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Benefits of Custom eCommerce Development Services

  • By Bhavika Chauhan
  • 02-11-2023
  • E-commerce

The global ecommerce market growth rate peaked at 17.1% in 2021, and it’s projected to maintain a growth rate of at least 8% over the next several years.- Business Adobe

This stat is a full proof of how eCommerce has revolutionized the way businesses operate in the modern era.

Digital mode of buying/selling has become a new norm in today’s world, where businesses prefer investing in custom eCommerce development services, to get a strong foothold in the market.

On a simpler note, when technology is fused with the digital idea of conducting business, it brings a multitude of opportunity scales to grow out of bounds.

Surprisingly, this change has not just impacted positively the business landscape but has transformed the way customers prefer to access the services around them.

Such app solutions have reduced the distance between customer and seller, while bringing every service at an axis point, where it can be accessed with just a tap on a mobile screen.

But this is not what all it entails- there is much more to be explored.

To help you glean insights about custom ecommerce benefits we have brought you this post today.

Let’s get started

SEO ranking boost

SEO will continue to be one of the best ways to improve website’s visibility on search engines, and with digital touch this will be amplified further.

Indeed, with a well-thought SEO strategy businesses can improve their website authority on search engines, while improving the credibility to be found by the customers at large.

And this is what gets improved by custom ecommerce solutions, that help businesses to get a competitive curve while gaining attention of customers for a larger span.

Stand out from competitors

Every business wants to make a perfect standing in the market, so targeted users do not go to competitors!
This is where a custom e-commerce development comes for the rescue!

It empowers businesses to gain a robust market presence and offer services in a unique way to customers, so they don’t have to juggle with competition.

Businesses can leverage the features and functionalities of custom app solutions to offer their services to customers based on their preferences while making a pace with the business goals.

As a result, businesses no need to get bothered by the changing dynamics of competition, as their app solution is in place to cater to the users’ demands efficiently.

Seamless Navigation

Customers prefer a solution where they don’t need to put their logical reasoning skills to use the ecommerce services.

It has been observed largely that many ecommerce stores become chaotic due to excessive products and services to offer.

It becomes a disturbing fact for them to cater to demands of users without being complicated.

Simply, it means ecommerce business cannot afford to be complex and complicated with its features and functionalities.

This is where an ecommerce app solution steps in and utilizing its pre-made templates it ensures offering a tailor-made solution that not just appeals to the customers but also becomes part of their brand identity.

By tapping on smartphones, users get the easy option to browse through required product range with price comparison, so they can make the right and informed decision which accentuates comfort and convenience at the best.

Custom eCommerce Development ensures web/app solutions are a perfect place for the customers to navigate and engage with the targeted audience in no time.

Latest technology integration

Technology is growing at a rapid speed!

Businesses are embracing tech advancements not just to be IN , but to stay relevant and updated in the eyes of users.

The burgeoning competition can be blurred with the integration of emerging tech features in the app solution, that entice users to use the app more frequently.

Be it AR, VR, AI- powered data insights or chatbots- businesses have a lot to play with technology and make it an integral part of their solution.

Although, in this sprint, businesses must not forget that growing technology demand has also brought the question of cyber threats in place, henceforth, businesses must keep their tech wagon updated, so their users can conduct secure transactions without being hassled.

Enhanced customer experience

Customers are the kings in the space of businesses, and failing to meet their demands only result in catastrophe for the businesses.

Hence, to avoid such a terrible situation to ever occur, businesses prefer to have a healthy relationship with their users, and ecommerce is no exception to it.

With the right strategies and technology integrations it becomes easier to provide personalized and tailor-made shopping experiences to customers, so they can relish every bit of the ecommerce solution.

In parallel, the CRM software tracks customer behavior through analytics that define their last purchase and help businesses to serve customers better.

The insights gleaned from CRM help businesses to make informed decisions and build an effective eCommerce development plan using custom app solution.

