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Latest Web Development Trends To Look Out For in 2021

  • By Ekta Patel
  • 10-08-2021
  • Web Development

The competition between web development companies is remarkable in this flirtatious age. Everything is developing by passing every day, then how web development is left behind in this race.

We can see how new technologies and new trends are developing and progressing every year and making the website more responsive, interactive, and effective. You can see the best web development company in USA, and only the USA has 23 million web developers.

Let us start studying what trends are going to be popular about web development in 2021.

1. Dark Mode User Experience
The most recent trends have been applied by most of the users, especially social media users. The dark mode of the web page allows the user to relish the web irrespective of any device. It is not just a trend that looks cool but also can protect the eyes from bright lights.

Furthermore, dark themes can be enjoyed with less brightness that increases the mobile device's battery consumption. Apart from such useful benefits, it gives a fashionable UX. Many popular websites successfully implement this feature, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Reddit, Instagram, and many more.

2. Prioritize cybersecurity
Cybersecurity is a must for any web development in 2021. As of now mostly features are automated, and we are directly or indirectly connected to various internet devices. Also, we are proceeding with online payments, buying online tickets, or paying taxes, due to which we had to share our personal and bank account details. As per a survey, 40% of transactions are held online. With this, it is obvious to have a risk of data leakage or theft.

The market of cybersecurity has a turnover of 300 billion dollars by 2024. In 2021 trends, cybersecurity can be done by protecting users from phishing attacks that can occur with reputed and well-secured websites. In recent years, Europe has successfully designed GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation for cyber security with top web development companies in USA. In this feature, the owner can’t sell or keep the customer's data without their permission.

3. Single page optimization
In this 4G world, nobody wants to compromise with speed, and then your website has multiple clicks or buttons for downloading or any other step. The main reason for the popularity of Single page applications is an outbreak of the Javascript framework.

While working with javascript, the user can request JSON to feel like they are working with any web application. There are many examples of SPAs that are very successful such as Google pages like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

In the future, the functions of most of the websites will truly be based on single-page optimization due to its capability to get the attention of users, instant feedback in comparison to other websites, and fast operations. These are based on AI technology that can effortlessly work without server-side code.

4. Optimization on Voice search
Voice search optimization is completely ruling the web market that can be seen by Siri, Alexa, and Google Home. We can not deny that the future of web development is the least text and more invoiced.

If we glance at the technical device market, then more than half of device or electronic items have the feature of voice search optimization that can work on the command of the device's owner. Not just do they follow commands, but also they can recognize and differentiate between the voice of the owner and others.

This feature is admired by most of the population, and this is why now people are less interested in typing and prefer voice search because of excellent results.

As per studies, more than 55% of the houses will forecast the voice assistant by the end of 2022. The voice search is established by the AI, which is advantageous for the end-users and owners. Besides these, it has phenomenal benefits like saves time.

Multitasking technology

Attract users due to its loyal nature and help them to follow their routine.
Although the list of top web developers in India is never-ending, you can seek their help for better understanding.

5. Internet of Things (IoT)
IoT or the Internet of Things is a network of various devices that are interconnected with each other. It doesn't demand any actions of a user for better results of performed operations. Undoubtedly, most of the web development trends will be developed with the help of IoT in 2021.

According to a web survey, it is revealed that the internet device will cross 30 billion users in 2025. This is why we can expect that next year will be the year of IoT for security and automated interactions between the networks. The other reason for the popularity of IoT is that most websites accept this feature to make human life much more lenient and accommodating.

6. Push Notifications
If we see trends of 2021, then notifications are not limited only to mobile devices but also to web applications. The push notification feature is beneficial to get high user retention rates, users' attention and provide a mobile experience for desktop users.

Many successful websites like Facebook, global news platforms, Google Mail, and other big established websites have already implemented this feature and have successfully increased the competition between other websites.

According to web developers, even small and new start-up businesses are likely to implement push notifications, and these instant notifications are probably replaced by emails for better communication with the customer.

However, the technology will become affordable and accessible to most users using push notifications, plugin notifications, and browser push notification utilities.

Web development is vastly developing every year and attracting more people towards them. At the same time, it is very difficult for anyone to have a synchronized walk with the developers. But when it comes to the user's experience and conversion or satisfaction, you should try your idea at least once; whoever thought that voice search optimization would become this popular and admired by the users.

In other words, user convenience is playing a very important role in any development. So the owner needs to prioritize the core web vital updates by Google, mobile development, and page experience for better rankings in search engine optimization.

Although all the mentioned trends of 2021 are important to the development of any web page, if you plan to create any website, then go with the above fantastic tips. For more, you can see the Ecommerce development services of many companies without having second thoughts. After all, web development is the ultimate way to make an online presence and reach a larger audience at once.

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