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8 Graphic Design Trends That Will Define 2022

  • By Abhishek Agarwal
  • 14-09-2022
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How boring would it be for your clients if your web-to-print store only had a limited catalog of designs to showcase? Why not update them with some inclusive, relevant, and catchy graphics? Start this year by checking out these eight graphic trends.

It's 2022, and the world is waking up from the dregs of life left in the wake of the covid pandemic. Global climate & political changes are also behind changing the way people think. These events have also brought a difference in the E-commerce world.

In 2019, the total revenue generated by the graphic design industry was $15 billion, and till now, it has been growing exponentially. Other statistics show that 70% of consumers develop a brand impression by looking at the packaging design. Elements like logo, packaging, ads and branding design can strongly influence consumers’ buying decisions.

This is the reason why more businesses have taken the trend of marketing their products online with the help of graphic designs. At the same time, many E-commerce store owners are offering design customizations with the support of integrated graphic software.

Graphic Design Trends 2022
2022 started with educational, bold, and fact-oriented graphics taking center stage. Here are some of the new trends to look out for:

Trend #1: Inclusiveness
Diversity is the new go-to trend in graphic designing. Brands use inclusive icons and images to showcase the diversity of human life, gender, race, and emotions. Events of racial discrimination in 2019-20 have influenced companies to use representative marketing tactics. They are now approaching people from different walks of life through their marketing campaigns.

You can, too, incorporate this inclusive approach in your designs to give accurate information, eliminate bias and represent the underrepresented. Making a difference, even a little one in society, through your designs will bring about a fair outcome.

Trend #2: Motion Graphics
Animation and motion graphics have become a powerful weapon in 2022 to fuel business promotions and how they represent their products. Inspirational videos and fun motion graphics reveal the mood and character of a product.

Linear art effects, using a few primary colors for visual storytelling, morphing, animated logos, and kinetic typography is a fast-evolving trend in motion graphics this year.

Trend #3: Playful Typography
A playful typography trend combines modern aesthetics with a classic font style. Typography should be so pleasing as to grab consumers' attention in a crowded online sphere. Fonts such as serif sans style look very elegant in branding and can develop a theme of trust and reassurance.

The calming effect of typography is what users need now after the pandemic. Hence, paired with your brand visuals, serif font can assist with building a connection between your web-to-print store and your customers.

Trend #4: Vibrant Maximalism
When it comes to the aesthetics of design, the excess is better. In 2022, popping colors and vibrant hues are rising because of their ability to catch people’s attention immediately. Last year the graphic design trend was all about minimalism and subdued colors that reflected the chaos of pandemic.

But in 2022, printers are incorporating electrical and radical color combinations and bold typography in their design with the help of online design tools.

Trend #5: Retro Nostalgia
The 90s retro graphic design has again landed in 2022. Hit media series like “Stranger Things” and “It” brought back the 80s and 90s nostalgia. This trend ushered in neon colors, gothic fonts, and vaporwave landscapes. Printers are churning out Memphis design patterns with a touch of the old school.

If you use this trend in your web-to-print store, you can be sure that it will bring back your user’s old and fond memories. Simple emojis and primitive design patterns will help them gaze backward in their childhood. This will create an emotional bonding between your customers and business.

Trend #6: Expressive Lettering
Expressive lettering unshackles the meaning of the words. It can be risky to adopt because many customers may not be interested in artsy or mismatched designs. But do remember that fortune favors the bold.

The expressive lettering trend is rooted in experimentation and can be of enormous advantage for your web-to-print store. Mind-bending shapes and amorphous font styles that are abstract yet readable will definitely engage users.

Trend #7: Interactive Data Visualization
Last year we saw a host of infographics sharing complex data about the pandemic. But the inadequate representation of data gave way to the need for simplified data visualization. The need of the hour was to create simple yet interactive charts and bar graphs that can inform and engage the audience with visual storytelling.

But print businesses have taken this trend to another level by including colorful, fun, and engaging designs that can visually appeal to online users. Instead of gloomy creations that can instill fear in your audience, adopt fun representation.

Trend #8: 2D & 3D Mashup and Scenario Illustrations
You must have already experienced the trend of 3D graphics taking over the internet last year, but in 2022 the hand-drawn 2D illustrations have also come back. Creative pragmatism is rising, and printers are mashing up 2D and 3D elements to bring authenticity and realism to their designs. You can also incorporate these elements to create stories in video and graphic formats.

Prepare for 2022 with DesignO

If you already have a web-to-print store, you just need to integrate a highly interactive graphic editor such as DesignO, an API-driven tool. It provides ease of use with a built-in order and workflow management. It can combine with any kind of E-commerce platform and provides a robust design with automation.

Your customers can use this graphic software to customize the design according to the latest trends or their needs. In addition, it can boost your ROI, reduce costs, and won’t mess with your SEO as you won’t have to shift to another platform.


We hope you have read our take on the latest graphic design trends that will be a rage in 2022. These trends are driven by post-pandemic, political, and global changes. You can also adopt these nostalgic, retro, and classical trends in your E-commerce store. They will help you in visualize and give meaning to ideology and story-telling.

Integrating an online designer tool offered by Design’N’Buy with your store can provide your customers with customization options on these designs. This will help increase customer satisfaction, boost sales and develop brand trust.

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