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What Is The Future Of AngularJS And Why It Is Popular?

  • By Kiran Beladiya
  • 01-02-2022
  • Technology

We live in the technological era where multiple mobile app development languages exist. It is essential to choose one language for software development that fully resonates with business requirements. According to current news, the AngularJS framework has been in charge of the mobile app development process.

Angular is known for its dynamic extension of a JavaScript framework, feature-rich characteristics developed and sustained by Google. With the help of Google experts, Angular made its presence in the market in 2009.

The main reason for its popularity among developers and app users is the framework, as it is easy to work with and facilitates the developing process of web apps.

Table of Content
1. What is AngularJS?
2. Some Exceptional Features of AngularJS
3. Why Use Angular?
4. Why AngularJS is popular?
5. The Bright Future of Angular

What is AngularJS?
AngularJS is known as one of the best frameworks for building strong, scalable, and single-page web applications such as Netflix, PayPal, and more. It is a dynamic and flexible JavaScript system that helps create single-page applications (SPA), web applications, and cross-stage versatile applications.

Angular is the user interface known for functionality that several companies and developer communities have recognized. As per the report, 72,924 websites in the US utilize this framework for their web development. And as per the study by Statista, Angular is among the best web frameworks worldwide that software developers use.

angular js usage statistics

Some Exceptional Features of AngularJS
For Angular components, MVC structure makes them more manageable, dynamic, and versatile for angular web developers.

Worldwide, various users use open-source and free platforms.

As UI is created on HTML, AngularJS is more straightforward to understand and implement with its shorter codes.

Angular is an efficient framework that allows building Rich Internet Applications.

Angular makes mobile app development technology the best framework for web development. An Angular Development Company can help you develop the best web and mobile app solution.

Why Use Angular?
Most of the organizations have discovered that developing web and mobile apps using angular will help them build a successful and rich user experience. Angular apps are speedy, have easy access, and offer productivity to compete and grow business effectively.

Thus, at present, the JavaScript framework like angular inbuilt with MVVM architecture is thoroughly chosen to build feature-rich web and mobile apps that have consistent code, declarative UI, modular structure to support single-page app (SPA) and more.

According to a recent survey, 30.7% of programmers and software developers now use Angular JS for user interfaces. With that, the Angular developer community increased by 50% last year.

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Source: https://insights.stackoverflow.com

Code Splitting APIs
Before some time, app development took more time, especially with other frameworks. Whereas in Angular, development can be done smoothly and quickly.

The angular framework needs to split the app into several MVC components that solve the issue of slow initial load time. Also, it enhances the speed and decreases the bundle size. And now you do need additional coding, so the framework takes over from here.

Out of the Box
The angular framework allows the proper implementation and out-of-the-box result. It contains excellent tools to take care of the development to fetch the data for your application quickly.

AngularJS with already configured environment help in developing and enabling testing functionality. There is no need for any third-party libraries to assemble basic functionality for your app. The Angular team's official library is all you need for mobile app development and web development. That shows better security and anticipates higher code quality.

Automatic Test Environment Tear
With AngularJS, the testing app is straightforward. The automatic testing includes application parts that are easy to exploit. Besides, you can even load the required services by breaking the module to perform automatic testing.

Easy to Learn
An effortless front-end language, Angular is easy, and its component's structure is easy to learn and implement. By adding some features in the HTML, you can complete the first app in a couple of minutes.

Code Consistency and Reusability
For more robust app development, code consistency is the foundation for successful applications. Grateful to the Angular Command Line Interface (CLI) and documentation style guide, as they both move consistently at the pioneer level.  
If you compare Angular with other frameworks, the effort and time are relatively minor as it gives the code reusability and streamline the front-end development process. Likewise, developers possess more functionalities with shorter codes for effective and productive team development.

Why is AngularJS popular?
Though having multiple plugins and frameworks, the business chooses AngularJS development services for its website development. The angular for mobile apps is beneficial in many ways, such as:

1. Functionalities of the AngularJS framework are simple and easy to apply, making it easy to deliver better stability.
2. It can efficiently manage errors and events in the app.
3. The framework can extend HTML attributes and provide an advanced approach for designing the web page.
4. The app code integral part does not include any directives.
5. Angular has a modular approach making testing, updating, modifying, and maintaining practices easy.
6. It also assists in binding and routing.

The Bright Future of Angular
The AngularJS is darling of the developers as they love using the framework. It is a Google-backed open-source JavaScript front-end framework that helps build modern web applications. Since its launch in 2009, Angular has expanded to be one of the most chosen platforms due to its capacity to prevent unnecessary code. Overall, AngularJS will make it easy to develop robust applications faster and lighter.  

Angular 12 was released in 2021 and has become a powerful trend over the globe. Speaking of which, we can say that future of Angular is bright.

From Google, Angular gets multiple feature requests, and the usage of Angular community is across-the-world by developers. With that, constant feedback and evaluation make their roadmap that prioritizes requests.

The future of Angular is bright; with these new features:
- Better Developer Ergonomics with Strict Typing
- Angular Compiler as a Plugin
- Optional NgModulars
- Reduce Framework Overhead
- Improved Text Times and Debugging

It may involve you to know that the release of Angular 1.0 was skilled enough to fritter everyone. Over past years, Angular confirmed to be one of the best frameworks for mobile and web app development, including easy binding of data to HTML elements. Its directives delivered an easy way to create reusable HTML + CSS elements.

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