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CodeIgniter Vs Laravel: Which PHP Framework to Choose in 2021

  • By Hermit Chawla
  • 01-02-2021
  • Technology

If you want to create your website there are so many PHP frameworks to choose from but Laravel and CodeIgniter are the most widely used PHP framework in the market. There is a huge debate on which PHP framework is the best between the two. Both the PHP are good when it comes to developing a webpage but both use different features. But it depends on what type of project you are working on and for that, you need to select the one which is right for you. Before we jump to the conclusion of which one is the best let’s look at what is Laravel and CodeIgniter. What is the key difference between both the framework and how they work?

It is a PHP Framework that uses MVC. You can develop a web application using this framework very easily. It contains a number of box libraries and plugin which will help the developer which developing a webpage. It is easy to use and has a large community user.

Using CodeIgniter development services you can build a simple and create webpage. It offers email attachments, and a data encryption facility. You can easily learn CodeIgniter to develop a web application.

It is an open-source web development PHP framework. It also uses the MVC pattern to develop webpages. It comes with high-end security services which makes it one of the best PHP frameworks in the market. It provides a quality control session. Using Laravel you can improve your website performance, it is becoming popular because of its simplicity to use.

Now you know what is CodeIgniter and Laravel are but what is the key difference between them?
Template Engine
Laravel framework comes with an in-built template engine that improves the performance of the web application you build using Laravel. On the other hand, CodeIgniter doesn’t have an in-built template engine.

You can add URL links using Laravel. You can even insert your customized HTTP routes to secure your data transmission. CodeIgniter doesn’t support much of HTTP routes. The developer needs to insert a different link for data security.

Unit Testing
When you are creating a webpage you need to do constant testing for errors. Using Laravel you can keep a constant check on your coding as it comes with an in-built unit testing tool. It makes sure that your web application is free from any error. CodeIgniter doesn’t come with a unit testing tool the developer needs to use a different tool for testing of any error.

Documentation and Libraries
Laravel provides rich documentation, log management. CodeIgniter comes with an in-built function to increase performance and include libraries.

Modules Integration
Laravel comes with an in-built module feature that helps the developer to divide the projects into small modules. With CodeIgniter, there is no such in-built module feature the developer needs to create modules and manage them differently using the modular extension.
Both Laravel and CodeIgniter are very important PHP frameworks in the market and are used for different purposes. These were some of the differences between the framework. You can choose any of the two PHP frameworks as both play their own important role when it comes to developing a web application. Laravel is a little bit different if you are new in the web developing process but it comes with many in-built features. CodeIgniter is easy to learn and understand if you are a beginner. CodeIgniter development services have a huge community of developers so in case if you find any issue while developing a website using this PHP you can connect with other developers. It depends on what type of web development application you want to build using the two most prominent PHP Frameworks available in the market.

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