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5 Things You Should Know Before Using Magento Commerce

  • By Hermit Chawla
  • 09-06-2020
  • E-commerce

If you are familiar with e-commerce or someone looking to start their own online business, then we are pretty sure that you might be already familiar with Magento commerce. Well, if not then Magento is actually an e-Commerce solution that allows its users to build their own online store. Magento provides its users with professional software, which is extremely powerful and effective.

Well, if you are worried about not being able to handle such a powerful tool then we would recommend you hire Dedicated Magento developer. There a number of extremely talented and skilled Magento developers out there that can get things done for you. Although, if you are looking to learn or get started with Magento commerce or having second thoughts about using Magento commerce, then here are the best 5 things you should know before using Magento commerce.


The first thing that every business is worried about is its budget. Often, start-ups look for solutions that are cheap or simply free. With Magento Commerce, you are in luck as it is an open-source platform, which is absolutely free of cost. However, things are not as straightforward as they may appear on the surface. Magento receives regular updates and patches to make the software a lot effective, and easy to use. But, these updates are needed to installed manually and are not that easy. So, again if you are not familiar with Magento and developing a store for your business then we would recommend hiring a Magento developer. Yes, that would cost you a certain amount but these professional developers will definitely smooth things out for you.

Needy But Old

Well form the looks of it, you might have already guessed that Magento Commerce is for sure a needy technology, however, its not as good as modern-day applications and software. It follows an old approach of download and customizes which is definitely unlike any other modern application software you would face today. So, don’t assume that if you are able to easily operate or learn other platforms such as Wordpress, etc, then you would also be able to master and work with Magento Commerce. It requires a technical mind with a bit of familiarity with coding and debugging skills.

So, before you get started with Magento commerce makes sure that you have sorted out this part of the problem, or else all of your resources and time would be wasted on managing this software alone. You need to focus on developing your store not waste your time with the Magento software.

Support Issues

Well, most of the stories follow a certain pattern and does not raise new unique errors. However, if you are trying out something new, and face some issues with the software, then you would have to wait in a long queue. Although these cases are rare and most of these issues are something that could be solved easily with a minimum effort. You need to be aware that at an average there are around 1300 to 1500 ongoing support tickets for Magento commerce. We know too much hassle, but all of these trivial issues can be resolved by simply having an expert Magento developer on your team. So, consider hiring one, it would definitely be of help.


If you are going to try out something related to the internet of things, then we would recommend finding an alternative as Magento is simply not built for IoT. Well, it might be pretty good, but at the end of the day, it’s just an eCommerce solution.


Also known as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard are certain guidelines every retailer needs to follow and Magento definitely makes complying to PCI a lot easier.

So, a mobile app development company is the best solution for you to grow your business with mobile app development.

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