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How To Use Artificial Intelligence In Mobile Apps?

  • By Edward Kring
  • 16-08-2021
  • Artificial Intelligence

Implementing AI differs into Mobile App Development Company is getting popular these days. It is a fresh approach because AI in the mobile apps development cycle is a huge step for companies. This could lead them to heavy development terms with having a high cost.

Understand the Project
Understand the goals that you want to achieve with artificial intelligence. After a thorough market analysis and audience understanding, we identify the pain points and set them as a goal for AI adoption.

Modified Approach
We firmly believe that every business requirement is unique. Therefore, there should be a unique approach to development. Instead of a general AI solution, we prefer looking for tailored solutions that best suit your business.

Proof of Concept
We verify that the modified use case works as expected and can solve the problem at hand. After we are sure that the proof of concept is successful, we turn that into a roadmap for an organization-wide rollout.

Let’s get in touch to understand your project and share an estimated cost.

Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Apps
The growth of artificial intelligence is profoundly leading mobile apps. The technology is allowing mobile applications by making them intelligent pieces of software that can expect customer behavior and decisions. Let’s have a friendlier look at how artificial intelligence can enrich your business.

Personalized Experience
In recent years, brands have moved from a mass engagement approach to providing tailored experiences. That’s because customers desire personalization.

Do you know 73% of consumers prefer brands that take their personal preferences into account?

Their sales are 10% more than companies that don’t personalize. For a while, consider that you own a clothing store. Most shoppers would fancy a stylist. But staffing for thousands of customers is going to be expensive. Instead, you introduce an AI-enabled chatbot. This chatbot helps your customers find the perfect outfit.

How does this work? The bot learns about what the customer wants, their preferences, what they can afford, etc. The collected information helps you classify and structure your customers to find an individual approach to each customer group.

This way, artificial intelligence provides your users with the most relevant content and forms an impression that your mobile app cares about them. Product or service recommendation is just one example of providing tailored experiences. With artificial intelligence, you can send highly personalized social media content or emails to customers.

Here are some more examples
Optimize Fitness is a fitness training tool that uses AI to tailor individual workout programs.
Migraine Buddy App adopts machine learning to predict the possibility of a headache.
Taco Bell’s TacoBot recommends menu items based on the users’ preferences.

Advanced Search
In the data-led world, an effective search is becoming increasingly important to provide a better user experience. Machine learning for Android/iOS app development has the power to provide an efficient search experience.

Not just search algorithms, but you can collect user data such as search history and typical actions. This data, along with behavioral data and search requests, helps your product/service rank higher.

Predict User Behavior
First, why is predicting user behavior important? Well, the benefits are endless. You will encourage loyalty, target a specific audience, personalize experiences, and more.

Besides transferring your business processes by reducing redundant tasks, AI helps you to expect customer behavior exactly. By using big data and predictive analytics to examine behavior, you can make knowledgeable decisions.

Let’s see how AI helps in predicting user behavior:

Predicting Trends in Customer Purchasing Behavior
Have you ever wondered what affects your customer’s buying behavior? Many things affect customer behavior, such as social circumstances, lifestyle, occupation, previous purchase experience, etc.

Customer Churn Prediction
If you are concerned about what to do with the users who have ended business with your company, AI has got you back. With machine learning algorithms, you can predict which customers will stop using your product or service. There’s more! ML even helps in identifying the root cause of customer churn.

Devise Marketing Campaigns
With the help of AI, you can determine which mode of marketing receives the maximum engagement. This will allow you to devise your future marketing plans accordingly. AI predicts behavior by analyzing data in the form of online searches, number of views, etc.

Top 8 Artificial Intelligence Technologies used in Mobile Apps

Text Recognition
They also called it NLP or stand for natural language processing, which enables the user to find all the related information you need in the news media, search engines (google, bing, etc), and structure solid texts. This amazing technology is now also used for fraud detection systems and security.

This Artificial intelligence credit is of fantastic use for developing business programs. It supports the businesses to interact with people who answer the feedback form.

Chatbots will be the digital representative for your business responding to user’s questions. Popular companies having digital assistants include IBM, creative virtual, Apple, Amazon, Artificial options, Google, Microsoft, suit, and a lot more.

Speech Recognition Technology
Among the most favored AI technology utilized in Mobile applications of this voice management system is voice recognition.

Many mobile development businesses integrate this functionality into their applications and attach it to be suitable with all the latest AI trends.

Machine Learning
One of the most prominent AI technology joined into the wide majority of the programs. For a company, having a program with machine learning is necessary.

Machine learning technologies are useful for analysis and indications. If your work involves predictions, acquiring an ML-based program helps a good deal.

Biometrics is an artificial technology that describes, analyzes, and human steps behavior. It may understand the physical factors, body construction, body shape, and elements of the body.

The biometric artificial technology tech also understands voice, gesture management, and sensory recognition. Biometrics is mostly used in research and marketing.

Emotion Recognition
AI contributes another amazing technology that facilitates reading human emotions in their face. The emotion recognition technology works advanced image processing or sound information for emotion recognition.

These sanctions capturing human opinions with voice sound and subtle language signs. This technology is very famous for startups.

Image Recognition
Image recognition is an outstanding feature of mobile app development. They mostly used image recognition technology for discovering an item in a digital photo or a movie.

Natural Language Technology
If you’re wanting to develop an app for client help, natural language technologies are your apt AI technologies to incorporate.
Programs for generating reports and marketplace testimonials need these AI technologies in their mobile programs.

Usage of Artificial Intelligence.
You will need to figure out that the AI technology to use the features for your purpose. Some the helpful features are:

Maximize the Tracking process
Integrate sound and video recognition.
Behavior patterns of the program users.
Electronic assistant.

Artificial intelligence has paved its way into Custom Mobile App Development Services. It will be more popular and helpful in the future. So, if you are going to establish a new mobile app, you better equip it with AI.

It is the best way to get new customers and maintain the existing users engaged. It tracks app user action and involves a personalized experience.

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