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Top 5 B2C Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

  • By Vivek Sharma
  • 08-08-2022
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Keeping ahead of the trends in digital marketing prevalent in 2022 isn't a cakewalk. The digital landscape is turning from SEO to video to interactive content because of the advancement in new technologies, tactics, and algorithms that pop up. As Google's cookies end and we experience our "new pandemic normal," now is the perfect time to rethink your digital marketing strategy.

Consumers are today researching, shopping, sharing, and planning a life in digital spaces even more. Because this digital world is continuously evolving and taking a new shape, businesses have started to learn the way online consumers trust brands and their authentic experiences.

Top Digital Marketing Trends To Set Eyes Upon!

1. Live Streaming
The impact of using live streaming in marketing strategies is surprising. This can be easily understood by the statistics where the information is presented via a video; 90% of customers prefer a favorable opinion of the company.

Over 8 million people view Facebook every day. Its views increased by 50% during the COVID-19 lockdown, while Instagram's live streaming views increased by 70%. Live streaming can be used to conduct one-on-one interactions with customers, improve customer service, introduce new products and services, and host customer Q&A sessions.

2. Gaming
B2C marketing through in-game purchases is effective for gaming companies. On the other hand, businesses that gamify their apps see higher returns on their marketing investments and have a surprisingly high conversion rate.

In-game advertising is currently present in the majority of mobile games. These in-game advertisements, embedded within the game, help fund the free play tier. They can appear on the screen as banner ads while the user is playing, as interstitial movies between stages or games, paid video ads that give viewers access to exclusive bonuses or features, or even playable ads that the user can interact with.

3. Influencer Marketing
Businesses and brands constantly search for new ways to engage with potential customers, increase their audiences, and generate new leads. According to research, the influencer marketing industry will be worth $10.24 billion in 2022. Approximately $84.9 billion will be generated by 2028.

Influencer marketing is growing in popularity and spending, and here are a few of the top trends for 2022:

It is essential to follow influencers across platforms.
The availability of video and audio content will grow.
A real-time shopping experience
Inclusion and diversity should be increased
A new platform for social media will be launched.
The keyword will be authenticity.
Micro and nano influencers are becoming increasingly popular.
Brands seeking ongoing collaborations,

4. Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence is now at the heart of business on a global scale. Some people use it for processes, while others use it for marketing. Companies also use AI to improve communication, analyze data, forecast consumer behavior and perform other tasks humans would otherwise perform.

The field of digital marketing is undergoing rapid change due to artificial intelligence. AI significantly impacts how businesses conduct marketing campaigns and interact with their customers. Artificial intelligence is said to be altering the landscape of digital marketing.

5. Voice Search
Digital assistants with voice activation, such as Siri and Alexa, are becoming increasingly popular. One of the most significant changes in digital content has been the rise of voice search at home and on our phones.

The digital content you create should be informative and answer essential questions about your company, services, and location to improve your visibility on voice searches. Including FAQs on your website is a quick and easy way to boost your voice search visibility.

Down The Line
The top five B2B and B2C marketing trends are expected to shape the coming year. Only marketing players who embrace these changes will benefit.

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