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A Comprehensive Guide For A Web Designer To Make A Responsive Mobile App

  • By Vibhuti Technologies
  • 31-12-2019
  • Web Apps

There is a reason why design comes first in the development of a mobile app. An attractive design has a lot to say about the skills of the developer and also how creative he or she is. Perhaps, due to Complex coding activities, creating a mobile app seems like and an uphill task but with the design, it seems like a pleasant experience. However, planning and examining every step of designing is crucial for the web designer.

If we talked about the popularity of the applications, then and there were almost 268.7 billion downloads of mobile applications around the globe. These apps facilitate businesses to reach more customers and also with better marketing strategies. And, there is an obvious reason to invest in mobile applications as users spend most of their time looking at their mobile phones instead of using desktop apps for watching TV. So, if there is more need for the apps that will surely make the space for more and more developers of such masterpieces.

There are mainly two phases of designing an app, namely- Mobile App Design Strategy and the app design process.

Mobile App Design Strategy- Definitely any process starts with the strategy that defines its future or you can say a certain path to attend the predetermined goals. This strategy focuses on the uniqueness that you wish to put in your app to stand out in your business domain. In this planning process, there are various stages to reach the end requirement. The first one is to understand the business build up an app strategy as well as product management strategy. As a business owner, your responsibility is to know your business accomplishments before even you hire a developer.

App Design Process- this process should be commenced with the understanding of the market you are going to target. Also, the budget wireframes and a list of features that the app must possess should be ascertained beforehand. With the mobile app design strategy, this process will become a lot easier than ever. Unlike the design strategy process is more flexible and can be outsourced or done in house as well. Setting the scope, UI design, animation, prototype, wireframe, market research, and development are some of the steps involved in the web designing process.

Some Of The Steps To Avoid Skimping For A Perfect App Design

Web designer ought to follow the OS guidelines

Make sure you are aware of the steps and guidelines that you need to comply with, before initiating the designing. Most of the operating systems require simple and goal-driven design. Also, it should come with a great readability feature and ought to be in the flow as per the platform recommendations. ‘Respect the platform’ guideline is a very mandatory step to follow when it comes to design an app. Users have a certain mindset about the apps of particular OS design and delete in the case when they do not find the app intuitive. And, the buttons, fonts, as well as the placement of UI objects, should be according to the platform.

Consistent design is all you need

Undoubtedly, making a consistent design for the mobile app is all you need. It leaves no confusion and gives a consistent appearance to the app for the user. Here the consistency is of three types, mainly- Visual consistency, functional consistency, and external consistency. The first one includes the buttons, labels, and typefaces whereas the second one requires interactive elements to be consistent. And, through external consistency provides the stability of the design in multiple products. All in all, the consistency matters a lot for the user experience in an app.

Make use of reliable wireframe tools

To give the right flow and structure to the App, the developer you hire needs to work with wireframe tools. Wireframes are meant to make the developer understand the users and their manner in which they use the mobile app. For the hi-tech creation, usage of Adobe XD is highly recommended and you can use some free kits to get started. There are various tools available that can lead to great flow and control.

Before you start over development

Delivering icons, backgrounds, fonts, and even logos is one of the responsibilities of the web designer. All the elements and visual assets are required even if you are going to do the development after all the web designing. All these things are put together to work as a part of the development of the mobile app. However, it is very crucial to make a connection between the design and the development procedure to make the whole gig successful.

The core idea is to develop an accessible interface and user-friendly design for the mobile app. And, hopefully, above-given tips are helpful for the same.

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