how animated 3d logos revolutionize businesses

How Animated 3D Logos Revolutionize Businesses?

  • By Mariana Smith
  • 11-01-2023
  • Technology

The world evolves every coming day. In business, logos are the first thing your brand needs to have to have an identity in the market. Logos serve as a thumbprint in the digital world and is considered the most crucial asset in branding.

Today, with the new updates for Web 3.0, businesses have stepped into new and modern design logos. Brands upgrade to Animated 3D logos. Lately, people seem to be obsessed over illustrative and 3D symbols, but since there’s always a new technique to grab viewers’ attention, designers and animators have created a new animated 3D logo trend.

What Is an Animated 3D Logo?

Contradictory to 2D logos, the trends are now set for an animated 3D logo. It is a more natural form of art and has depth to it. Like a 3D movie, a 3D symbol is more impactful and feels undeniable.

However, it’s not always a win-win situation with an animated 3D logo. Before investing in a 3D logo, you need to plan where you’re going to use your logo.

What Makes Animated 3D Logo a Must-Have for Businesses?

The answer to the question is a whole list of perks driven by a simple upgradation to your business. Since the first goal for every business is to become a ‘Brand’. A 3D logo brings wonders to your brand regarding digital traffic, credibility, and brand recognition.

It’s a road paved to innovation

Businesses that innovate get into notice. It’s as simple as bringing out new ideas and a unique statement. Not nullifying that moving objects attract better, a logo that moves also functions as an attention grabber.

Businesses that invest in trends, modern technology, and innovations are known to be updated and aware of the changing world. Such brands create a perception that they won’t go out to date or be old-school like Nokia today.

Explains the brand better

For brands with a name that is not self-explanatory or people need help understanding what industry it belongs to, an animated 3D logo is a time saver.

For example, a brand named ‘care life’ can be perceived in many different aspects and belong to other business domains. The name can lie in the medical, financial, or social industry. But if it’s a water supply company like Aquafina or Nestlé, the audience might drive away due to an unclear brand name.

For such cases, an Animated 3D logo will make it easier for people to understand the business domain and what you probably sell.

Boosting the SEO

Necessity is the other innovation; since there is a lot of competition to rank a business website on the search engines, brands found animated 3D logos to organize their sites better.

It’s a fact that all SEO marketers looking for a loophole where they can find lesser competition to make it through and rank the site better and higher on the search engine. Animated 3D logos help improve ranking, backlinking, image tapping, and the brand’s social credibility.

Next-level digital marketing

Just like the modern 3D cartoon, the 3D logos also give a better look at the brand and the importance of the details. However, the message delivered by an animated 3D logo depends on the type of business, the design, the colors, and the animation.

An animated 3D logo can be a great start when placed at the beginning of an explainer video for your brand or as the loader of your website. In both scenarios, the logo depicts the journey of the brand. However, today brands use their Animated 3D logo in advertisements running over the digital screen, similar to those in NYC.


Coming back to the question, who needs an animated 3D logo and the cons driven by them? Well, almost every business can have it for the purposes discussed above. However, an animated 3D logo can be costly, as it takes a lot of details to look realistic and 3D. It can’t be used in any other form except for digital interfaces. For example, an animated 3D logo can’t be on business cards, packaging, stationery, merchandise, etc. Therefore, you must decide where you are planning to use your logo and what, in return, you are likely to expect from it.

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