top 10 digital marketing trends for 2023

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

  • By Tracy White
  • 22-05-2023
  • Digital Marketing

You can be sure that the next big thing in digital marketing won't arrive until you've already moved on to the next one. If time travel existed, every marketer would go to the New Year in search of digital marketing trends for the next year. Given that we are still in the era of prognostications, we will have to make do with a case for what digital marketing in 2023 may be like based on our best guesses.

Hold on tight as we take a trip into the future to examine the most promising developments in digital marketing for the year 2023.

Artificial Intelligence in Online Marketing

Smart Speakers: A New Channel for Digital Marketing

One of the most notable changes in recent years is the explosion in popularity of smart speakers. The Social Report estimates that by the end of 2019, there will be 207.9 million smart speakers in use around the globe, up from the 56 million sold in 2018.

Marketers should use this golden chance to promote their goods and services through the rapidly expanding smart speaker sector. In 2023, your company may take use of smart speaker marketing and promotion in two ways:

  • 'Branded Skill' or 'App'

You may develop a branded Google Home or Alexa skill that promotes your business and offers your audience a helpful service. With the help of Alexa Skills, marketers can interact with their audience by providing them with information about the industry, useful goods, and more.

  • Flash-briefing

A common method to acquire the morning news, weather, and other daily updates is via flash briefing on Alexa. Users have complete control over the news sources, podcasts, and other 'Skills' that their smart speaker plays.

The Rise of Voice Search

The widespread use of voice search technology is another significant change influencing modern digital marketing. Search engine marketers must now adjust their strategies for improving a website's visibility in response to specific voice-activated searches.

By 2020, it's predicted that voice searches will account for 50% of all queries, providing new opportunities for digital marketers. There is a lengthy list of things you can do to optimize your site for voice search, but one of the most important is to utilize long-tail keywords like "most expensive women's clothing brand" instead of a shorter phrase like "clothing brand."

Chatbots in Marketing

Chatbot advertising and promotion is the next big thing in the world of digital marketing. Chatbots have been used by businesses for some time, and the marketing department is making good use of this fact.

  • Chatbots on Social Media

In digital marketing, chatbots are being used in a variety of contexts to improve customer service and brand engagement. As an example, you can now order an Uber using the Facebook Messenger app. Chatbots are improving the customer experience and reducing the length of the sales cycle by connecting marketing channels with the point of sale.

  • AI-driven Chatbots

A chatbot driven by AI may provide a tailored experience for each individual user. With the use of predictive analytics, the chatbot at Bank of America can anticipate clients' demands and lead them through intricate banking processes with ease. Customers may use these chatbots for everything from checking their accounts to making payments. These interactions are very useful in helping businesses establish themselves as 'customer-first.'

The Age of Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality (AR) has been more popular over the last few years, and by 2020, it is expected to have surpassed virtual reality (VR) as the most promising development in digital marketing. It is one of the newest developments in the world of digital advertising.

Major corporations like IKEA are already using augmented reality. The IKEA Place app, released in 2017, allows consumers to virtually arrange furniture in their own homes to get a feel for how it would look and how well it would fit. Known as "experiential marketing," this method is assisting companies like IKEA in providing their consumers with memorable, one-of-a-kind encounters that may sway their decision to buy or not.

Targeted Marketing

Personalize Your Marketing Efforts

Your marketing efforts can only be successful if you have a deep understanding of your target demographic. With digital marketing, you can get a wealth of information from each and every encounter with your consumers and potential customers. That is the main idea behind the next big thing in online advertising. To make sense of this data, accurate buyer personas can be constructed, and important insights about consumer preferences, behavior patterns, and more can be gleaned, more and more businesses are turning to cutting-edge Business Intelligence technologies. You can tailor your messages and campaigns to each individual using this information.

Make Your Content Stand Out by Making It Personalized and Unique With Personalization, You Can Make Your Content Stand Out From the Crowd And Help Your Customers Remember Your Brand Better.

You should keep an eye out for personalized messages as the next big thing in digital marketing. It's a great way to get people excited about your product or company, and it also helps you connect with them on a deeper, more human level. Customers may be kept by expressing appreciation, for as via a birthday email or an email thanking them for subscribing to your mailing list.

Identify Your Intended Readership. Another method that is gaining popularity is micro targeting, which involves tailoring messaging to a particular group of people. If you know your audience enjoys going to the movies, you might send them cinema tickets or discounts through email. Include movie allusions or aesthetic components in your email campaigns, blog articles, etc. to provide a more tailored experience for your readers and boost conversions.

Suggest Alternatives to Products. Understanding a customer's purchasing history is a terrific approach to promoting to them in the future. That's the next thing to pay attention to in the realm of digital advertising. There has been a recent uptick in the frequency with which ecommerce businesses are sending out emails with curated catalogs of products to existing and potential consumers.

Digital Commerce found that up to a 915 percent increase in conversion rates might be attributed to the use of product suggestions. Therefore, use your segmented list to suggest items and services to clients, accommodate this digital marketing trend, and maintain a competitive marketing advantage.

