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Which Is The Easiest Website Builder?

  • By Mashum Mollah
  • 02-07-2020
  • Web Development

Those who don’t have any knowledge of coding then website builder is an easy solution for you. Now you don’t have to waste your money in hiring a coder to design your site.

However, there are various website builders available on the internet and you have to choose your desired ones. The website builders will make your task much easier than before.

Now, there is no need to waste your time learning coding to design your own site. Actually, website builders are the online tools that will make your site easy, quick, and hassle-free. Everyone should get a chance to design their own site and grow their business.

Best Website Builders of 2020

For beginners, it can be very difficult to choose the best website builders on their own. Therefore, now no need to worry at all. Here are the best website builders of 2020 that will make your task easy. is the basic website building platform provided by Wordpress. If you have some technical knowledge then you can use instead of where more technical knowledge is demanded. includes sensible prices, high-quality blogging tools, several features, and many more. These features are going to make your task easy. This website builder is best for blogging in 2020.


Godaddy provides a tailored site for you that you can easily customize on your own. It is another quickest website builder for creating a site.

You can start with a free trial that it offers for the first month only then after they charge more than ten dollars according to the services. For speed, it is regarded as the best website builder. The layout and other features makes your site very beautiful and attractive as well.

But keep in mind that Godaddy is not the best choice for complex and powerful websites. It is the best choice only for basic sites.


Duda has simple and user-friendly designs that will hold your attention for a while. It offers fourteen days trial but after the end of this period, it becomes very expensive for beginners because this website builder is one of the most expensive ones.

Covering a range of companies from business to lifestyle, Duda provides over ninety templates. The designs and customization features are excellent.

The best advantage of using this website builder is that it gives you drag and drop functionality consists of stylish and structured templates. Duda is simple, polished, and pure and is a clear winner for anyone in search of website design.


Strikingly is regarded as the best website builder for beginners and it specializes in a one-page website. Out of all website builders that I have tested until now, Strikingly is regarded as the best website builder and it is value for money.

But keep in mind that this website builder is not professional and complex websites because it has limited creative tools. This website builder is an excellent choice for freelancers and bloggers.


Site123 is another beginner-friendly website builder that you can choose in 2020. This platform also has the support and a free plan. But the disadvantage of using this site is that it lacks advanced features for a professional website.

While editing your site, if you get stuck on anything then you can get in touch with the live chat that this website builder platform provides. The designs are not complicated and are very straightforward.

Now, without wasting much money you can have your own website with an elegant design of your choice. If you want to build a basic website then you can choose this platform.


Weebly has the best features for scaling your site. Especially for blogging and eCommerce, it is considered as a simple website builder packs a powerful punch.

Weebly is regarded as the most affordable website builder for beginners and for those budget is tight. In terms of customization and design, it has very limited features but it is a little simple to use.


Wix is the most popular website builder out of all. If you are searching for a free website builder then Wix is your prime choice. For beginners, this platform is the best choice.

There are more than five hundred templates that you can choose from this website. It has several premium plans that you can choose from according to your desired choice. Out of all website builders, you can choose WIX if you are a beginner and have zero knowledge of coding.

Wrapping it Up

Therefore, these were the best and easiest website builders of 2020 that you can choose. Read the features of each carefully so that you don’t regret it later on. Choosing the best web development company will make your task easier.

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