Improved Security

Security is paramount for every business space, and in the eCommerce sector this needs to be taken care of with additional features.

You might be wondering why?

When it is eCommerce than for businesses a lot is at stake- their reputation, brand identity, competition stand and these all factors can be compromised easily with a security breach.

Remember, a security shield to any type of transaction is not a choice but a necessity, which every business must pay attention to.

A secured payment and ecommerce space calls for better user engagement and the best example to be cited here is - Amazon marketplace.

People prefer buying on Amazon due to its secured transaction and the ambience it has created further.

Businesses can opt for encryption protocols and firewalls so sensitive user data does not get leaked and stay protected from any potential cyberthreat.

Consequently, a secured app solution prioritizes the credibility ecommerce sites among customers so they can put their trust and gain a strong market presence.

High-end control over functionality

Custom eCommerce Development comes packed with a varied vertical of benefits for the users and businesses alike.

And here one more advantage they offer to businesses cannot be overlooked.

A control over functionality of the portal is one of the striking features it has got to offer.

It means businesses no longer need to be dependent on every possible feature & functionality in their capacity, rather they can be tailored to make them a perfect piece to be added further in the solution.

Such features can be picked based on various requirements oozing out from the demands of user experience, sales funnel, or simply to make a difference in the competition radar.

Furthermore, businesses get the liberty to include 3rd Party tools and services to make a seamless system for their end-users.

Scaling Capacity

Well, as we all know the e-commerce industry continues to experience rapid growth!

It means what they are doing today will not be the same tomorrow- thus, the online portals must be capable of handling concurrent user demands so every requirement can be fulfilled and well accommodated.

As the trend for online shopping is going berserk, it is prudent for businesses to invest in a solution that can expand with time and cater to burgeoning user demands without being baffled.

Here, the implementation of various strategies and technologies ensure a smooth passage for scalability of infrastructure, server performance, and more secured payment gateways.

Streamlined Order Capacity

Orders are the harbinger of business growth!

However, if orders are not fulfilled timely, can lead to a havoc ending up destroying the brand identity.

Henceforth, businesses must invest in building a seamless order processing system which empowers users to experience an incredible delivery process. With Custom eCommerce Development, businesses can easily showcase their products, provide detailed product information, and offer various payment options to cater to different customer preferences.

Simultaneously, from the business perspectives, it becomes easier to track and assess sales data so a much formulated and accurate marketing strategy can be placed.


An eCommerce site needs to be highly responsive else users can get drifted from it.

Today, there are a variety of devices being used by the users across the world with different bandwidth, these factors need to be considered while finalizing the ecommerce space for users.

If your site/app fails to be responsive on users’ devices then nothing can save it from doom, despite having a great deal of features intact within.

To make this happen, the development team must get the app/web features being tested on every device with multiple bandwidth. This ensures the end-users do not suffer while accessing the services, and do not carve out a wrong image of your brand in their minds.

It goes without saying, but responsiveness enables businesses to gain credibility from users as they can browse through any product or services without being hassled.

As a result, the ecommerce solution can be accessed through any possible place across the world, leading to higher conversion rate with immense customer satisfaction.

Increased Visibility

Nothing beats the significance of the visibility factor that is provoked largely with the digital era!

And to make this possible the role of Custom e-commerce development can never be dodged off.

With such a solution, businesses can experience a wider range of opportunities where they can publish their services and offerings to the customers in the most engaging way.

It further allows the businesses to build custom e-commerce solutions with tailored solutions fitting the business needs and customer requirements.

Improved ROI

It goes without saying, custom e-commerce development is pivotal in success for businesses..because they trigger ROI to another level.
Customers prefer to rely on digital platforms in the wake of the growing trend of online shopping, businesses are investing heavily in digital solutions.

This might sound like an unnecessary expense, but considering the immense popularity of digitalization, it has become imperative for the businesses to invest in it.

