top web development blogs to follow in 2023

Top Web Development Blogs to Follow in 2023

  • By Neil Jordan
  • 30-01-2023
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Nowadays, every business, however big or small, needs a website. In fact, there were around 210 million websites in the year 2010. But now, just under 2 billion websites exist on the internet. That’s why the global web development industry is worth over $50 Billion. So you can understand how fierce the competition is.

With that kinda competition, everyone wants to design and develop the best websites possible. But most people lack the skills and experience to design and develop the websites themselves. So for anyone looking for a new website, finding the best web development companies would be essential; You can even read the popular web development blogs to understand the crux of this industry.

In this blog, we have listed some of the best web development blogs that can help you create the best websites and stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of Web Development Blog

When it comes to WordPress and other CMSs, you can find literally billions of guides, tutorials, and documentation to support you through every part of the web development process. But so many of these are useless or outdated and compiled by unverified sources.

However, like any other subject, you need verified and experienced sources for effective web development as well. That’s where these blogs come in.

These blogs are by some of the best professional web development companies from around the world. They provide all the latest information about the different software involved in web and application development. Moreover, they have teams of skilled and experienced developers and provide their own web development services as well. You know what they say, “You cannot create an experience; you must undergo it.”

These blogs have also listed all the common misconceptions regarding the software and tools. They also discuss all the latest features introduced in the new versions of all the software. You can also find the best ways to improve any website or web application’s significant aspects, like security, performance, scalability, maintenance, etc.

We have listed out the blogs you can trust when looking for any information regarding web development. So whether you are a beginner looking to learn new things or an expert developer who wants to brush up on your skills, these blogs would be quite helpful.

Top Web Development Blogs to Follow in 2023

There are several blogs and websites available on the internet that help beginner and expert developers to learn about new trends and technologies and everything else related to web development. They cover important topics through written content, videos, tutorials, infographics, etc. Here are a few of the top trusted and verified web development blogs on the internet in 2023:

1) David Walsh

David Walsh is an excellent blog to learn everything about the different technologies in web design and development, including PHP, HTML5, WordPress, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, and more. This blogging website is led by the experienced developer David Walsh himself, who guides you through the process of installing these technologies and using them to create the best websites.

Moreover, you can view interviews with the subject-matter experts to understand this business in depth. With this blog, you will become a better developer and get to know how you can create the best website or web application possible.

2) Codrops

Started as an experimental blog in 2009, Codrops is a website that compiles and offers everything you need to create, manage and update the best website. This front-end development blog aims to provide potential website owners and developers with every bit of verified information with a toolkit of helpful articles and comprehensive tutorials, along with informative code snippets and audio-visual infographics.

This blog is run by a group of passionate authors looking to impart their years of experience to all potential web developers worldwide.

3) Envato Tuts+

For anyone looking to create a new website or manage or update their old one, this community of developers would be excellent. If you have got the inspiration to create something new but haven’t got the process down, the Tuts+ Code web development blog would be excellent. Their blogs are updated and compiled constantly to keep up with the evolutions in the market.

On this blog, you can also engage in meaningful conversations with experts in the field to get real-world experience with the latest web development tools and software.

4) Tech Newscast

Tech Newscast, or TNC, is one of the leading technology blogs on web design and development to understand everything about popular technologies like WordPress, Woocommerce, Drupal, Magento, Shopify, Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Ruby On Rails, PHP, Node Js, .Net Core, ReactJS, VueJS, AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, etc. Whether you are a rookie or an expert developer, this blog will help you improve your expertise through comprehensive manuals and courses. Moreover, our skilled developers strive to keep this blog updated with the latest information to ensure everyone is able to create the best websites possible.

5) SitePoint

Established in 1999, SitePoint is basically a community forum that lets developers learn and grow together in this competitive industry. This blog helps explain every part of the development process to ensure the website is highly-functional and looks good at the same time.

On this website, developers (both rookies and experts) can communicate with each other for feedback and support in case of issues with any part of the process, from installing the necessary web development tools to using them for their projects.

6) Smashing Magazine

As one of the highly-acknowledged web development blogs on the internet, Smashing Magazine aims to help developers hone their skill sets by reading well-researched articles about every aspect of this industry. Smashing Magazine also lets you engage in meaningful conversations with other developers to get helpful advice on every part of the developmental process.

With millions of readers, this blog does a great job of keeping the past contents up to date and publishing new ones with extensive information on the latest techniques of web development.

7) CSS Author

CSS Author is a blogging website with front-end services, including website design, WordPress, typography, CSS, HTML, mockups, design concepts, and many more. So this blog can help every professional involved in the field of web design and development.

