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How Virtual Desktop Service Will Help You Increase Your Efficiency in 2021

  • By Yuvraj Jain
  • 10-12-2021
  • Technology

Do you need to increase the operational efficiency of your business and remote employees?

We are functioning in a modern world, where marketplaces are accepting digital transformation. The business landscape is experiencing a series of unexpected complications, such as COVID-19, disasters, and other disruptions. Therefore, companies are looking for technologies that can help mitigate the challenges related to remote access, budget optimization, workforce efficiency, and business productivity.

Virtual desktop service or cloud VDI helps create an easy-to-handle workplace environment. It virtualizes your desktop infrastructure, offering cost-effectiveness, security, productivity, and IT support. Let’s explore more about how cloud VDI solutions can improve your business efficiency in 2021.

How Virtual Desktop Services Help You Improve Efficiency?
Initially, virtual desktop service was known to extend centralized support to a handful of users with limited features. But, recent advancements in cloud VDI solutions have made it a part of the economies of scale. We can optimize the budget, improve security, and handle IT tasks efficiently.

One advantage of VDI service providers is the cost-effectiveness of managing office infrastructure. Using cloud VDI solutions in place of tangible office desktops, you can reduce the expenditure of the business.

Here’s why:

You don’t need to re-configure, re-model, or repurchase office PCs that often. There’s an easier option to simply improve the configuration of cloud VDI solutions to receive better service.

The IT team doesn’t need to spend time managing and upkeeping your infrastructure. The VDI service provider manages and maintains your VDI solution, which reduces your costs.

Many organizations pay for the hypervisor infrastructure when they set up VDI in-house. This costs so much money when cloud VDI solutions can easily offer centralized resources at a nominal charge.

The cloud VDI service provider can offer virtual desktops to devices with poor OS configuration with thin client technology. It is just a VDI image, and you can access it on any device with the Internet. This means BYOD policy can also save you a lot of money.

Data Security
Are you from an industry with high amounts of personal data?

Industries like finance, accounting, and healthcare store huge amounts of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) related to finances, customers, employees, etc.

Take healthcare, for example. They store data of patients every day. Day in and day out, patients reveal their secrets, and they have a right to data privacy. HIPAA secures the rights of patients by binding healthcare providers to not reveal data to any third party unless permitted.

Ensuring this level of security in-house includes advanced security controls. For example, encryption, multi-factor authentication, access control, server redundancy, 99.99% uptime, etc.

With cloud VDI solutions, managing data security is easier. VDI providers offer the same advanced security, including encryption, server redundancy, access control, firewalls, etc. The only difference is that it is managed and upgraded by the VDI service provider. This means that you do not need to worry about data security and focus on your core tasks for better efficiency.

Simpler Desktop Configurations

When first deploying traditional desktops, you can ask the vendor to deploy them with the required configuration without compliance and security lapses. However, as time passes, the configuration becomes obsolete, and you need to change PCs one by one. With cloud VDIs, you can achieve this configuration upgrade through a master cloud VDI solution. All you need to do is let your VDI provider know about your needs, and the same will be delivered to you.

Improved Productivity

In everything discussed above, we talk about either reducing the cost or time of handling things. The part where we reduce the time of management helps us improve productivity.

Let’s discuss it:

When you improve security infrastructure via virtual desktop service, you allow employees to freely access virtual units from any device. They don’t need to risk mixing personal and professional desktop space.

With BYOD policy, employees receive the power to work from anywhere. This helps them work in their comfort zone, which is known to improve productivity.

The simple configuration upgrade process doesn’t involve your employees going to the office or waiting for the update to finish. So, they are not wasting time commuting or waiting for the update to complete. This means a productive working environment and less hassle at all times.

OS Migration

For your IT team, migrating an operating system to a virtual desktop service is a nightmare. They need to look after the configuration, downtime, security, incompatible apps, and everything else. This incurs a lot of hassle, disruption, and downtime for employees, causing a low productivity environment.

With the right VDI service provider, organizations can decrease the cost of OS migration and improve efficiency. Cloud service providers take care of application compatibility, deployment streamlining, security, load balancing, and performance management.

Comprehensive Organizational Support
With cloud VDI solutions, businesses can receive a range of benefits that help ensure operational efficiency and business productivity.

Your IT team gets a centralized structure for desktop management. They can evaluate the security structure and even refresh a unit to remove the infection remotely.

Scaling and descaling PCs and resources are feasible. When you need more storage and performance, you can increase resources. This can be reduced anytime you are not using this storage. This optimizes your cost of management.

Overall, cloud VDI solutions comprehensively manage your virtual desktop needs. The load on your IT team is reduced, and your employees can work with much less disruption.


If you consider the end-user perspective for virtual desktop service, you would observe better data and app availability and feasibility of working on any device. All this ease ultimately adds up to the productivity of employees. There are no disruptions and risks of security when working remotely. As a result, employees can improve business efficiency and streamline internal communication, availability, end-user experience, and service effectiveness.


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