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What Is New In Angular 9? Everything You Need To Know

  • By Asha
  • 10-04-2020
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Google has been successful in releasing one of the most anticipated versions of Angular – Angular version 9.0.0 that is tagged along with significant changes in the entire platform. These modifications and updates include run time and Ivy compiler. As per the latest reports, it is evident that version 9 was released shortly and is the most crucial one out of all the updates that have been published in the past three years. The significant contribution being the fantastic improvements, bug fixes, and most importantly, it’s the ability to empower the web app developers from different angular js companies to come up with stunning applications.

In the section below, we will discuss the few significant changes and the latest technologies and features that have been incorporated in the recently released version. This will help you to analyse why you need to hire frontend developers with angular 9 knowledge.

List of things that make Angular 9 exceptional

Ivy Compiler

One of the most anticipated, Ivy Compiler has been successfully employed in the Angular JS latest version 2020. The compiler offers numerous benefits along with the provision of size saving for applications of any particular format.

1) Great reduction in Bundle Size

Angular version 9 is now able to get rid of all those unwanted bundles modules or any other parts of the Angular JS framework that is not necessary for any particular application. Apart from this, it is also capable of eliminating those bundles are cannot be possibly eliminated by tree shaking technique. Improvements like these assist them in generating lesser codes for every component.

2) Testing can be done at a quicker rate

The latest version has been quite successful in updating the TestBed by having it integrated into the Ivy. This makes the process of testing quite faster, mainly because of the Ivy compiler. In this case, the components under compilation tend to stop in between the running tests and this continues until such components get manually overridden.

3) Exceptional Debugging

With the upcoming fresh ng objects employed for debugging, the run time for ivy compiler is provided with additional tools for enhancing the process of debugging which,

• Allows the developers to seek for directives, components etc. from the Angular frontend development.
• Helps in the utilization of applyChanges which assists the developers to go through the process of detecting changes in the results quite smoothly.
• Update of state can be easily performed since you can call upon various methods to perform it manually.

Ivy has come up with significant improvements, especially the one involving stack trace wherein the developers can now make use of this fantastic feature to take a leap directly to the part which potentially has an error.

4) CSS Class and Style Binding Receive Makeover

The previous versions of Angular that were being employed for the process of Angular web app development were a bit more complicated when it came to the handling part mainly because of the particular styles that were incorporated in each version that led to immense destruction while having each version replaced.

However, with the introduction of Ivy, the handling method has now become less complicated and easier, and it also allows the smooth merging of the styles in a quite sophisticated manner.

5) Developers are now empowered with fresh components

TypeScript 3.7 support

Note that the latest Angular Version 9 is also known for supporting typeScript 3.6 as well as typeScript 3.7 and the version also makes sure that the platform is highly compatible with various other dependencies such as RxJS and Zone.JS.

Improvements in IDE

Why to use Angular JS? Many of you might have this question in mind, though the answer is quite simple, yes. With the release of the latest version, Angular has brought a whole new level of improvement in IDE that has been quite successful in maintaining stability and empowering an improved performance.

Along with this, the Angular web development services have been bestowed upon latest features and improvements that are truly beneficial for various web app development companies, and many of them are looking forward to hire angular JS developers for their projects. They will help you get the best angular js development services.

6) Build Errors are now easier to read

In contrast to the previous Angular version, the latest Angular version 2020 is way quicker when it comes to the reading of error messages, all the credits to its amazing Ivy compiler that is efficient and quick enough to catch up with the build errors and in providing stronger safety.

Final word

The latest version of Angular 2020 has resulted in a complete transformation along with the integration of various fresh technologies and features that have resulted in an overall improvement of the platform. One of the most crucial parts of your project would be to select the best platform for your web app development. As has been discussed above, it is quite evident that Angular JS is indeed the best platform and it truly justifies the reason why you need to hire developers from the Angular JS development company in order to excel in your project with affordable angular js development cost.


1. Which are the popular Angular JS frameworks for the year 2020?

The web application developers come up with various versions of Angular JS Frameworks in order to create dynamic web apps. The most popular frameworks include Ionic, Mobile Angular UI, LumX, Supersonic and many more.

2. What are some of the major changes observed in the Angular Version 9.0.0?

The latest version 9 of Angular is released with significant changes such as the integration of ivy compiler, an improved IDE, exceptional debugging capabilities and lot more.

3. What are the benefits of incorporating Ivy compiler in the latest version of Angular?

The Ivy compiler being incorporated in Angular version 9 imparts numerous benefits that include reduced bundle sizes, faster-testing speed, exceptionally well-debugging capabilities and lot more. Finding the best mobile app development agency in India influences your business success to a great extent.

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