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7 Signs You Might Need A New Web Designer

  • By Sawoni Chowdhury
  • 25-06-2020
  • Web Design

Websites need to be updated on a regular basis else they might lose relevance with time. Even if your website continues to look good, and even if you can’t find any fault with its performance and functionality, it still needs an update to keep your business relevant. A good website is often the one that has low bounce rate, fast page load speeds, high conversion rates, smooth navigation and mobile friendly features. And if yours has not been recently updated, there might be flaws with it for sure. It’s also a signal that you might need a web designer to fix things up.

Here are some signs you might need a new web designer:

1. Your site looks at least a decade old

If your website looks and feels like a decade old, it means you have not got it updated according to the latest web trends and standards. You’re still using those graphics, texts, font styles and color schemes that were relevant in 2010s but not now. If such is the case, the time is right to find a web designer to keep pace with the changing times.

2. Your site is not updated in more than 3 years

Three years is a big time in the web industry and if you site has not been updated that long, it means you’re deliberately behind the latest scene. A site needs constant tweaking to design, URLs, security aspects, SSL to stay true to the modern times. A web designer can help a lot in such cases.

3. Your site has a high bounce rate

A low bounce rate means visitors are coming to your website but not clicking through to another page. This could be due to many reasons including faulty navigation, slow page speed, poor design and so on. A web designer can always prove handy in fixing site’s problems that are causing low bounce rate.

4. Your site’s page load speed is extremely slow

Older sites often have extremely slow page loading speed and hence visitors often click away to other sites. Whether your images take excruciatingly high time to load or your videos don’t show up at all, all this can have a huge impact on the site’s search ranking. But yes, a website designer can easily fix this issue and add speed to the site.

5. Your site has confusing navigation

When your site has confusing navigation, visitors often fail to understand where to click, how to quickly move from one page to another and how to get information in a seamless manner. This happens due to having lots of menu options and a cluttered architecture. A web designer can help improve your site’s navigation to deliver better user experience.

6. Your site has poor conversion rates

You site needs an immediate upgrade if you’re not getting enough conversions and leads. The fault in the site design or its architecture or its use of obsolete SEO standards could be the reason behind poor conversion rates. If your site faces all these problems, it suggests the time is right to get a web designer on board.

7. Your site lacks mobile-friendly features

If your site is not mobile responsive, it’s then setting itself up for failure at a time when search from smartphones have gone way past desktops. You must make the site compatible with mobile devices by having responsive features so that your prospects can find it on any device. A website design can help make your site friendly to mobile devices.

Clearly, a top web development company can help you get the right kind of website to stay relevant in the market forever.

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