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Healthcare App Development Trends In 2021

  • By Tom Hardy
  • 21-05-2021
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Every industry is evolving and growing by adopting technological changes. The Healthcare industry is no more exception to it, as it has shown tremendous change and improvement by using technology. We are all going through a very bad phase these days due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Amid this pandemic, the healthcare industry is facing gigantic challenges.

Everyone is focusing extra on their health and fitness and at the same time avoiding visits to doctors. Therefore, the healthcare industry center of attention should be providing contactless and productive solutions.

In this blog, we are going to mention 6 Healthcare development trends that are going to make this industry more powerful in the year 2021. Hence check them out and use them in the healthcare app development process.

6 Innovative Healthcare App Development Trends

● Telemedicine Apps
Telemedicine apps growth rate is estimated as 120% in the coming years. Especially during the current corona crisis where everyone is maintaining social distancing, these telemedicine apps are just the perfect way to get professional doctors’ consultations. The app facilitates the virtual seeing of the patients hence eradicating personal visitings.

Technology embedded in the app allows the exchange of information between doctors and patients and removes the barriers like time, location, etc. that allows consultation from doctors around a clock.

● AR/VR Escalation
Both the technologies Augmented reality and Virtual reality provide real-life experiences to the users. According to Statista Research, the AR/VR global healthcare market is estimated to grow 4.64 million USD by the year 2028. This technology is making a change in the healthcare industry as training and education of the medical interns can be done virtually without executing them on the human body.

Additionally, it is helping in the pain management for patients and helping the female in overlooking labor pain using virtual reality headsets.

● AI in the Healthcare Industry
Your Healthcare mobile app development is incomplete without integrating AI technology. It is transforming the healthcare industry by providing solutions and answers to the queries asked by the patients. Using AI, data can be collected within a minute and gives required information.

AI technology ensures the use of machines for performing numerous tasks hence making task handling more efficient by reducing errors. Activities which require human involvement like X-rays, timely checkup, CT-Scans, Ultrasound, and other tests can be easily done using AI.

● Blockchain for Security
Security of information and data is the most significant factor that must be considered. The Healthcare industry somewhere lacks in security and electronic data management. Blockchain technology is an emerging solution to this problem as it provides the solution by sharing and storing medical information.

Apart from this, it allows easy access and transferring of the required information through the automated environment and at the same time remove the chance of frauds, lost record, data tampering, and errors.

● Wearable Technology
Stress, anxiety, sleeping pattern, sedentary lifestyle, blood pressure, and so forth factors are the paramount reasons behind bad health. What if you can easily monitor them whenever and wherever you want? Yes, it is actually possible with the help of wearable technology.

Wearable technology has sensors that can monitor your physical activities, anxiety, blood pressure, etc., like factors. Hence this technology is going to be used enormously in healthcare apps.

● Cloud Computing- Focused Solutions
There is an immense amount of record-keeping and data collection involved in the healthcare sector. It is one of the challenging tasks to properly maintain and track patients' records. Cloud-based solutions like Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Integrating Electronic Medical Record (EMR) have made this daunting task much easier and convenient.

The doctors and patients can easily check their insurance plans, past records, medical bills, and so forth information in no time. Cloud-computing apps have become a silver lining in the healthcare industry and helping hand to drug-anti theft measures, telehealth, medical adherence, and so on.

Concluding Thoughts!!
To make your healthcare app successful in the market you need the incorporation of the latest technology which will make your task way easier and efficient. Hence, decide the technology according to the needs you are targeting and start with the development process by hiring an adept team of developers from app development companies.

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