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How Cloud Desktop Services Focus on Business Growth?

  • By Yuvraj Jain
  • 01-07-2021
  • Technology

Today, we can see cloud implementations clearer than ever. Ranging from Desktop-as-a-Service to application hosting, businesses are integrating their processes for simpler, more efficient execution.

Fortunately for the cloud industry, the onset of the pandemic increased the rate of adoption. Here’s the data to prove that:
According to Gartner, the spending on DaaS amounted to USD 616 million in the year 2019, and it is expected to increase to USD 2,542 million by the year 2022.

Although the pandemic might have a role to play in the supercharged cloud adoption, cloud desktops were already gaining popularity even before. It is because it helps you expand and grow your business.

How cloud desktops lead to business growth?
Cloud desktops improve accessibility and offer flexibility to businesses. This, in turn, increases their efficiency and growth rate. Here are six ways cloud desktop helps:

1. Work with an uninterrupted system.
If you have worked with on-premise backups, then chances are you already know that it impacts how you work and how you communicate with data. Often, there is some lag in these backups, and data failures are prominent. Even when we are taking long-term backups, there are multiple gaps in data availability.

The cloud hosted desktop service works a bit differently. There’s consistent updating of systems and files, which makes the shadow storage quick. The team can quickly retrieve data if they face a failure at any point.

Many businesses need to quickly access their files and desktops even after a state of failure. The cloud’s real-time updating and retrieval is the solution for these businesses.

Another thing that we get from the cloud solution is disaster recovery and business continuity. Even when a disaster disrupts your functioning, your business can continue because of the quick data retrieval services.

2. Upsurge your productivity
Cloud desktop services eliminate restrictions to access your tasks from one computer or unit. You and your teammates can edit, share, or remove data from any device in real-time. Hence, every business task can be completed with ease in a collaborative manner.

Further, everything from communication to security improves the productivity of the business. You get secure and seamless access to your desktops, apps, and data, which creates an easy medium for simpler working. So, that leads to improved operational efficiency, higher ROI, and better productivity.

3. Improve your data storage security
The security architecture of the cloud is a commonly discussed point. Many companies want to gain higher productivity and seamless communication, but they fear data security.

In reality, data security breaches are primarily due to human errors. Users mostly fail to correctly set up protocols of security or utilize multi-factor authentication in the proper manner.

Since the cloud architecture is distributed, it is safer than our office desktops. In fact, cloud desktops services are more dynamic and secure when compared to your in-house backup servers.

The cloud desktop service offers you security measures like multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection, and prevention, user access control hierarchy, continuous monitoring, etc.

It is also imperative to understand that cloud desktop services are secure because endpoints don’t store data. On your office desktop, everything is stored in that PC and backed up elsewhere. In cloud services, the endpoint accesses the desktop virtually, and nothing is stored on it. When this endpoint is compromised, the access can be removed without much hassle.

4. Scale without hassle
The scalability of cloud systems has always been one of the most amazing features of this technology.

Remember the effort and money you need to put in to scale your resources?
Apart from everything, in-house scaling of resources creates a period of low productivity temporarily.
The cloud desktop service is designed to meet your storage needs in a dynamic way and quickly. Your team doesn’t require proper planning of resources for this implementation. It can be easily upscaled or downscaled depending upon your requirements.

5. Eliminate collaboration glitches
The cloud desktop service is not a physically tied implementation, which means you can access your documents from anywhere. Multiple users of your company can access the same document at the same time without hampering the latest version of the document. It improves collaboration between your employees. They get the ability to connect on a project easily.

The cloud desktop service is a virtual instance, and if two people want to work on the same desktop, they get the virtual copy of the same. When changes are made, these are reflected in real-time, which maintains the authenticity of your data on your virtual units.

6. Decrease IT expenses
It is impressive that cloud desktop services are managed solutions, which give you in-depth guidance and support for virtual products. When you rent out a cloud space and utilize virtual desktops on it, the CSP helps you set up, manage, maintain, backup, and secure your business.

Contrary to this, on-premise IT structures are always backed up by a dedicated IT team. It obviously comes with a huge cost. From data recovery to handling system crashes, an IT team is necessary to handle in-house desktop issues. On the cloud, services are managed and guided by the provider, so you can eventually decrease your IT expenses in the long run.

Conclusion: Cloud Desktop Services Is All You Need
Cloud desktop services offer us the best software development of the future. Apart from allowing every type of business to work remotely in a productive way, it makes you future-ready. Thus, any pandemic, disaster, or any other situation that we might not be able to foresee today will not be able to cripple business functioning.

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