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Rise of Node.js As a Perfect Enterprise App Development Platform

  • By Liza Kosh
  • 30-11-2021
  • Technology

Developers from all around the world are always keen to create assumptions over the trends of the existing technology or the upcoming one in the market. Around $1000 billion in revenue got generated from the app development. On one side, people are holding on to web development as its stats talk about its aggressive rise, but people are trapped to consider which technology stack would be preferable. So, it's quite a dilemma to work on the specific stack and carry it forward.

Let us first discuss that you must be well-aware of Node.js.

It is built up in C, C++, and JavaScript and uses the event-driven I/O model.

With the helpers, tools, and libraries, it develops the enhanced and lighting fast web applications.

It is an ideal platform that anyone can consider for the data-intensive applications that make their way through the devices in real-time.

It supports different operating systems ranging from Linux, macOS, MS Windows, and many more in the list.

These factors don't just make it sound more technical but are considered one of the development industry's emerging and efficient technologies.

Faster Time to Market:

Do you have any idea how many modules it consists of in the NPM? With the ready-made modules than coding, it dramatically reduces the development time but proved to be a great help to the developer's community and the one who is building it up from the developers. If you know, there are around 68% of developers and project managers would choose accelerating node.js development blindly. Why? Due to productivity, it multiplies, and it also helps in the rapid release of the product and updates.

Being extremely lightweight and highly flexible, it uses JavaScript modules that simplify the development process and make the process work smoother.

The best time to use Node.js for the enterprise developers:

Real-Time applications:

A real-time applications booster is Node.js which processes a large volume of short messages and needs only minimum delay if possible. We can understand it with huge examples up to today, such as Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Uber.

Data Streaming:

Here, we can consider how Node.js is good for the online streaming of the media and data from the several different resources and apps that hold on to the multi-file uploads. Here, we can have an instance such as Netflix. This one is prominent here.

API Servers:

Coming to the API Servers, it is considered as one of the good applications of Node.js. It is so as it allows the managing of the concurrent connections and easy conversion of the objects to certain different formats.

DevOps Projects:

It is known for writing fast and lightweight application pieces that push the development team to simultaneously build, deploy, and maintain software. The DevOps core itself contains continuous development as well as integration.

So, consider it as the extensively used framework for back-end development, as also stated by many worldwide leaders. Node js is worth being known as the perfect enterprise app development platform, and you can imagine its popularity in 2021 and the expectations it holds for the future.

It's better you meet a Node.js developer community or hire a Node js app development company and ask them about why it's been a good choice. This will certainly convince you of the scalability and efficiency of the technology. That's why newcomers try to stick with this technology more often.

With all such facts and trends, Node.js popularity is trending and capturing a lot of attention in the market. Its long-listed features and the efficiency, and the continuous reach of such platforms, will show up with consistent growth and stability.

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