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11 Easy Tips to Develop the Ultimate Ecommerce Mobile App for Your Firm

  • By Linda Hartley
  • 08-09-2021
  • E-commerce

Do you remember the last time you shopped on Amazon via its website? Probably you won’t recall. E-commerce applications have made shopping much easier.

Even though the term ‘ E-commerce ‘ looks simple but the process of building an E-commerce application is quite complex. The development of an e-commerce application means creating a replica of your firm’s website. However, this customized software mobile application provides you with improved conversions, better and faster performance, personalized content, accessibility (online and offline), instant push notifications, a shop on the go experience, and much more.

Your e-commerce application is your automated store. It makes you available for your customers at any time of the day. Moreover, your customers can make a purchase whenever they want. Many online customers say they do not return to an application if they have an unpleasant experience. To avoid this, you can follow a few tips while developing an e-commerce application for your firm.

1) Easy login and logout system

Formalities are ho-hum and every second counts. So, you should allow your users to sign in via Google, Apple, or other social media accounts. These sites contain all the relevant details about the user. Also, you can use auto-fill for users who have visited your sites previously. This ends up making the most feasible and time-saving e-commerce application.

2) Less content more images

We all are well aware of skimming. People often swipe until and unless they find the desired option. Lengthy content is unappealing for users. Therefore, firms should try to provide more images about the products. As far as content is concerned, they should provide relevant details in bullet points.

An effective e-commerce application includes

- Relevant product description
- Details related to sales and discounts
- Reviews

3) Geo-location tracking

A geo-location algorithm is an algorithm that is responsible for tracking the location of users. It plays a pivotal role in helping firms understand the reach of their brand. With this tracking algorithm, firms get to know about their reach and customer experience. Also, you can alert users by sending customized emails and messages. These customized messages are entirely based on the demographics and geo-graphics of different areas.

4) Quick loading speed

Agree or not, technological advancements have made us exceedingly impatient. We always demand better speed and instant responses from an application we access.
- Alleviates unnecessary JavaScripts
- Leave out irrelevant content and tags
- Use a comparatively fewer amount of tags and white lines

5) Various payment channels

App users tend to prefer different payment options. Some might use cash and, others might use either card or wallet. Therefore it is crucial to provide multiple payment channels to customers. Users tend to judge the flexibility of your application by its payment gateways and options.

6) 24/7 assistance with chatbots

The e-commerce mobile application means the firms are available to you at any time of the day. Hence, you can answer the questions and queries of your customers at any time of the day. Chatbots tend to comprehend human inputs and provide outputs as win-win solutions. Natural processing language is used for this translation. It leaves a long-lasting impression of your brand in front of potential customers.

7) Easy to operate with one hand

People tend to use their mobile phones with one hand, right? So, certain buttons of your E-commerce application should be placed where users can reach it with their thumbs and fingers.

The list of those buttons include

- Proceed option
- Cart button
- Payment button

8) Simple design and navigation layout

Design is the key to perception. Your users judge your firm based on how your application looks. Your design can be appealing but fail to navigate the users. It leads to a great level of abandonment rate. Hence, firms can follow these simple steps to create a simple and innovative application.

- Use simple and readable types
- Use simplified colors and color schemes
- Avoid using the elements//text/format that confuses the mind of many.
- Use less text and animation – Always keep the space clutter-free.

9) Auto suggestions

Below a shadow of any doubt, auto suggestions are used as crucial tools. It helps users in finding their desired products and provides them with greater options to choose from. Usually, an e-commerce mobile application analyzes all the relevant details about the user. The search and purchase history provide the shopping behavior of users.

10) Advanced security facilities

A lot of private information is needed for the completion of any transaction. These details might include the address, bank details, digital wallet details, and card details of the users. Hence, an experienced mobile application developer will ensure that these details are encrypted properly. The security of your application builds trust and loyalty towards your E-commerce firm.

11) Interlink of an app with google analytics

The amalgamation of google analytics with e-commerce applications can be a great help. It provides you the reviews of users and helps you improve your application to make it more user-friendly.

Summary of e-commerce app development tips include

Go minimal while designing the interface and layout of an e-commerce application.
Use social media for sign-in and sign-out processes.
Minimal usage of the content and maximum usage of images.
With the availability of chatbots, e-commerce applications offer assistance at any time of the day.
For better security, these applications ensure that that your details and encrypted.
Provides several payment options including cash, wallet, debit/credit card.
Implement the auto-suggestion algorithm and geo-tracking algorithm to provide better facilities to potential customers.
Alleviate the abandonment rate by optimizing the loading speed of your application.

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