In this digital era, eCommerce is a go-to investment opportunity for businesses, which is bound to offer incredible ROI with increased engagement from the users’ end.

It incorporates custom features and functionalities enabling businesses to create a unique online presence that aligns with their brand and engages their target audience effectively.

Glean Customer Insights

One of the best ways a Liferay portal development company can help businesses is through valuable customer insights.

Businesses always strive hard to learn more about what their customers are looking forward to and how their offerings can be modulated further to meet their demands.

But conducting such research is time and cost intensive, and can never be updated as customer demands change fast.

This is where a custom app solution comes into the picture and utilizing AI and ML algorithms they collect user behaviour patterns and suggest the next product in demand and even forecast the to-be-in-need product in the coming years.

Consequently, it helps businesses to grow their ROI and profit rate while building a loyal customer base.

Why should businesses outsource custom e-commerce website development?

TBH, there is not just one, but multiple reasons that are associated with hiring outsource company for Custom eCommerce Development, and some of these are:

Budget Friendly

Budget is always on the mind of the business owners, and it takes a lot to keep the things in line.

Well, you can bid adieu to budget hassles with an outsourcing development company!

Yes, you heard it right!

On hiring outsource developers, businesses are in the right position to save on excessive cost led by salaries and infrastructure cost to accommodate resources, along with tools & equipment.

As a result, they no longer need to get hassled by unnecessary cost hurdles that come along with spending money.

Access to pool of talents & advanced technologies

Who doesn’t want to access talent?

The answer is everyone!

Businesses always look forward to get a hold onto highly skilled developers and designers to build an engaging solution, and this demand is well-catered by offshore developers at large.

They cater to businesses with leading talents in the industry to build a solution which is crafted by industry experts.

They hold a comprehensive understanding of tech trends & emerging technologies to help your digital solution stay ahead of the competition curve.

Time and Effort Saving

Time is money, and businesses cannot afford to waste due to inefficiency of development delays.

It is highly detrimental for the sake of business productivity meter, wherein businesses are constantly being downgraded due to impending development.

With offshore developers, this issue gets resolved to a higher extent as they come at a lower cost but with incredible skillsets so the end result does not get compromised through any menas.

These offshore developers do work in different time zones which also gives a benefit of round-the-clock for the businesses to gain insights about their project’s in and out.


Indeed, outsourcing developers come with flexibility, and this is the best benefit they offer to your business.

This enables businesses to sail ahead with greater advantages to ramp up or ramp down the team members based on the requirements.

As a result, businesses can optimize the cost factor to bare minimal without impacting their budget constraints.

Tips for hiring offshore e-commerce developers

No business should ever trust an offshore company without conducting research and evaluating the company’s track record.

The selected company must fit into your business set objectives and goals.

Never shy from checking their past work, asking for client testimonials, and experience of their teammates.

Find out the satisfaction they have offered to their past clients and how far they are ahead to be an industry leader.

You must not forget that communication is the key to success, and it is no exception in the app development business as well. Try to find out the tiers of communication they follow in their business model and check how frequent they are with their follow-up and client updation strategies.

Do not ignore timely feedback they practise in their working methodology.

Assess the type of technology they use and how far they are ready to scale ahead and whether they give importance to your budget line or they just consider their benefits over your financial boundaries.


Well, to be honest, the convergence of technology with the eCommerce sector sparks creativity with unknown possibilities to be opened.

Now, customers and sellers are no longer dependent on traditional processes which have been time and labour intensive.

With technology there is a catch, where everything is accessible with just one click!

Isn’t it amazing?

As we all know, technology adds a flavor of innovation to business services, while helping them offer something extra and unique to users hassle-free.

When businesses include Custom eCommerce Development services in their business model they commit to excellence with incredible user experience.

Last not the least, the digital age will boom exponentially at every possible corner with eCommerce development company leveraging advanced technologies.

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