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How Mobile Technologies Could Win In Post-Covid Hospitality World?

  • By Jamie Costello
  • 01-07-2020
  • Technology

For months now, we’ve been used to the term social distancing. Even as lockdown measures begin to ease as governments across the world consider medical and economical impacts of COVID-19, ‘social distancing’ is a procedure we’re likely to adhere to for some time.

Once many businesses, and specifically hotels, eventually re-open they will be taking the relevant measures to ensure customers’ health and safety. This will include processes changing to provide a more ‘hands off’ approach for customers and staff.

How could hotels adapt to this considering their ‘hands on’ approach to their services? Many of their services embrace the ability to be close with guests, but mobile contactless experiences could be the key to making this possible.

How will hospitality experiences change from the pandemic?

Out of all industries, hospitality will be the one that’s been hit the most by the pandemic. There are still questions to be answered around the best way to go about keeping these businesses open whilst keeping safe. It’s an intimate industry that can make distancing difficult to enjoy.

At the same time, the pandemic could also be seen as an occurrence that has increasingly sped up the inevitable to happen in the industry. Technologies that might have been introduced 4-5 years down the line are being increasingly accelerated to deal with current times that we’re in.

Customers are unlikely to want to make unnecessary content with staff members and desk personnel during their stay. Pre-ordering will now help with efficiency of diners as they’ll want to enjoy their experience quickly. Digital menus and app ordering will also be well advised.

How technology can help with the changes?

Technology can be the key to helping hospitality industries in these difficult times. Many guests are likely to use their mobile devices to book their hotels. Similarly, an app development can help to resolve solutions efficiently and in one place. App developers can produce mobile apps that will be the hub for services at the hotel.

Why are mobile technologies the key to the change?

There are many uses of a mobile that can be beneficial for hospitality businesses. The use of push notifications is a great way to offer more services and details about guests' stay. What’s great is that many of these technologies are already available albeit at a small pace for hotels.

Rather than using devices that are provided by the hotel, guests will prefer to have use their own device. Technology will have to be utilised as much as possible to ensure that distance can be maintained and the spread can be reduced.

How could this new technology see the future of hospitality?

The journeys of guests at hotels are likely to change forever. Moving forward, there will be swift and efficient services to help guests check-in and envision their stay. Once a booking has been confirmed online, users can utilise mobile apps to check-in directly from their mobile device.

Electronic keys will replace handheld ones as guests utilise their mobile device as a key to scan into their hotel room. Before arriving, AI robots will be the new form of communication for guests as face to face contact becomes minimal to prevent the spread.

Dinner service directly to guests’ rooms will likely be the normality rather than a pleasure. If you require extra towels or additional products in your room, this will be formalised beforehand as hotels look to set your preferences in advance before your stay. All of this could well happen before you even enter the hotel. Choosing the best app development company will make your task easier.

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