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7 Ways an Applicant Tracking System Improves Your Recruitment Process

  • By Kelly Barcelos
  • 03-06-2022
  • Technology

No one can deny the importance of recruiting the right candidate for the company. A candidate who has the skills and drive to deliver 100% results every day! However, achieving this goal is a long and complicated process. Many resources and time is spent on finding one right candidate.

Therefore recruiting software such as the applicant tracking system (ATS) is essential to improve the recruitment process and make it more efficient. Let's see how!

What is ATS?

An applicant tracking system is a recruitment software that takes care of the end-to-end hiring process, from posting a job offer across different platforms to receiving, archiving, and tracking applications.

It also allows recruiters to share their views on an applicant in a single database. Therefore ATS is also known as the talent management system.

Reasons You Should Use ATS for Hiring:

Following are some direct benefits of ATS:-

Helps to more efficiently select required skills.
Prepares advanced and analytical reports for decision-making.
Improves candidate experience, which aids in effective employer branding.
Ensures quality hiring, which in turn ensures employee retention.
Enhances HR communication and collaboration.
It supports the creation of a talent pool that can be used later.
Eliminates any possibility of distortion (which is possible if the profiles are sorted manually).

How is ATS Progressing With Time?

The first step ATS took toward modernization is to integrate mobile-friendly interfaces which candidates can use on their phones and tablets. Then they added connectivity to social networks to which more candidates can be involved. These are the front-end evolving changes in recruiting software. But it took significant steps to optimize its backend as well.
On the backend, the ATS has become cloud-based, simplifying communication for recruiters. It also gives an opportunity to internal candidates to shine!In addition, a centralized talent management system made real-time data available to all companies.

Top 7 Ways Applicant Tracking Systems Enhance Your Hiring Process:

1. Automated workflow

ATS has the ability to transform your hiring process into an automated and efficient talent management system. So you don't need the old-fashioned brainstorming methods for hours to find a suitable candidate.

It all gets screened and sorted out through ATS.
This robust and feature-rich interface minimizes human efforts and the time the recruitment process takes.

2. Improved Employee Retention

ATS doesn't just work for better recruiting. It also plays a vital role in improving your employee retention strategy. This is because automation comes in handy to select the most suited candidate for the announced position.

Candidates go through various skilled-based and psychological-based tests to get selected. So the talent which comes out of the funnel is of the best quality. Hence your employee retention automatically improves.

3. Advanced Recruiting Process

Proactively communicating with new hires and tracking their onboarding is essential for HR professionals. ATS assists HR in this tracking by enabling new employees with a swift onboarding experience.

They can easily access the core HR information, training management system, and payroll details through a single ATS platform. Recruiting software also import the information of the new hires to the job application to joining forms. It saves their time and prevents the frustration of repeatedly filling in a plethora of information.

4. Remote Candidate Management

With cloud-based ATS, you don't need to be in the office to manage new hires. You just need an internet connection and a laptop to track candidate progress.
Moreover, multiple users can review and discuss the applications on the same platform, irrespective of their location. So the overall recruiting process speeds up.

5. Enable Quick & Accurate Analysis

The application process accelerates with the compilation of various resources in a single candidate pool. This makes it possible to quickly identify the best candidate and use the data to achieve the stated objective of the vacancy.

Talent management systems work in various multiple languages ​​to invite you to apply worldwide.

6. Better Candidate Experience

The candidates who approach you are already exhausted from the ongoing interviews. Then, when they arrive on your platform, you can delight them with timely feedback, updated application status, and interview schedule information.

7. Building of Employer Branding

Nowadays, some recruiting software manages a career page for you. It creates personalized forms and templates for email for approaching the candidates. ATS can also help you post content on your social media pages.

This way, more information about your company and your work culture is disseminated, thus strengthening the employer's branding with candidates.


Apart from these seven ways, the applicant tracking system helps recruiters in many other ways. Every feature of this recruiting software is designed to ease the hiring process and minimize the energy, time, and human efforts it takes. That is why ATS is helpful for organizations of every stream and size.

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