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7 Reasons To Use WordPress CMS For Business Website Development?

  • By Emily White
  • 11-06-2021
  • Web Design

Websites are crucial for businesses today to stay in the competition and be a part of the modern world. However, developing a website isn’t a cakewalk. You first need to choose the best technology partner for your WordPress web development project. WordPress has been the most popular content management system for the past few years. There are many good reasons why everyone is going behind WordPress for website development.

It is used for developing numerous websites, be it a blogging site, a business site, or an eCommerce website. Today, WordPress website development is a premier choice for many businesses. It holds a significant market share of above 60% of the CMS market. Let’s see seven reasons why you should use WordPress for business website development.

1. Free and open-source

Probably the most significant advantage of WordPress is that it is free and open-source. You can easily download WordPress CMS and use it for any purpose. Being an open-source CMS, the source code of WordPress is open to all. You can hire WordPress developer and create a well-customized website for your business by taking advantage of its open-source feature. The fact that WordPress doesn’t charge any penny for its use is a big incentive to use it.

2. Ease of use

Another good reason why people love to use WordPress is its simplicity. It is the most user-friendly and simple content management system that makes creating, managing, and maintaining a website a breeze. It is a beginner-friendly platform, so newbies can learn it quickly.

3. Customization

You can get a website look the way you want it to by using a customized theme. Choose from the many themes WordPress provides or buy a premium website theme provided by third parties. WordPress web development services can be your choice to develop a custom theme based on your unique requirements. By using plugins, you can also extend the functionalities of your website.

4. Safe and secure

With the popularity of WordPress comes the threat of cyber hacking. However, it comes with robust security features that protect websites from various cyber threats. And, the WordPress team also constantly updates the CMS to provide the most excellent security. Also, themes and plugins are updated regularly to avoid potential security loopholes.

5. Search engine friendly

WordPress is search engine-friendly out of the box, and search engines like Bing and Google prefer WordPress websites, pushing them to a higher rank. The reason for this is that WordPress makes it easy for a search engine’s spider to crawl.

6. Adaptability

When it comes to adaptability, WordPress is not behind any other content management system. In fact, it offers adequate flexibility to accommodate different needs through plugins and extensions. You can use this CMS for personal blogging, business websites, eCommerce stores, and more by adapting to your needs.

7. Mobile-friendly

Today, responsive websites have become important. In fact, Google penalizes websites that aren’t optimized for mobiles by lowering their ranking. Your online business can flourish if you have a mobile-friendly website because you get a broader reach to the market. You don’t need to modify your site to make it accessible via mobiles and tablets. It offers various responsive themes that you can use on your site to make it mobile-friendly.

If you are willing to develop a website with WordPress then you need to take the right approach. You can read more on it in the comprehensive guide on WordPress website development and start in the best way.

Final note

WordPress is on the top of the list of most popular content management systems. It offers numerous benefits and features that enable you to build excellent websites. Many top businesses around the world are using this CMS. Whether you want to develop a simple business website or a complex eCommerce website, WordPress has got you covered. The simplicity of this CMS is one of the most attractive benefits that make it a beloved platform for several businesses. You can find a reliable WordPress development company easily to create a robust and well-customized website for your organization.


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