wordPress best for web development and seo

Why WordPress Is Best For Web Development And SEO?

  • By Anthony G
  • 20-02-2021
  • Web Development

WordPress is the content management system which is widely used in millions of websites all around the world by the bloggers, business owners and the news publishers. WordPress is used in most of the websites to publish blogs and even design websites. There are many advantages of using the WordPress CMS rather than going for other kinds of content management system. On top of all WordPress is more SEO friendly and also it provides lots of plugin compatibility to help in the web development as well.

In this blog, let’s see the advantages of using the WordPress CMS over the other available content management systems.

SEO friendly

Ideal goal of all the business and the blogging websites is to rank for the target search queries on the Google search results and drive more traffic to the business website. In this case, SEO comes into the role and you need to make sure that your website is optimized perfectly for SEO by one of the best SEO Consultants like Dinesh Kumar VM from ClickDo for you to rank your business website on top of the Google SERP’s for the potential search queries.

When you use WordPress CMS, doing the On Page SEO is so easy by using the plugins like All in One SEO Plugin or Yoast SEO plugin. Not only the On Page SEO, even the other SEO elements like XML sitemap creation and submission, Google Analytics code integration, Search Console code integration is made so simple with the help of the WordPress CMS as all can be done by using the simple plugins. When it comes to SEO, web hosting also comes into play and you should make sure that your website is hosted in one of the best hosting services like SeekaHost.

Web Development companies won’t refer or stay with a unstable web hosting provider. In this case, SeekaHost India – Web Hosting Services is much recommended by the Top Web Development Companies and bloggers from India. Cheapest Option with good resources is the exact market demand at the moment.

Web Design

If you are starting a new website, then you can use the WordPress CMS and can design the websites easily by using the available predefined themes. There are many WordPress themes which are available for Free, you can easily use those themes and design your blogging or business website easily with the help of the WordPress CMS. Even if you need to custom design your websites, you can easily customize the theme using the manual code in the WordPress CMS. Hence even if you need to modify any design options in the existing free theme, than you can easily do that in the customize theme options.

Especially if you are blogger and beginner in this field, than you using the WordPress CMS will help you design the website and publish blogs easily with the perfect On Page SEO.


WordPress CMS is more compatible and you can implement any kind of functionalities to your website by using the WordPress plugins. Even you can create the fully functional eCommerce website by using the WordPress CMS as the main backend. WordPress is also more compatible with all the other available platforms like Shopify, etc. Hence you can use the WordPress CMS to build any kind of websites with the required functionalities. Even the digital entrepreneurs like Fernando Raymond recommends to use the WordPress and he personally used it in his blogging/business websites. Even you can make the payment integrations with your website easily by using the available plugins in the WordPress.

Easy to use

If you are new to the blogging field and if you are not technically strong enough to design a website. Then WordPress is the best choice for you to get started with. Because WordPress interface is so easy to use and even any newbies can able to learn the concepts quickly and design a websites fast. If you are a blogger, blog publishing will be your main task like adding text content, images, videos to your post. All the tasks can be easily done in the WordPress in single clicks and also you can easily optimize the post for the On Page SEO and publish it. Also, you can implement all the required functionalities to your website by using the different plugins.

These are the main advantages of using the WordPress CMS for your blogging or business websites when comparing to the other available content management systems.

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