companies that want to move their business online and reap the benefits of digital customers.

Shopify apps play a major role in the success of any Shopify store. They provide the functionality to add interactivity and engagement to the eCommerce site. This article will highlight the top apps from the Shopify app store that can help you drive more customers and increase your sales.

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Top Shopify Apps for Growing Your Online Store in 2021

Apps are the add-ons or plugins that provide more functionalities than the default features that you get with the Shopify platform. By installing these applications, you can easily get Shopify integration with them and have more features for your eCommerce site. Let’s have a detailed look into the best Shopify apps for enhancing the interactivity of your online store.

1. Oberlo
Probably one of the best apps for your Shopify eCommerce website, most sellers on the platform use Oberlo to source products online. It offers you access to a marketplace from where you can directly import products to your Shopify store.

Through Oberlo, you can find the supplier for your products who can drop ship them to the buyer. There’s no need to purchase, package, and ship the products. You just need to import products through Oberlo, let the customers place an order, and then forward it to the dropshipping company that will send the product.

2. Smile
A rewards and loyalty program, Smile enables you to offer loyalty rewards to your regular customers. It enables you to encourage repeat purchases by starting a loyalty & discount program for your Shopify website.

Through the Smile Shopify app, you can set up a program for referrals, VIP membership, and more. You can customize how and when your customers will be rewarded for their purchases. You can integrate the program with MailChimp and HubSpot to keep track of your returning customers. Smile enables your eCommerce site to bring in repeat customers.

3. Omnisend
One of the best Shopify apps 2020, Omnisend is an email marketing solution for your Shopify website. Today, you can also send SMS, push notifications, and use Facebook Messenger to connect with your customers and promote your products.

Omnisend enables Shopify stores to send emails through an automated workflow that makes customer communication seamless. You can also send targeted & personalized messages to a segment of customers. One of the best things is that you can sync Omnisend with Google and Facebook ads to retarget your existing customers and prospects.

4. PushEngage
Another one of the best Shopify apps for online stores is PushEngage. It is widely used for sending push notifications to increase the sales of your Shopify ecommerce website. The app enables you to re-engage with your customers and target them again, leading to low cart abandonment.

It is one of the free Shopify apps that offers you a plan for 2500 subscribers without any cost. You can install it in one-click. It allows you to alert your customers of price drop, send them promotional discounts & offers, and send notifications about products that are back in stock. It enables you to reach customers without invading their lives.

5. EasyShip
The Shopify integration for EasyShip is really easy. You can just install the app and start shipping to customers all across the world. EasyShip enables you to ship to customers anywhere on the globe for a reasonable price.

With the help of EasyShip on the Shopify platform, you can get pre-negotiated rates for shipping companies worldwide. You can then choose the best carriers and use them for your Shopify store to reach customers who are not in the same country as you. It offers a dashboard that helps you manage the orders, invoices, payments, and more.

6. Plug in SEO
Highly regarded as one of the best Shopify apps for eCommerce websites, Plug In SEO gets your website in the rankings. It is like your personal SEO assistant that constantly checks for any SEO issues that may arise and hinder the search rankings of your store.

On the Shopify apps store, you can easily find Plug In SEO and start using it. You can bulk edit meta titles and descriptions for your online store pages. You can add updated schema markup for your products, variants, social profiles links, and more. You can also fix broken 404 errors and 301 permanent redirects for URLs.

7. Super Reports
An application that lets you track all your activities of the online store, Super Reports acts as a dashboard for your sales and revenues. You can track your sales, get inventory insights, monitor all your orders, and measure your Shopify store performance over time.

With the help of insights, you can analyze your winning products and monitor your inventory levels. By keeping a track of your store status, you can make better decisions for your growth. The insights are really useful when you want to identify what is working and what is not by seeing the products that are delivering the most and least revenue, respectively.

Grow your Shopify Store With the Best Shopify Apps

The best Shopify stores are equipped with apps that can help them deal with any uncertainty that may occur. These apps are more likely to enhance the functionality of your store by providing extra features. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on apps, there are free Shopify apps that you can use for generating more revenue and maximizing your profitability.

We are a leading Shopify app development company that can assist you with winning Shopify stores. We design eCommerce websites that appeal to customers and lead to more purchases and less cart abandonment.

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