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How Technology Became The Lifesaver For The Businesses in Lockdown Period

  • By Kaylee Brown
  • 15-09-2020
  • Technology

Saying goodbye to 2019 and welcoming a new decade seemed nice and we all might have wished for 2020 to be the best year of our lives. Some of us wished to spend quality time with family, go on vacations, have long weekends, get a promotion but our dreams shattered and were also a reality in the worst possible way. We are currently experiencing a pandemic and since we are locked down in our home we should take some time to reflect on different technological aspects which helped us from breaking down both physically and mentally.

How Technology became the lifesaver for the Businesses in Lockdown period
We all are experiencing a pandemic and even in such a situation our front line workers like doctors, security services, sanitation workers, etc are working to contain the virus and thankfully we have technology which is helping us stay indoors and finish most of our stuff.
Below mentioned are some segments that made our life so much easier.

• OTT Platforms
With movie theatres and other performing centers shut down these OTT platforms kept us company all along with the pandemic. All the online movies/Tv-shows streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. are considered as OTT platforms.

Moviemakers and other production houses could sell their distribution rights to these platforms rather than waiting for the theatres to open. This way movies could still make money.

There are a variety of movies and shows that can be binge-watched and these subscription services experienced a spike on viewership by 30% in the early stages of the pandemic.

• Online Investing
US economy took a major hit because of the pandemic and there were many restrictions on the sale and purchase of goods and services. People lost their jobs and businesses were shut down. People saw this as a good opportunity for getting into investing and many invested their money in stocks and other businesses. Banks and other investment firms continued to function and were helping to uplifting the GDP.

• Fitness and Health
Fitness centers have to cut down on 95% of their employees but soon the pandemic has helped in shedding light on the importance of fitness and the benefits of maintaining good health.

Gyms and other fitness centers were closed down but this led to the emergence of online fitness training. People started applying for online workout sessions. Gym instructors and fitness enthusiasts started building up their social media presence and sharing fitness regimes online.

• Online Groceries
Supermarkets were flooded with people and wee was a shortage of essential supplies. People started hoarding sanitizers, toilet paper, and other essential items. There were no groceries left in supermarkets and all the aisles were wiped clean.
Online delivery sites started dealing with groceries and stepped up their game and put a restriction on the number of items one could order. This helped in preventing hoarding and since these online services have home delivery options people could just stay indoors and order the essential supplies.

• Private Sectors
There are about 155 million people in the United States who have jobs and because of the pandemic unemployment rate fell to 11.8% and many lost their jobs. Thanks to technology many of them could continue their operations from home and for meetings we had apps like Zoom and Microsoft teams which allowed up to hundred or more people to stay connected on a call.

• Educational Institutions
Colleges and other institutions were closed down but technology helped in moving forward with the semester and to keep the classes going. Students could listen to classes though different apps and give their exams digitally.

Sometimes students were in equanimity because of all the work and they couldn't even go out or ask for help. Students started taking help from online thesis help services and online coaching to get a better understanding of concepts and could continue developing their skills.

Technology was existent even before the pandemic but during the lockdown, we embraced this technology and technology helped in connecting various aspects of a business. Technology was crucial in keeping people indoors. Without the existing technology, people would have to travel and go out and this would increase the risk of getting infected and cause a massive community spread of the virus.

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