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Is PHP Still Good For Web Development In 2022?

  • By Abhishek Jain
  • 12-01-2022
  • Web Development

Changes take place in the web development sector quite fast. A tool or technology that is in vogue today may become obsolete within a few years. However, there exist a handful of web development technologies or tools that have withstood the competition from newcomers well, and these are still sought after by veteran web developers globally. One such contender is PHP. This Open Source scripting language is still in huge demand, and thousands of web developers choose it over other options. However, to get a stunning website built on PHP, you need the services of a professional PHP development company.

Reasons behind its lasting popularity
Despite the arrival of several web development technologies and tools, PHP’s popularity and user base have not diminished much over the years. Of course, this is not without reason.

Open Source- PHP web application development is so popular as the language is Open Source, and development cost remains on the lower side. This makes it ideal for a wide range of users, including SMBs. That does not mean the MNCs and corporate players do not use PHP for web development, though.

Quick Development- When web developers use PHP, making websites and applications is a quick process.

Huge online community- Over the years, the online community supporting PHP development has grown steadily. So, web developers using PHP do not have to face many hurdles for their projects. Whether it is for a simple website or a complex PHP application, they can find handy tips and guidance from the thriving online community and forums.

Developer availability- compared to several other web development tools and platforms, finding developers with skills in PHP is never hard. Owing to its long tenure in the web development sector, it is easy to find PHP development agencies anywhere. You can also opt for agencies offering PHP website development services through outsourcing. Besides, there are thousands of freelancing PHP developers out there.

Is PHP still relevant for web development needs?
PHP is a very popular platform for web development, but there is no denying it has been on the scene for rather too long. In the last decade, several web development tools have appeared on the horizon, and their user base has also grown. So, it makes sense to analyse the worthiness of PHP before picking it as the web development platform as 2022 draws near.

Diversity of frameworks and tools- There was a time when manual coding with PHP was the only option. It allowed for a great deal of customization, but the process was quite time-consuming. It also left the scope for inadvertent human errors. That is no longer the case. Nowadays, developers can pick from a wide range of PHP based frameworks. The ones like Laravel, Symfony and CakePHP are what most developers use. Then there are CMS tools based on PHP, such as Drupal and WordPress. So, developers get an abundant variety for PHP app development.

Gradual improvements- With each version, PHP has been enhanced with new features, and that has helped in retaining its user base. Whether it is about speed and stability, PHP’s new version offers a boost over its predecessors. Version 8 of PHP is likely to be a game-changer. The gradual enhancements introduced in each version of PHP have helped it to stay relevant and stave off competition from the rivals.

Improved security- While choosing a tool for website or application development, you cannot afford to overlook the safety aspect of the new version of PHP. A number of safety loopholes of the older versions have been addressed. So, businesses seeking secure web development can choose PHP without woes even in 2022. Of course, hiring a suitable PHP development agency will be useful for stepping up the security of a website made with the platform.

Faster development- For web development agencies and professionals coping with serious workloads, it makes sense to pick a tool or platform that promotes speedy development. Typically, web developers are able to wrap projects around 25% faster if they use PHP. Its syntax has also become more flexible, which aids speedy development.

Cost-effective option- In a world that is still trying to return to normalcy after a pandemic, every business is trying to cut down on running costs. From small-sized ventures to MNCs, all of them want cost-effective options for developing web applications and websites nowadays. The nice thing about PHP is finding PHP developers charging lower rates is easy. While the charges vary across regions, PHP developers still charge less than what developers using Ruby or Python tend to charge, on average.

Enhanced database compatibility- For many businesses, linking their websites with internal database systems is a necessity. So, the web development tool used has to be compatible with database systems used, naturally. In this regard, PHP is a safe choice. The new version of PHP has very good database support. It now supports databases like IBM DB2, Oracle OC18, Microsoft SQL Server.

Tried and tested platform- For a section of businesses, picking a tried and trusted web development tool is more prudent than going for a contender that is new in the scene. PHP has been in the web development realm for over two decades, and it has been used to make millions of websites.

Good scalability- When you launch a website, it may not garner huge daily traffic. However, as its ranking improves, so does the site traffic. So, ensure your website is equipped to handle a growing and fluctuating number of visitors. During festive sales and promotional offer periods, the website is likely to cope with more than a usual number of visitors. PHP is scalable, and websites made with it are able to cope with growing traffic easily compared to other platforms. Websites made with PHP can be equipped with more servers to tackle growing traffic.

Platform independent and so flexible- PHP is known for its superb platform and OS compatibility. It runs on OSes like Linux, Mac OS and different editions of MS Windows. That adds to the flexibility of development. For example, developers working in a collaborative project can comfortably use different hardware setups and share resources.

Summing it up
In finer analysis, PHP still is a suitable tool for web development needs, its age and availability of other contenders notwithstanding. Over the years, its loopholes have largely been resolved, and the platform has been made more robust and flexible. The sheer variety of PHP based tools and frameworks is a strong reason for sticking with it. From start-ups to technology behemoths and MNCs, all types of companies still rely on PHP for web development needs. The only thing that matters is picking a reliable company offering PHP development services.


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