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Significant Website Development Trends To Follow In 2022

  • By Usman Khanzada
  • 02-02-2022
  • Web Development

The world of web development is changing rapidly. Much of the change can be attributed to new trends and technologies. There is no doubt that a business’s refusal to keep up with new trends will result in its failure. The reason is simple. Customers prefer a business that adopts recent trends quickly. For example, consider a clothing business. If it keeps offering the same style repeatedly, would you buy it even if they offer high quality at a reasonable price? The answer is no because the product offers no benefit.

The same applies to a website. If you are not offering the latest trends, your visitor's user experience will be negatively impacted. Instead, they will prefer a website that integrates the latest technologies and trends. For instance, many people search using voice search nowadays. If your website is not optimized for voice search, it will not rank on the search engine's results page. Even if a user comes across it, they will quickly switch to another one.

However, it is not necessary to follow every trend or technology. Why? It might not offer any benefit, and it will only increase your expenses. Therefore, the best option is to hire a web development company experienced in eCommerce. They will analyse your website and assess which trends best fit your target market. Nevertheless, you can adopt several trends without going to a web development company.

Today's blog post will list the top trends you must follow in 2022. Let us start.

Web Development Trends 2022

These are the trends that you must follow:

1. Dark Mode
This has been around for a while. Unfortunately, most websites are still not optimised for dark mode. When you turn on the dark mode, the content becomes un-viewable. So, instead of creating convenience for the customer, it strains the eyes. We recommend hiring an experienced web development company that offers a customised dark mode solution for your website. While plugins and extensions are available for this purpose, they are not effective. There are several reasons why people prefer the dark mode. One is that it saves the battery. The second most common reason is that it creates lesser strain on the eyes than light mode.

2. Single Page Application (SPA)
Again, this has been around for a while. Nevertheless, website owners still refuse to adopt it. What is a SPA? It is a single page that loads instantly or in one go. There are several benefits of creating SPAs. The first reason is that it reduces the webpage's loading time considerably. We all know how important the loading time is to a website's ranking. So, if you opt for SPAs, your website ranking will improve too. The fast loading time will also decrease the bounce rate, another ranking factor in Google's search algorithm. If you are still not convinced, then we recommend sitting down with your web development company. A SPA is the equivalent of heaven for web developers. The reason is that if there is an issue, they do not need to go through several pages of code.

3. AI Chatbots
You cannot have resources to handle your customer care department throughout the day. The reason is that it increases your expenses considerably and without any good reason. In most cases, the customers ask frequently asked questions (FAQs). It means that there is no need for a specialist customer care representative. What is the solution? Artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots. These chatbots have become so advanced that it is challenging to differentiate if you are talking to a person or a chatbot. We recommend that you ask your web development company to develop a chatbot for your website. It will be a one-time investment and will greatly improve your customer service.

4. Voice Search
People are increasingly relying upon their voice assistants to do searches online. Why? It is convenient and allows users to do long searches in little time. Therefore, you need to optimize the entire website for voice search. Google and other search engines are also using voice search as a ranking factor. One of the ways to optimize a website for voice search is to focus on conversational keywords. Secondly, focus your content on FAQs. The reason is that most of the voice searches are FAQs.

5. Cybersecurity
You cannot ignore it regardless of the website's nature. The reason is simple. Cybercriminals are always one step ahead when it comes to security. Therefore, it is one thing that you must never compromise on, meaning that you must invest in top security solutions. It will help instill trust in your website, bringing more customers and revenue.

6. Serverless Architecture
Ask any web development company, and they will say that they love serverless architecture. It allows them to focus on the code without worrying about the hardware and associated architecture. They do not need to concern themselves with scalability or any other issue. The best thing is that any app developed on a serverless architecture can be deployed within a matter of hours. It provides multiple benefits to the business owner as well. For example, instead of paying for the complete resource, businesses need only pay for the resource they use. Thus, it saves them considerable money. The saved money can be invested elsewhere to improve business processes.

7. Multi-Experience
Nowadays, customers interact with a product or service from multiple platforms before purchasing. For instance, a customer has access to devices like a smartwatch, smartphone, PC, and other IoT devices. Therefore, web development companies must create and optimize content for numerous devices. The developers can create multi-experience applications using MXDP.

Wrap Up
It concludes our article on web development trends to follow in 2022. We acknowledge that there are trends that were not mentioned in our article. It is impossible to list every trend, and not every trend is worth following. We only listed trends to improve your search rankings, customer satisfaction, and sales. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the above article, let us know. Thank You.

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