8) Developer Drive

If you are just starting out in the field of website and application development, Developer Drive would be an excellent choice. This blog is run by expert developers looking to impart their knowledge and wisdom in this field through the latest tips and tricks, articles, guides, and documentation. So if you want to learn anything about creating and managing your website, including security, navigation, updates, and more, visit Developer Drive.

9) CodeNewbie

CodeNewbie is another excellent blog to help you learn about the different aspects of this vastly competitive web development industry. When it started, CodeNewbie was just a Twitter chat about coding with #CodeNewbie (which you can still join every Wednesday at 9 PM). But you can visit this blog website to check out what the day-to-day operations of web developers look like. That’s why it will serve the newbies in the field quite well.


From Javascript to PHP and beyond, this blog provides blogs, articles, tutorials, and documentation on almost every web development technology available for use today. What’s more, is that offers several courses for those looking to sharpen their skills to the max in a short time. There’s also a news section that informs you of any new updates or trends in web development.

11) Paul Irish

This informative blog on web development is owned and run by a highly-skilled and experienced developer Paul Irish himself. He worked as a front-end engineer in teams that developed Google Chrome and other valuable tools like Yeoman, HTML5 Boilerplate, Modernizr, and CSS3 Please, and shares his experiences on what his day-to-day operations and individual contributions were like.

12) CodePen Blog

CodePen Blog is another informative website on front-end web design and development. Not only does this blog help share valuable knowledge, but it also.

13) DZone

DZone is an excellent blog to follow if you are looking for information on IoT (Internet Of Things), DevOps, full-stack developers, AI (artificial intelligence), and Cloud Technologies. What differentiates this blog from others is the fact that you can sign up for free and post new content quite easily. One of the biggest pros of this blog is that with an academic approach, it creates more informative content and even hosts webinars with industry experts to offer real-life experiences in the field.

14) FeedSpot

Feedspot finds the best podcasts, blogs, and influencers and ranks them in niche categories. The experts at FeedSpot have examined more than 250K popular blogs and categorized them in more than 5,000 unique categories. FeedSpot is highly experienced at combining both algorithmic and human editing efforts to offer the best well-curated blogs on everything related to web development.

15) A List Apart

On A List Apart, you can find helpful, informative blogs on topics like content, coding, design, and other parts of the web development industries. The experts at A List Apart also provide valuable information on coding and processing through HTML, JavaScript, and other platforms to help beginners learn more about web development. Moreover, if you are not actually from the software side of things but want to hire someone to develop and maintain your website, the contents of this blog could help you define a curated process of hiring.

16) Joel On Software

Joel On Software is a personal blog created and maintained by Joel Spolsky, a highly skilled and experienced software engineer who developed Trello (project management platform) and the Stack Exchange network. Thanks to his extensive experience, Joel not only offers his advice on software development, but also on project management, recruitment, and even the business side of things.

One of the reasons people love Joel On Software is that Spolsky writes blogs with a personal touch of vignettes and anecdotes; so they actually read through the whole content, rather than clicking away. So if you are a web developer, Joel On Software would be an excellent blog to help through the process.

17) Learn With Jason

Learn With Jason is another informative blog by an experienced developer Jason Lengstorf. He started this platform to help budding developers evolve their knowledge and skills. However, other than Jason, there are several developers and authors who regularly post content like blogs, tips and tricks, tutorials, videos, etc.

Jason himself hosts 90-minute live sessions every Tuesday and Thursday to enlighten the subscribers about the new stuff on web development.

18) Simple Programmer

This blog covers everything about web development from a different perspective to make the information a little interesting and keep the developers more motivated to create the best websites and applications. Moreover, the content on this blogging website is updated regularly to ensure the readers are getting the latest and most accurate information possible.

Although there are several other blogs, the ones mentioned above are among the most reputed in web development because of the curated information they offer to the readers. If you want to develop a new website or web application but are unsure about the process, these blogs would come in handy. They would be helpful whether you are an expert developer or a beginner in this vast field.


Web development is a massive globally-evolving industry, with new technological advancements taking place every day. From these seven-odd blogs, you will be able to access thousands of blogs, articles, guides, and tutorials relevant to every aspect of web development, from installing the tools to use them for creating and maintaining the best websites and web applications.

These blogs can also give you crucial information on the top web development companies with respect to different tools and technologies, including WordPress, PHP, Reactjs, Node.js, etc.

Suppose you are an aspiring web developer or just someone looking for a new website. In that case, you might want to refer to these blogs to ensure you have all the necessary information on how to create the best website and what is necessary for this process.

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