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5 Innovative Web Design Trends That Will Dominate Your Screen In Near Future

  • By Hardik Shah
  • 01-07-2021
  • Web Design

This is the era of digitization when every business wants an online space. It means the platform through which they can showcase their product or service is their website. More catchy and engaging the site’s design is, the greater the possibility of conversion becomes. This is where the significance of web design is highly felt.

Statistics claim that it’s the website's design that remains responsible for generating a first impression about the business. Realizing the significance of web design, modern-day businesses have constantly designed their website in the most explicit fashion. This is why the trend of web design is constantly evolving. In this context, the following are some of the most creative trends that are quite sure to rule the web design arena.

1. White Space
Contemporary web design is not about exaggeration; rather, the designers emphasize having needful white space. They want to provide the same feel that some immensely popular print magazines would provide. The best part about the white spaces is that it helps the visitors move from one section of the site to the other quite easily.

Above all, the level of distraction can be reduced to a great extent. Starting from a whole range of ads to notification pop-ups, it can greatly lower the effect of various kinds of distractions. At the same time, it can minimize the whole range of unwanted interactions that the visitors often have to go through.

It brings clarity for the user or visitor about the hierarchy of the site. In this context, emphasis is being given towards making the graphical aspects of the site simplistic enough. About colors, though, it’s not just about going into the black-and-white mode, but about keeping the combination right.

2. Dark Mode
The popularity of dark designs has grown significantly in recent times. These designs are thoroughly dynamic, making the catchy elements of design pop captivatingly. The factor that makes this design mode interesting is its contrast ratio, which, being high, lowers the strain on the eyes as well.

Above all, it provides flexibility for the users to switch to normal mode whenever they wish for. Interestingly, top browsers like Chrome have a native dark mode, enabling users to switch to dark mode whenever they wish, provided that the site has a dark mode option in it.

3. Flexible Cursors
Contemporary websites do come up with playful cursors taking the experience of page view to a new high. Interestingly, one can easily execute these cursors on a site and change the shape of the same. These customizations can significantly boost the user experience over the concerned site. Specifically, the sites with extensive animation works can find this feature suitable.

Navigation experience can be greatly uplifted through the help of these features. It makes the animation effects much more playful, encouraging the visitors to spend more hours. However, the designers should be careful about not turning things too complex. Rather, they should add explicit elements to the cursor using this feature, making the site highly engaging in nature.

4. 3D Effects
The level of adaptation of 3D technology has grown significantly, making the design highly intuitive. Specifically, it has made the graphic design elements look much more attractive than ever. It allows the designers to be more creative than ever. Interestingly, the technology is quite budget-friendly as well to implement. 3D web designs can be divided into two types- Static 3D models and interactive effects.

Using static 3D, the design can be enriched with incredible shapes, patterns, and catchy colors. The best part is that other design elements can be maintained simplistically, thus providing a cleaner appeal to the site. Coming to interactive effects, the sites meant for gaming, ecommerce, entertainment, streaming, etc., can be greatly enhanced using it.

5. Dynamic Scrolling
One can easily find many website designs enriched with dynamic scrolling features. This has turned out to be the biggest trend in the web design arena in 2021. One edition of dynamic scrolling can set numerous scrolling speeds for both the site’s frontend and background. It thus provides users with the experience of an amazing 3D effect.

Interestingly, one can incorporate the background video with dynamic scrolling as well. It means here the video plays as the users scroll through- using dynamic scrolling, one can uplift the animation standard and make the images appear at their catchiest best.

Apart from these, the trends of bolder fonts are also trending among web designers and software developers in 2021. Interestingly, vintage fonts are also trending in modern times, especially among websites meant for branding and promotions. In addition, pastel colors, responsive designs, and customized animated illustrations are also trending high in the web design arena.

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