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Editor X by Wix- A New Journey To Design The Website

  • By Sarah Emi
  • 11-05-2021
  • Web Design

Recognized and well-known website building platform, Wix, launched their new web solution in February 2020. Editor X as the website creator is called, offers advanced designing tools and layouts. It is specifically made for the usage of web agencies and professional designers.

Creatives, web designers and SEO professionals around the world have had high expectations from this move. Editor X is a revolutionizing element for the already expanding company with more than 160 million users.

Other website creating platforms like Squarespace along with Wix itself have previously launched similar solutions. They were admittedly simple to use and attractive but were never as well-rounded as Editor X. Therefore, Editor X is a one-of-a-kind tool for professionals to benefit from.

We have some inside scoop on this designing solution to help individuals and agencies determine its advantages. With this platform, web designing can enter a completely new era of advancement.

How does Editor X work?
Editor X possesses sophisticated designing capabilities and easy to use CSS technology. These features are combined with Wix’s already rich collection of business-related solutions. It allows android app agency to plug in with the websites they create with the help of Wix. Furthermore, there are extra coding capabilities available to enable building complex and powerful sites.

Co-founder and CEO of Wix AvishaiAbrahami states that the company keeps the evolving requirements for designing in mind. He further says that their innovations are exclusively targeted towards the diverse demands and requirements of current web designing.

Wix has established its reputation as a leading platform in DIY. It is also directed at enabling web agencies to do their business with ease. Our company Logo Design effectively uses the platform to cater to our clients’ complex designing needs.

Editor X is not merely a website builder
Over the years, Wix has been a source to build appealing and functional website. A solution that was also efficient along with being cost-effective. However, there has been some criticism on how it has not provided ample solutions for businesses. This is not the case anymore as Editor X is ready to put down all these false notions. Wix has been on the fast track to become the most effective and powerful business tools in the market.

Every business has its own unique challenges. This is the main focus behind Wix’s creation of Editor X. For instance, a business which sells services will need to have different offers than traditional e-commerce enterprises. Therefore, they might need to plug in various tools to their site. Wix now has the ability to do that keeping business goals foremost in its features. Countless worldwide agencies along with web design companies in Dubai can benefit from this solution.

The director of Wix, Matt Rosenberg, describes Editor X providing huge upgrades and updates to content styling sheet or CSS. This is a vital tool for web developers and creatives enabling them to edit, amend, and tweak the website code. They can mold the functionalities of the site to suit the requirements of the business related to it.

Editor X is more than just a solution for creatives
The platform is largely directed at encouraging developers to discover their full potential. Creatives have mostly been able to achieve their desired results from Wix previously as well. But the scope was somewhat limited when it came to developers.

Editor X specifically compensates for this weakness and provides valuable assistance for millions of professionals. Users, web builders and designers will not be restricted anymore in reaching their creative goals.

Editor X is a never before way of website building. It contains and comprises everything that is required for a thriving online business. As it is likely to fulfill all website creating needs, we perceive users to stay on it permanently.

It is truly dedicated towards going global
Wix is already available in twenty language and is accessible in 190 regions. However, they continue to improve their offering and availability even further. For instance, if your website requires payment providers they will be specified to your region. This way the transactions would be secure, easy, and efficient for customers. Every country has payment solutions differing from each other therefore this feature makes website building extremely convenient.

Editor X and SEO
A problem commonly experienced with users of previous Wix versions was in the area of SEO. The websites created through Wix did not perform exceptionally well in regard to search engine marketing.

However, Editor X is expected to be clear of these flaws. Developed with SEO and Google in mind, this platform allows websites to be better than ever. There is a common problem voiced by web developers. The addition of plug-ins and other elements cause websites to become cumbersome and clunky to operate. In turn, they fail to perform well after launching. Google is more in favor of sites which are built in an efficient and clean manner.

Editor X provides all these developments and more in for designers. It more than just allows the websites to be truly comprehended by Google. Developers can now delve deeper when creating a website and perform fine tuning on its elements. This is a huge advantage when it comes to website speed and other SEO related aspects.

Another new and perhaps one of the most exciting features of Editor X is that users can start from scratch. The extensive collection of templates will obviously be available, but it also allows you to build as you wish. This provides professional designers with a sense of limitlessness to try out their creative ideas.

Summarizing the pros and cons of Editor X
The benefits of Editor X are several but as with any other platform there are a few cons as well. The templates available on it are much fewer than expected. For now, it is also only available in English but that is likely to change soon. And lastly the platform is only built with professional users in mind. Therefore, it will not prove to be of much help to newcomers in the field.

That said, we have more than enough pros to balance out the scales. Editor X allows extreme customization for the websites you create. The features are greatly responsive with previews viewable on any device. The available designs are appealing and immediately eye-catching so more likely you would not notice their fewer number.

Who should be using Editor X
Editor X is by no means a platform which can be navigated by beginners. Therefore, we recommend that users with existing web developing and programming skills to access it. It is also ideal for designers who wish for a lot of flexibility while creating.

Final Thoughts
Editor X by Wix is a low-cost and effective option for website building. Although it could be better with more templates, the Wix creators are planning to add more. The pricing options are flexible and affordable for all users. Depending on the requirements of your hosting and domain you can adjust accordingly. Editor X might be the best solution for future of web designing. If Wix continues to work on the few weaknesses it has currently we are likely to see it happening soon.


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