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React JS: Why Developers Prefer React For Front-End Development

  • By Anil Jain
  • 17-06-2022
  • Technology

For frontend development, there are many frameworks and libraries available. All of them are not adequate, You can find advantages and disadvantages associated with each framework and library.Today we will discussed one of the most popular and widely used libraries, React JS which is used for frontend development.

What do you acknowledge by react JS? It is an open-source library of JavaScript used for frontend development. React was developed by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. It is a component-based library that come up with facility to build a high quality user interface for web apps. React allow you to add HTML into JavaScript and also work with visual DOM.

If you are aware of React JS and confused about using it for your work or not, This blog can help you to find the answer to your question.

Why choose to React JS for front-end development?

There are several benefits of using react js for frontend development. It is an open-source library that authorize you to add HTML code in JavaScript. Let us discuss why developers choose to react to frontend development and Many Mobile app development company are adopting this technology.

1. Easy To Learn:

This easy-to-learn property is one of the most important reasons for choosing this library. You can quickly start building things with it as it does not take time to learn to react js.

If any technology is not really understood or hard to learn you can face difficulty to build things with it. We all know it is human nature to avoid things that are hard to learn.

React JS has a very simple library for front-end development that is it is easy to learn. If you have great knowledge about JavaScript it will become easier to learn and understand react. Unlike Angular, react is not a complex tool

2. Rich in UI

You can build a rich user interface very easily by using react. A good user-friendly UI is very important as a poorly designed UI is very less user-friendly and no user will like it.

If you have a great user-friendly UI, the user of your app will love to use your app. It is not very easy to build a high-quality user interface for your business's success.

There are many technologies you can use to build UI, react have declarative components which allow designing a UI very easy.

3. Fast Development

There are many reusable components and development tools that will help you to increase productivity. Every company has a common goal of earning more money in less time. So productivity is the major component and every organization desires to have fast productivity.

If your productivity is very low and you are not able to deliver products on time you can lose money. On the other hand, if your productivity is high and you are very quick in delivering products you can earn more money and earn more clients too.React offer many development tools for fast development.

4. Trusted tool:

React is developed by Facebook and used by great companies and startups like Facebook, Dropbox,Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Walmart, Tesla Motors, IMDb, and so on. You can find many popular apps developed using react.

You must be thinking about what can be the reason so many great companies and startups are using it. It provides high-quality tools for front-end development which make it so popular in great companies and startups.

5. Trending Technology

It is known as the most popular front-end technology in the market. When you see that the same technology is used by more and more people every day, you can undoubtedly select that particular technology.

6. Community Support:

A large number of developers are using react and making it better. We know react is an open-source library and coders from all over the world are helping people to learn this technology in different ways.

Like some are uploading free react tutorials on Youtube, Some are writing useful blogs. Facebook, Dropbox, Netflix, Airbnb, PayPal, Walmart, Tesla Motors and so on.

82,500,000 search results appear on google for the search keyword ‘react tutorial’. Articles, blog post,s and tutorials are more useful to learn and become a good coder.


You must have learned about the criteria choosing behind react from this post and what are the benefits of using react for a frontend developer. There are other technologies available for development like angular so why not angular or any other framework. All libraries and frameworks will not work perfectly for your work, There can be many tools but not of your choice. You need a tool that is ideal for your development work.

Angular is also similar to react. It is also a grat quality frame and it’s also been developed by the technology giant – Google. But there are a few issues in angular which make react a better option for development. Angular is quite hard to learn and the framework is also not very simple. And react JS is a very simple and easy-to-use technology.

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