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Outstanding Features of WordPress Poll Plugin

  • By Naman Modi
  • 10-02-2021
  • Web Design

WordPress is the best content management system used by more than half of the world's websites. The CMS has many benefits when running a website on it. One of these benefits is that it offers numerous plugins to help web owners enhance functionality on their websites. Whether you are running a business or a personal website, WordPress has all the tools needed to make things run smoothly.
Also known as plugins, these tools come in many types. They help to enhance marketing, security, engagement, privacy, traffic, and conversion rates. Today we will look at a particular plugin called a WordPress poll plugin that many websites use to get vital information from their visitors and users. Read on to learn more about a WordPress poll plugin.

When you want to create a poll on your website, you need a form builder. Although there are many WordPress form builders, the best one is called WPForms WordPress form builder. These awesome plugins can create all manner of web forms, including contact forms, quiz forms, survey forms, and many other forms. With this poll plugin, you can find out whether your target users fancy your products or not. You will know this from the feedback they give from the poll results. With a WPForms poll plugin, you can easily meet your marketing goals because the information you'll get from the polls will help you to improve your products or services to meet your customer's needs.

Features of WPForms Poll Plugin
When it comes to analysis, WPForms polls offer proper analysis reports presented in an easy to grasp manner compared to other form plugins. More emphasis is put on creating the best-in-class reporting. By doing this, users can visualize the results and make data-based decisions that will make their business thrive.

With WPForms, you can create attractive complex polls with a drag and drop editor. And the best thing about this poll plugin is that you don't need to pay hefty monthly subscription fees. No third party branding is forced on users to display on their websites.

Smart Survey Fields
With other form builders that allow users to create poll forms, you will duplicate fields that confuse users. WPForms does not create duplicate fields. Instead, you will get fully integrated poll features that are fully integrated into an existing firm. By doing so, they have eliminated the need for a "Survey Radio Button" field to form. The user just needs to click once, and an existing form will turn into a survey form.

Once you activate the Survey or poll option, you will see that all your form fields will turn into smart survey fields. These fields include radio buttons, text fields, checkboxes, dropdown, and rating fields. WPForms poll forms also have a new feature called the Likert Scale field, which is essential when creating a survey form.

Best-in-class Survey Reports
With WPForms, you get the great database structure changes that offer the best-in-class survey reports. So, how does this help in poll form creation? Benefits include creating beautiful and customizable visual reports created with its real-time insight feature. You can tweak a few settings to make visuals suit your needs.

This WordPress poll plugin allows users to retroactively allow survey reports on older forms. To get the best of this feature, all you need to do is enable Survey Reporting from the settings tab.

Final Thoughts
WPForms is the best WordPress Poll Plugin since it has several best unique features to help you get the best from your poll plugin. WPForms form builder's best aspect is that it allows you to customize how your poll or Survey form looks. If you intend to create poll forms on your WordPress website, WPForms offers the best effective and attractive poll forms. To get these opportunities and to grab the attention of global customers, you need to hire web or mobile app developers.

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