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The Best Blockchain Trends to Look Out For 2023

  • By Mohammed Abbas
  • 16-11-2022
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Blockchain is one of the most remarkable technology developments. It is a distributed, encrypted database architecture that looks promising in addressing a number of security and trust issues with the internet. It is well known for being the technology that powers a number of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.  

Top Blockchain Trends 
Blockchain becoming eco-friendly: This year, there has been a significant shift in Blockchain Industry. Blockchains are concentrating on less power-intensive network architectures. By Consuming less energy, they would become eco-friendly. Blockchain networks may, for instance, shift away from Proof-of-Work models and toward Proof-of-Stake models to reach a consensus. In 2022, Ethereum, one of the main blockchain networks, switched to a Proof-of-Stake consensus architecture.

NFTs becoming more prevalent: NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, began to gain popularity in 2021. These tokens will still be helpful years from now. They have developed a way for artists to sell their digital artworks in return for enormous sums of money at auctions. Among other places, the gaming and fashion industries have embraced this new craze.

Metaverse: The idea of the "Metaverse" has become a reality, with numerous well-known platforms attracting a sizable user base. In essence, the Metaverse is a shared, virtual world that provides engaging experiences. The Metaverse can be interacted with by users through their digital avatars. The interaction between the avatars could assist build environments, items, and experiences in the real world.

CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies): In 2022, the idea of national cryptocurrencies would be a clear indication of another viable field for blockchain growth. National cryptocurrencies are essentially related to the idea of CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), which proposes that central banks will design their coins rather than opting for decentralized currency.

Blockchain as a Service: BaaS, or blockchain-as-a-service is a user-friendly cloud service for developing and administering decentralized apps and smart contracts. Currently, startups and established companies of all sizes both use BaaS.

Blockchain-as-a-Service is now offered by numerous well-known organizations, including Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Alibaba, and SalesForce. It makes it possible for businesses to use technology, leverage software, and get the most out of it without making significant up-front financial and time investments required to build their infrastructure and acquire new skills.

Enterprise blockchain becoming popular: Enterprises are becoming more interested in private blockchain because it permits only authorized users to access the network. Access to certain documents and information is role-based and programmable due to the authority private blockchain-based systems offer.

Enterprise blockchain offers businesses improved security, transparency, process automation, and productivity. Blockchain Network Protocols like Slice Ledger are revolutionizing enterprise sector because of the benefits this sector offers. According to a report, blockchain projects may stop making headlines starting in 2023 as the adoption of blockchain-based systems becomes the new standard across numerous industries, particularly in government, legal, supply chain, healthcare, insurance, and media.

To sum up
Since there are so many platforms and use cases for blockchain technology, we could keep listing blockchain trends forever. The use of blockchain for streaming content, NFTs, the distribution of vaccines, central bank digital currencies, digital identity, and even environmental protection is no longer just a theory; it is now a reality.

The features of blockchain clearly show how they can be used as cutting-edge technological interventions. At the same time, the blockchain trends for 2022 highlight how this technology is evolving with each passing year.

The transition to environmentally friendly blockchain networks is one of the major topics having an impact on blockchain in 2022. Additionally, one of 2022's key features will be the development of NFT application cases.

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