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7 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Is Perfect for Small Businesses

  • By John Lee
  • 01-12-2020
  • Cloud Computing

We are now living in a fast-paced, digital world. Everything can now be easily done with a push of a button, a simple click on your computer mouse, or a tap at your mobile phone screen. We rely so much on technology for our day-to-day tasks, and even business transactions, that deciding to move into a more automated and seamless option is almost a no-brainer – options such as cloud technology or cloud computing.

But what is cloud computing? To put it simply, cloud computing is a digital service which allows users 24/7 access to any important programs and data. It is basically a remote server that gives you unparalleled availability as long as you have an internet connection – this is why it’s called “cloud” technology, because just like how clouds are everywhere, your data can also be accessed anywhere; whenever you might need it.

Cloud computing is an umbrella term for different types of cloud technology services like Cloud Storage, Cloud Backup, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and Cloud Hosting. Cloud technology offers different functions and can handle numerous business-related tasks to improve operations. This is the reason why a lot of companies are now rapidly migrating their business to the cloud, because not only does it save them time and money, it also boosts productivity due to ease of data access, improves collaboration across all departments, and promotes innovation.

The benefits of cloud computing are only once accessible to large companies, however, there are now cloud service providers which offers affordable, customized, and near turnkey options for businesses of every size.

The advantages of cloud computing for small businesses are endless. To help you know how cloud computing can help SMEs grow their business, here are seven reasons by cloud computing is perfect for small businesses:

1. Reduce Business Costs
With cloud technology, everything is stored on a remote server and accessed through the internet. This means savings – especially for small business owners who want to minimize their operational costs, hardware, storage, installation, maintenance, software integration services, and more. Cloud replaces all these costs and offers a predictable plan that allows you to adjust it on demand.

2. Easy Collaboration with Others
One of the best benefits of cloud technology is its ability to empower everyone to work, play, and do anything else no matter where they are. Cloud computing enables real-time access and collaboration between your teams hence they’re able to do more together and do it better.

3. Scalability
Of course, your small business won’t stay small forever, therefore, you need a solution that can grow or downsize with you. The much quicker and most cost-effective solution is cloud technology. To scale up, you just need to create the number of users needed on the cloud network. Similarly, when an employee leaves, his or her user accounts just needs to be deleted. It’s hassle-free and secures your data seamlessly.

4. Reduce your power consumption
By moving to the cloud, energy use will be significantly reduced since you won’t have any physical servers to maintain. In addition to the power consumption of the servers alone, you also have to cool down the room where it is stored and light the facilities. Hence, the savings that will be made between a cloud server and an on-premise server are huge.

5. Subscription services makes cashflow easier
With the rise of subscription-based services, small businesses no longer have to outlay large capitals for software or hardware. Cloud services are under this model and usually implements a “pay-as-you-go” scheme which means that you only pay for what you need; and just add another payment for the features that you might need later on.

6. Prevent data loss with automatic backup
Data loss is devastating for anyone – so much more to a company. With cloud computing, data backup is done automatically, frequently, and remotely. Also, cloud service providers have multiple data centers where your sensitive files are stored, hence, if any disaster might happen, your data is still secure at another data center.

7. Improved overall network and data security
The good thing about a cloud solution is that all the data is maintained at a central location. It is administratively much convenient to secure a centralized database from cyber attacks or any threats compared to data that is stored across several devices.

Cloud computing puts enterprise-level capabilities and capacity within the reach of small businesses. It’s time that you level the playing field with an advanced technology that gives your business the push it needs to stand out in the market. There are various mobile app developers are available to make your business idea into reality.

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