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What Are The Best Business Intelligence Tools For Small And Medium Businesses?

  • By Alice Bell
  • 14-06-2021
  • Technology

Every business, irrespective of its size, required good tools for data analysis and for developing the best relevant business strategy based on the related data obtained from the study. Business intelligence tools provide aid to the business for insights from the investigated data, which gives a better perception to prepare future strategies. Choosing the correct business intelligence tool for your company provides the advantage of utilizing business data and earn more profit than ever.

Business intelligence tools give leverage to the business owners for taking much-acquainted business decisions instead of the pre-assumed planning from the decision building process. The business intelligence tools provide an appropriate overview of data by bringing in the analyzed data on a single platform to help managers view the entire data.

Key features required in a business intelligence tool

There are several tools to choose from primary reporting for comprehensive solutions and business accounting software with business intelligence techniques. However, some functionalities are essential in any business intelligence tool:

Data collection, analysis and visualization
Reports and customized dashboards
Ominous analytics
Compatibility with other medium and applications
User data security

Requirement of business intelligence tool in every business

The modern business environment has extreme competition in the market. Due to this reason, every business has tremendous data to monitor, manage and amylase. The manual data process involves manual entries, tedious calculations, and preparing the statistics. Manual processing of data takes a lot of time, and there are possibilities of more errors that can waste time and provide incorrect information. The business intelligence tools can provide the below benefits for your business:

Real-time analysis

Automation of business data processing can provide plenty of advantages. Business intelligence tools implement the Big data procedure for your company data. It will give you a real-time report of your business operations and process it as required. You will get an instant statement and saves time to take further actions expected for business growth and productivity enhancement.

Cost and time-efficient

Small businesses always have budget constraints, and they become extra cautious while opting for any solution, which has extra money involved. Often, owners and managers think that expensive and luxury solutions are for big-scale enterprises with an analytics team and immense data centres. But with the advancement of technology, a leading business intelligence tool is available at a more reasonable price and simplified usage with a laptop or smartphone. They can offer anytime anywhere analytical information without any maintenance.

Simplification of business process

Business intelligence tools can automate your analytical process to simplify and save precious time to manage and work on other necessary business tasks.

Enhances the business productivity

Business intelligence tools ensure the path to success for your business. It automates the data processing, provides you with every vital analysis to prepare future strategies and gives you a crystal clear view of your business operations for required further actions. It provides a unified platform for your business goals and resources.

Best Business Intelligence Tools for Small & Medium Businesses

SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence is a compatible software used at the enterprise level. It comprises advanced measures, and this makes it a leading software solution for business intelligence. You can make a high-level database operation with a combination of transactions and analytics.

Features -

Highly agile solution
Transparent business solution
Compatible with any system application via the SAP
Convenient setup and space usage
It works with both the cloud and on-premises implementation
Simplified structure of data warehouse
Easy integration with SAP and non-SAP applications

Yellowfin Business Intelligence

This software solution was designed for specific companies within the industry, which is easy to integrate. It is accessible from anywhere and anytime with the help of the company intranet or the internet.

Features -

Its dashboard is accessible from anywhere without any constraint
Mapping of the mobile business intelligence is easy
Intelligent decision-making feature
Interactive presentations and reports for the data representation

Microstrategy Business Intelligence

This business intelligence software is beneficial for making better strategies and improving the operational way of the business. You will get advanced features, including analytics.

Features -

Effortless maintenance
Anticipated analysis
Convenient use
Progressive analytics
Big data solutions
Multiple-functional dashboard

Zoho Analytics Business Intelligence

It is a self-serviceable analytical and business intelligence platform with an interactive dashboard where data gets visually represented. It has artificial intelligence empowered assistance for pre-defined questionnaires and with reliable resolutions. It is a leading business intelligence tool recommended for Mac.

Features -

Data represented with the help of charts, tables, and widgets
Variety of connectors available for different applications, drives and databases
Data analysis from diverse sources with a unified analytics solution
Artificial intelligence and ML empowered assistance available to understand your queries
Various embedded portals for the analytics and business intelligence

SAS Business Intelligence

It is well-known for providing accurate information at the required time. It can work and shrine the data from multiple resources. You can easily pull and manage the data at the time of analysis.

Features -

Customers and data gets connected with best-in-class data connections
Confidential data get protection from security solutions and issue identification
Consolidated governance with scalability
Data visualization with interactive designs
The self-service reporting feature allows real-time data analysis

IBM Cognos Analytics Business Intelligence

It is an interactive business intelligence tool that provides data-driven insights in a controlled setting. It makes attractive dashboards and reports. It is a web-based tool developed by IBM.

Features -

Specialized tools for the data analysis to provide comprehensive insights
Designs personalized dashboards and reading or editing information accessible from anywhere and anytime
Offers cloud support and full governance on the data
You can get accurate reports in both online and offline form
It performs cross-departmental data analysis
The intent-based processing model for the predictive analysis

ClicData Business Intelligence

It got designed for small and mid-scale businesses. It is an expert in the generation of reports and dashboards. You can share the data insight reports and other required metrics with employees and teams. It is a leading business intelligence tool for the healthcare industry.

Features -

It helps in the sorting, importing, and connecting data on one platform
You can track the entire status of the business with this tool
You can provide the insights and stats of the company with individuals and teams
Cloud-based data warehouse
It can give the progressive report of your projects
You can get a live notification alert on your dashboard


Briefly, we can conclude that in the digital world, every business requires business intelligence solutions for the analysis of each aspect of business related to customer relationship management to budgeting of business. Although, it is essential to do appropriate and adequate research to select suitable business intelligence software for your business.

There is plenty of business intelligence software available that is cost-efficient and has simple programming features. It is necessary for small businesses to collect, monitor, and analyze the information to increase the business profit and revenue.

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