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Prominent CRM Software Trends to Look for in 2021

  • By Kailas Panhalkar
  • 16-02-2021
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A customer relationship management system (CRM) is a comprehensive technology that gathers, stores, and processes data. It enables businesses to analyze customer data and make data-driven decisions to grow their business. CRM tracks every interaction of the customer during his lifecycle for detailed analysis.

There is a tremendous transformation in CRM technology, and the trend is evolving. In this blog, we will look for the popular CRM software trends in 2021.

Artificial intelligence (AI):
A customer relationship management system stores a large amount of data and analyzes it to provide a better customer experience. Integration of AI with CRM will open new possibilities for your business. It will help your marketing team to understand the most appropriate target audience and expand the customer base. CRM with AI is a perfect tool for the sales team to close more deals by recommending the relevant products. It helps the aftersales team to track customer interactions and provide a personalized customer experience. Chatbots with AI help your business to answer customer queries and grievances all 365 days a year.

Artificial intelligence helps to have a real-time, detailed analysis of customer behavior and trends. AI helps to automate most of the mundane tasks to improve the productivity of your team. It helps your team to minimize errors and provide a quick resolution.

CRM with a voice assistant:
The best CRM software will come with a voice user interface because it is easy to use. CRM with a voice assistant will help to save your valuable time and enriches the quality of life. This technology assists your sales team to track customer data faster. Many business owners will adapt to voice-assisted systems in the future.

Internet of things (IoT):
Many business leaders use the internet of things data to enrich the customer experience. Integration of IoT with CRM will help your team with better insights into the customer likes and behaviors to customize the entire customer experience and make them feel valued.

IoT is capable of highlighting performance and maintenance issues. CRM software for small businesses with IoT will help to spot the potential issues of product performance and customer satisfaction.

Mobile Deployment:
The use of mobile CRM will be on the rise because of the flexibility it gives your team to perform tasks on the go. Deployment of CRM on portable electronic devices access the complete business reports from anywhere. Mobile deployment of CRM software for small businesses helps them access the system offline and automatically synchronize the data when online.

Automation is the new normal and is an emerging trend with CRM. Chatbots are automated interaction system which can interact with the customer without any manual interference. The algorithms of chatbots; are designed to answer customer queries, solve customer grievance, summarize the interaction and record it for future reference. Automation enables a self-service option for customers to resolve their questions quickly. The automated CRM trend is rising because of the possibilities is it opens for a business like daily error-free reports.

Social CRM:
In today's world, everyone is on social media platforms; and it is a powerful tool for business owners. Integration of the best CRM for small businesses with social media platforms can open endless options for your business by tracking your customer's likes, dislikes, and behavior. Social CRM is a powerful tool that can help business owners understand their brand image and ways they can improve. It is a perfect tool to recommend your product to the most appropriate target audience to make more revenue.

Top CRM software in India has helped many business owners, which is why the market is growing exponentially. Automation, social CRM, IoT, AI, and mobile deployment trends of CRM will rise in 2021.

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