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4 Top Mobile Elearning Trends to Adopt in 2022

  • By Hope James
  • 18-01-2022
  • Trends

In today’s digital era, mobile is the best telecommunication and learning tool. That is why 80% of organizations use the BYOD policy to use mobile and smartphones. Its market size was $20 billion in 2019 and is expected to grow by 20% every year until 2030. Mobile Learning Solutions are the need of the hour for corporates and other organizations.

We are in 2022 beginning, and many trends will emerge in the mobile eLearning domain this year. If your organization want to upskill your staff, here are a few latest mobile eLearning trends you can follow this year. Keep reading this post.

Popular Mobile Elearning Trends in 2022

1. Mobile applications
According to facts, 57% of the worldwide employees like on the go learning. So, how will your organization can make it possible? Mobile applications or apps, in simpler words, can make this task possible. Preloaded with all kinds of engaging eLearning content like videos, infographics, PDFs, and other content ensures higher knowledge retention.

If you have your own L&D team, then ask them to create micro quizzes and an interactive set of exercises for your employees. Remember a balanced approach of learning system should include text and interactive solutions in a proper ratio.
You can also outsource vendors to get customized mobile eLearning apps. It contains LMS, which measures the learning retention with all metric tools.

2. UGC for different learners
While onboarding new talents, one major hurdle that most of the organizations face is training new talents for the organization. And it is the fact that every talent has their own learning capacity and calibre. Thus, many organizations are using custom mobile eLearning content that suits to different learning objectives.

That is why in 2022, you will witness a huge surge in UGC (User Generated Content). This terminology might confuse you, but in simpler words, it is customized content that is according to different learning styles. Your organization should also try then such kind of content to train new talents. One survey shows, 40% of employees browse search engines to get accurate training content. You can cave their browsing time by providing UGC.

3. AI powered Chatbots
In many portals you might have witnessed, there are chatbots which is powered by AI technology. And do you know the main purpose of such tools? Well, it just communicates with end users and addresses their issues. That is why AI chatbots are so popular, and now mobile eLearning apps and portals will also have such learning tools.

Through them, organizations easily set reminders of sessions, interact with their learners and deliver relevant information to them. If your organization wants to personalize the learning experience, make most of this tool.

4. UX for mobile eLearning
User decides how efficient is the learning module. So, you must add good UX elements with proper navigation and engagement features. CTA elements, engaging graphics and buttons that enhance the user experience. Work on screen resolutions, accessible information and other digital aspects to captivate users.

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