Communicating on Private Messaging-apps

In 2023, companies will need to start paying more attention to how to effectively use secure messaging applications. WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat are just a few of the many smartphone messaging applications that have recently become quite popular. Private applications and chat groups are becoming more popular in corporate settings due to their efficiency. With WhatsApp's large user base (1.5 billion monthly active users in over 180 countries), businesses can promote their wares to a wide audience without having to direct anybody to a website. Using WhatsApp Business accounts and Facebook advertisements, consumers may easily connect with your company's customer service department with just one tap. Ads are coming to WhatsApp in 2020 as part of the app's 'Statuses,' so businesses should start planning ahead of time to make the most of this opportunity.

Interactive Marketing

Drive Interactive Content Marketing

More and more marketers are turning to interactive marketing material as a means to increase audience participation. The next trend in digital marketing will be the use of interactive content, which may increase conversions by as much as 23 percent, according to research from Inc.

Inviting customers to engage with your brand may be accomplished with the use of quizzes and polls, two examples of interactive marketing material. An angiographic is a fantastic example of interactive marketing since it can transform traditionally static infographics into something engaging and informative for the target audience. Here are a few advantages of interactive media:

Benefits include:

  • Increased user reaction and social sharing
  • More user engagement
  • Higher overall brand exposure

Focus on Visual Content

Visuals enhance the impact and longevity of your messages by allowing you to convey more information in less time. By 2021, live video will account for 13% of all internet traffic, according to Digital Marketing World. Live video streaming is now widely available across social media sites, and its popularity is only likely to grow by 2020.

A LookBook is another kind of visual material.Scotch& Soda, a Dutch apparel shop, utilized the LookBook to document the inspiration for the creation of their Spring/Summer line. While the content promotes trustworthiness and establishes the brand's identity, the interactive components of the design provide a compelling experience that boosts sales and visitors' time on the site.


The term "Metaverse" is used to describe the interconnected web of virtual realities created and owned by social networking giant Meta (Facebook). It's a previously unknown digital cosmos in which augmented or virtual realities combine to provide a shared experience.

Having a virtual self in a world of the future where you can do anything strikes me as a lot like playing a video game.

Due to a web of realities/virtual worlds where space exists practically everywhere, social trading is now possible. To address this gap, modern digital marketers have developed a novel approach to digital marketing centered on the use of video.


Tokens that may be bought and sold online are a kind of digital asset. Every NFT (Non-fungible Token) has its own unique token that proves it is a genuine article and belongs to you. NFTs are not only being used in the creative and technological sectors but also in business.

As part of their advertising campaign, NFTs are raffled out to the public. A great illustration of this is the Marriott Bonvoy giveaway for a free NFT and 200,000 Bonvoy points.

Digital marketing has been employed by a variety of successful companies, including Adidas, Marriott, and many more. The potential for NFTs as a promotional tool to be expanded is enormous.


Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular topics in the Instagram version of the financial sector. Although its ultimate success was unexpected, it entered the market and quietly eliminated all rivals. Given the potential returns, between 10 and 12 million Indians have become active crypto investors.

Millennials, who see cryptocurrencies as cool and ahead of their time, are driving the market for cryptocurrency investments. Platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies are using the public's fascination with free cryptocurrency as a way to attract new users and introduce them to the financial potential of cryptocurrencies.

In the same way that we may use Google Pay to purchase groceries, cryptocurrency can be used to buy other essentials. In 2023, digital marketing will reach new heights.

Mobile First and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

77% of mobile searches occur in fixed locations like homes and businesses, whereas 17% occur when the user is moving about. Within the first hour of a mobile search, 55 percent of conversions occur. When compared to their contemporary counterparts, smartphones, and computers are today seen as cumbersome and unwieldy. Fox Valley Web Design specializes in creating responsive websites, mobile-first and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), catering to the growing trend of smartphone usage and the need for user-friendly and efficient mobile experiences.

Smartphones have replaced desktop computers as the primary means of accessing the internet due to their portability, low weight, and convenient pocket size. Apps are more popular than both static and dynamic websites, as shown by data from Google Analytics. On July 1, 2019, Google began prioritizing mobile-friendly indexing. That implies mobile-friendliness will be a ranking factor for websites. Progressive web applications, or PWAs, are websites that mimic the functionality of native apps.

Social Commerce

China has built a multibillion-dollar industry around social commerce, but India is only getting its feet wet in this space. Live product promotions on social media channels allow viewers to make instantaneous purchases of the advertised goods.

Instagram's Shop function may be used by companies to include a Show Now button in their live videos. Social commerce, one of the top 2023 digital marketing trends, has shortened the time it takes for consumers to move from seeing an ad to making a purchase.

Programmatic Advertising

Digital advertising is purchased through programmatic ad purchasing. In contrast, automated purchasing occurs when computers and algorithms make advertising purchases without any human involvement.

Using AI-assisted programmatic advertising, marketers may reach their target audience with more precision.

Long-term, automation helps with both conversion rates and customer acquisition expenses. Real-time bidding is a programmatic ad purchasing approach that provides more exact and rapid targeting, and it may be used to purchase and sell ads on an individual basis.

Automated and Personalized Email Marketing

Sending out emails to your customers on a regular basis in response to certain events or schedules is what automated email marketing is all about.

When it comes to online advertising, email has always been the safest option. Sending out promotional emails is a terrific approach to inform your clientele about recent achievements or future discounts.

However, owing to the widespread use of bulk email strategies, the vast majority of consumers no longer respond to promotional emails. Recapturing your clients' attention and creating an active customer base may be accomplished via the use of personalized emails.

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